ohh his face

i love that the promo pikachus sort of reflect ash’s personality in the specific series?

os hat pikachu is happy!! excited for adventure!! look at him jumping giddily, he’s having so much fun!!

ag hat is still happy o: but he’s calmed down a bit! not so jumpy anymore, but still a happy go lucky smile on his face~

ohh in sinnoh we’re getting more Serious™, he’s ready and determined to put on a fight. but still has that mischievous smirk going on to show a playful personality!!!

a relaxed bw hat pikapal! he looks like he’s having a good time after a pretty eventful journey

things are getting serious again!! this pikachu is ready for some action, look at that dynamic pose!! a strong boy

yayy we’re back to being super excited!! new hot region, new friends, this pikachu is ready for fun and adventure!! 

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congrats on the new blog! For a request could you possibly do an imagine/headcannons for 2-D with a reader/S-O that tries to serenade him but he ends up not getting it and they have to confess that they like him directly? Sorry if this is specific but thank you in advance!

 (thank you so much!!! it’s not too detailed at all! c:)

You start off with an extremely cheesy pick-up line, like, “Can I borrow your phone? I need to call God and tell him I’ve found his missing angel.”
- he actually gives you his phone
- It takes about five more minutes of awful lines like that and 2D being completely oblivious to it until you finally just give up and blurt out that you like him.
- His face turns thoroughly red and he just gets a huge, goofy grin on his face
- “Ohh, really?! You coulda jus’ told me that in the first place, love.”
- He has that grin plastered on his face for the rest of the day. Murdoc is concerned.
- You two start the dating next day. He’s always loved you, but lacked the courage to tell you. He thanks every God man has ever worshipped that you asked him instead of it having to be the other way around.

Struck (Part Nine)

EXO Fanfiction: Fantasy AU
Main pairing - Female Reader x Kim Jongdae/Chen
A mysterious group move into your apartment building and you find yourself drawn to them, one in particular… but is it safe? Who are they really?

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‘I could die?’ you breathed, feeling panic yet again setting in.

Yixing looked at you softly before replying, ‘Yes.’

‘YAH!’ Mrs Park suddenly yelled, looking at Yixing with an appalled expression. She leant up from where she was still sitting at the end of your bed, and whacked Yixing across the chest.

‘Yixing, I know it is your medical duty to be honest about all possibilities but seriously,’ she said, looking exasperated, ‘You told me I could die too, and I ignored you and now look at me!’

Yixing blinked at her in alarm, and Mrs Park sighed.

She turned to you with a firm look, ‘Y/N, you’ll only become volatile if you get neglected by your Striker, and Jongdae wouldn’t do that. We will clear up any misunderstanding about the nature of your Striking and we can work on you adapting to life here.’

You stared at her, ‘Life here?’

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Hai! :3 I've got a other Prompt idea! A Sonamy cute one! I have this fascination about "pruning" a hedgehog, that is Adjusting Hedgehog quill's time at a time, I could tell this is a personal "Hedgehog Thing". So I have wonder how can Sonic Modern! Ask for help of a certain Pink Hedgehog to resolve his issues with his quills? Btw Sonic already is feeling a light pain from all the quill's he has to take out of his way. I bet we both we can see Sonic being all "ugh! it's getting annoying!" *Hug!*

Pruning, tending, preening, same diff right? lol! I’d love too :) I’ve done things like this before, so I’ll do my best to keep it interesting and differently new!


Sonic scratched at his head, as Tails looked worriedly to him.

“You alright?”

He continued to itch his head, before shaking it off, and seemed to ignore Tails’s inquiry.

Tails sighed, “You know, if you’re quills are bothering you, I could help…” He got up and picked up a tool from his table, before turning around…

With a gleam in his eyes as he held up a big pair of pilers.

“I could help~”

Sonic’s vision made it look diabolical and he shook his head in fright, before zipping out the door.

Tails blinked in surprised, “Huh? What was that all about?” He lowered the tool.

Dashing about, Sonic would scrape his head along the sides of rocky cliffs, gritting his teeth of the pain as he tried to loosen the already pulled Quills out more and get them to snap free.

He couldn’t fully reach back there and it was annoying to feel them drooping and sliding but still hanging on like a loose tooth.

It hurt…

He finally sat down outside of Amy’s home, not trusting hands that weren’t so tender as a girl’s to do the job, but still attempted to do it himself before she opened the door.

Looking ready to go shopping for groceries or something, she gasped as she looked down.

