ohh his face

i love that the promo pikachus sort of reflect ash’s personality in the specific series?

os hat pikachu is happy!! excited for adventure!! look at him jumping giddily, he’s having so much fun!!

ag hat is still happy o: but he’s calmed down a bit! not so jumpy anymore, but still a happy go lucky smile on his face~

ohh in sinnoh we’re getting more Serious™, he’s ready and determined to put on a fight. but still has that mischievous smirk going on to show a playful personality!!!

a relaxed bw hat pikapal! he looks like he’s having a good time after a pretty eventful journey

things are getting serious again!! this pikachu is ready for some action, look at that dynamic pose!! a strong boy

yayy we’re back to being super excited!! new hot region, new friends, this pikachu is ready for fun and adventure!! 

BTS reaction to their GF being a crybaby

Anonymous said :

HI! Can i request? If so, can i request bts reaction to their girlfriend being a cry baby? + a short scenario pls! Thank you! (((-: <3

Hi cutie~thanks for requesting ! .. here’s your requested reaction and I hope you like it >< .

Jin :

As a young girl ,one of your dreams was to learn how to drive .. and your boyfriend Jin was there to stand by and help you to get your driving license .As your hands were holding the steering wheel with nervous ,you hoped that time not to make a disaster and hit someone .. or something .You could feel how your body was super taut as the wheel began to be slippery because of your sweaty palms .

“Y/N .. try to relax !” Jin said ..smiling with admiring eyes .

“Ohhh ..say is easier than deed !” you said as your eyes were locked on the gas pedal ,so concentrated on it ,so you weren’t even looking at the road in front of you ..till Jin raised up his voice and shouted out your name .

“Y/N …WATCH OUT !” Jin’s shout blew your mind as your leg moved automatically to the breaks ,and stopped the car ,which made both of you rush forward roughly .

“you were about to run over the cat !” he sighed .

Just by staring in front of you ,your brain was off as you couldn’t find a way out of this situation but crying ,your eyes started tearing up with no control ,as his shout was repeated over and over again in your head ,and you could clearly see the scene again in front of your eyes .But the only thing that made you take a big breath to start sobbing is Jin calling you ten times before grabbing you to his chest ,patting on your head