“Sonic!?” she looked thrilled, before seeing him messing with his quills, ruffling his hands around, and not paying her much mind.

“…Hmm…” she recognized the behavior, and smiled.

She set her purse down and sat on the first step to her home, smiling to him, knowingly. “You know… there’s a place just down the city block that has a great tender for hair! We could get you an appointment? I do it all the time!” she beamed.

He frowned, looking less than enthusiastic about a stranger doing the job, and kept fiddling before twitching in pain.



Amy quickly moved to one knee and held her hands over his head, looking through his quills.

“Huh?” he moved his hands out, looking up at her.

Would she do the job?

“Sonic! You’ve neglected them for so long! They’re starting to poke into your head.” she ‘tsk’ed, seeing the damage done, and even little droplets of blood here and there.

“Ohhh…” she puffed up the side of her cheek. “Why are you so stubborn? You’re going to hurt your head at this rate.”

She started to look for loose ones, as Sonic tilted his head, as if obliging to her consent.

She found a wobbly one, and saw how badly it had fallen, and her eyes went wide.

“Ah! Got one.” she started to seriously strain as Sonic’s face stretched, feeling the pain.

She wiggled it and then popped it out!

“Ye-ouch!” Sonic shook his head, before rubbing it lightly upon his quills.

“There’s one.” she smiled, and moved to the upper floor to sit on her knees, and then motioned with her hand for him to lean back.

He hesitated, staring at her.

He then slowly lowered his head back to her, and she nodded before setting out to work.

“Honestly,… you just need to ask if it’s getting this bad..”

As she tended to his head, the pain subsided with each little tweak or breaking off of the more seriously neglected quills, where the rest weren’t quite as painful.

Sonic closed his eyes, though they twitched every now and then as she tugged, but her method was relaxing in that as her hands moved, she would stroke the quills to relax them from flexing up and poking her.

This way was the most comfortable for Sonic, he could remain relatively calm while she did her usual method of getting her own quills done.

“I’m no expert, but you should really get this done professionally.”

He wiggled his nose, as if not going to abide by her advice.

She puffed up her cheek again, leaning over to see his face. “Ohh.. Come on, Sonic. It’s not so bad.”

“…I like your way better.” he turned his head, giving her access to the sides.

“….Can’t you reach these?”

He fidgeted in his face, the corner of his lip bouncing a little as she realized he just wanted her to keep at it.

She giggled, “Aww~ I get it.” she knew that most of the time, she didn’t like people touching her quills either. It was probably double that for Sonic… who didn’t always make close friends very easily…

She continued to prune, preen, or whatever you may call it till the quills were drawn into a basket and she poured them into a trashcan, making sure they were all gone.

She later made him 2 chilidogs and gave him strict instruction to come to her if they start getting loose again.

He nodded, shyly embarrassed it seemed, before eating the chilidogs and taking off.

Amy smiled and returned to her purse to shop.

When she got back, she noticed some roses at her door, and smiled.

“He’s so funny sometimes.” she giggled out.

(He is funny, isn’t he? Head massages and getting your hair did by a cutie, you wonder if he’s just lazy enough to call that a date..?)

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Hi there! I want to ask for a NFSW request so I am a bit embarrassing... Can I have a small fanfic/HC when the RFA+ Saeran walk in and find that MC is kind of 'helping themselves ' and moaning their names? Maybe it's like the RFA went for a business trip and accidentally walk in then they got home( maybe finish their hacking work in their own room for saeyoung and Saeran ) Thank you for your time about my request and I gonna leave with embarrassment >//< Thank you :D

Hello anon! Sorry this took SO SO long!! And I only managed to do Zen, Jumin & Saeyoung’s! I hope it’s okay with youu~~


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zoro as a yakuza boss and usopp as his personally discovered/trained and very dangerous right hand au

usopp is zoro’s only lieutenant and is the single person zoro trusts completely. zoro’s directly responsible for saving usopp and making him everything he is currently, and the two of them flipping run shit

birthday boy

Request: Dan birthday smut with a lap dance and amazing sex?

Wish fucking granted. -Mariel

He had been waiting all day for this. It started with a steamy shower tease in the morning, followed by a cute, lovely breakfast. Then when he went off to work, he was teased even more with several hot text messages that left him flustered and needy, his imagination having gone out of control. Sure it was his birthday, but I wasn’t going to let him have it that easy. Not yet, anyway.

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lmao late night anxiety so im trying to get myself together w/ some hinakumi. its messy. whatever. 

-i headcanon hinata as like. a really really good dancer (listen have you seen those moves in battle) and he teaches takumi how to dance sometimes. takumi sort of… trips a lot. its cute. the two often dance together with takumi humming some random song, hinata is a giant blushy mess when he hears takumi hum

-hinata totally uses super cheesy pickup lines on takumi. takumi has two reactions: some deadpan response that make both of them laugh OR he gets super flustered and blushes like no other 

-takumi probably smooches hinata’s scars a lot. hinata CHERISHES this. 

-obligatory hair combing headcanons. takumi probably takes a while with hinata’s hair, given how he wants to be gentle and how goddamn messy it is lmao. hinata is super careful with takumi’s hair, he treats it like if it belonged to a god or something. sometimes when takumi needs calming down hinata runs his fingers through takumi’s hair c a r e f u l l y, each stroke soft and comforting as can be. 

-hinata compliments takumi at least 7 times every day. it could be about anything, he just wants his boyfriend to know that he loves him and appreciates him more than anything in the goddamn universe. takumi is super bad at taking compliments and always has this giant blush on his face (“ohh my gods??? no way you’re way more pretty than me the fuck????) 

-they probably show tons of pda lmao. takumi gets super embarrassed when hinata starts flirting w/ him in public but. he’s 100% not telling him to stop, thats for sure. they probably do the little cheek kiss thing when they have to go tend to their separate duties. (sweetie pies…) 

-they strike me as the couple who has these really cheesy pet names for each other?? hinata’s is "my sweet shining sun” and takumi’s changes day by day 

-takumi probably initiates the midnight snuggling, tracing the scars on hinata’s arms and hugging him suuuper super tightly (again!!! hinata feels like he is #blessed for every single second)

-hinata’s a really comforting presence for takumi when he gets nightmares, always there to hug him and tell him he’s okay like a broken record. (takumi started to get nightmares less when they got together. the hole in his heart’s been mostly filled.) 

-i can see hinata being the one to drag takumi out of bed for a midnight adventure. in the beginning takumi probably clings to his futon for dear life but once they get outside takumi actually has a lot of fun (although hes still pretty groggy..) these things probably range from stargazing to waiting for the sun to rise to roasting marshmallows, like, they have an endless list of things to do.

-they probably hold hands allll the time. 

-i can see them both buying gifts for each other lots! they probably get all kinds of knickknacks for each other like hair accessories and little pieces of jewelry or something. 

-hinata is a giver of giant bear hugs that takumi NEVER expects but grew to love anyways (so warm…) hugs are a regular thing in this relationship. hinata has these big grins on his face when he’s hugging taku. 

-takumi has these big dorky blushes that always make hinata giggle (which makes takumi blush even MORE) 

-sometimes when taku is REALLY flustered he gets a bad case of the stutters. like, sakura level bad. hinata thinks this is the cutest thing in the world!!!!!!!!! 

-when they go on walks outside, hinata slips some flowers into takumi’s hair w/o him knowing. once takumi realized, he retaliated, and now they always come back with flowers in their hair lmao

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Morgan x reader Readers on her period, having cramps and Hotch sends her home.. She asks Morgan to come over so Morgan asks her if she needs anything and she says tampons and chocolate.. Fluff plz

Warning- vomiting, periods

You tried to keep the pained look off your face as you walked back into the bull pit following your team, you all had paper work to do before you could go home, you sat for a few minutes trying to concentrate on your work but your cramps were just too intense, you quietly pulled your heat pad out of your desk “I’ll be back in a little while” you said as you quickly walked out of the bull pit, you slipped into JJ’s old office quickly heating up the heat pad to rest on your stomach, you laid down on the ground in the fetal position using your coat as a pillow, moaned at the relief the heating pad was giving you.

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Fic: Twenty-One (Jack/Bitty)

Summary: It’s Bitty’s twenty-first birthday. He thinks it’s a very good one.

A/N: I mean, I couldn’t not, you know? It’s Bitty’s birthday. <3 I apologise for the lazy title. Also up on the AO3!

He’s in the kitchen when his cell phone rings, finally. They’ve been texting that morning, but he’s been waiting for the call. He knows his boyfriend’s busy, though, and it’s not like he’s been bored in the meantime. “Hi! Jack?”

“Hey, Bitty. Happy birthday!” Jack’s voice … gosh. Just the sound of it is enough to make his knees weak sometimes.

He smiles so widely he can barely talk around the words. “Aw, thank you, sweetheart.”

Jack sounds like he’s smiling too. “How does it feel, being twenty-one?”

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Finally caught up on 10+episodes of Haikyuu!!

Favourite part #1And I want to share my favourite parts because why not

(Really long but beautiful screenshots please look at them all the bby)

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Larkle oneshot #2

Today Farkle wore skinny jeans for the first time, skinny jeans. It took all the will power from Lucas not to stare but he found himself stealing glances and the blonde boy face palmed himself as he tried not to think about it buy his mind kept drifting to Farkle in his skinny jeans. “Damnit.” Lucas muttered out as he went to grab his phone hearing his mother shout out that he had to put a dollar in the swear jar. “Fine mah!” Lucas said even though he was a Senior in High School. The blonde rubbed his face a little trying to wake himself up as he scrolled through his phone and saw a group chat notification pop up and he checked it out and bit his lip hard at what he saw.

Farkle, on his recent escapade of punkifying himself had gotten a tattoo near his hip, Lucas didn’t know Farkle was so muscular, or that his v-lines were so well defined. This boy has me whipped. Lucas thought to himself and closed his eyes trying to sleep but all he could think of was Farkle and his damn skinny jeans and his fucking v-lines. There was another sound of a notification that made Lucas open his eyes yet again and look at his brightly lit phone in his dimly lit room. The message read ‘I also got these babies.’ and it was from Farkle and shortly after it was a picture of Farkle smiling with his newly pierced snake bite. Lucas sighed and closed his eyes and opened them back up and sent him a simple ‘looks good’ when in reality he wanted to type that even after much persuasion from his parents and himself that Farkle was extremely sexually attractive to him and it made him so confused.

After a while Lucas was finally able to sleep and put away his feelings for Farkle for a night. The blonde woke up the next morning and got ready for the day, school was out on spring break but he and his friends agreed to go watch a movie together and so he would, or at least try to between long moments of staring at Farkle because he loved the way he reacted to scary movies. The shorter of the two would always act tough when he knew he was being watched but he would secretly hide his eyes and lean against Lucas because he knew the cowboy would let him know when the scary part was over.

A train ride later and Lucas was meeting his friends outside of the movie theater and Lucas was going weak in the knees when he saw what Farkle was wearing, a beanie, black skinny jeans, and a tank top that was cut low on the sides. The blonde man smiled like a freaking idiot while on the inside he was panicking because he didn’t want to admit to himself that Farkle was the most attractive person here so he looked down awkwardly. “So anyone ready to see this scary movie or what?” He asked and looked at Farkle a bit surprised when the punk man offered him a ticket.

“I bought yours for you, I thought you wouldn’t want to wait in line so I got it while I was up there. Don’t worry about paying me back.” He said smiling up at Lucas and the blonde nodded and thanked him with a soft blush that he hoped no one in his group would notice. The four got at the front of the line to see the movie and gave their ticket to the usher guy and ran as quickly to the theater knowing it would be hard to get seats if they weren’t the first four in. From left to right sat Lucas, Farkle, Riley, and then Maya. The previews started playing and Riley and Farkle went to the concession stand to get snacks.

Midway through the movie Farkle got scared and leaned his head on Lucas’ shoulder and turned his head to look at Lucas whose eyes were sparkling from the soft light from the movie projector. The punk man smiled at his opportunity and looked up at Lucas and whispered in his ear “Can I kiss you?” He asked with a small smirk on his face.

“Ohh yeah sure.” Lucas whispered back not paying attention to the question and leaned the popcorn bucket towards Farkle and turned bright red when he understood the question fully, he didn’t know how to answer, he froze up and panicked, he tried to speak but couldn’t. So instead he closed his eyes and kissed Farkle lovingly like he had been waiting to do for years. After the blonde pulled back and smiled he whispered “The scary part is over.”

“I actually don’t get scared during these movies. I do it for the snuggling.” Farkle said with a small smirk and continued to watch the movie.

What if after an episode of Flux Buddies it appears to be over, it fades out to black, but then there’s a little more time left in the video

It fades back in to a player’s perspective, facing Lalnable, looking at his feet. Whoever’s pov it is, he’s talking to them.

“Are you awake? Hello. Can you look at me?”
It pans up to his face.
“Ohh, you’re beautiful. Can you speak? … It’s ok if you can’t yet. I’ll teach you. Are you hungry?” He drops some hearts at their feet.

And then it cuts to black and the video ends.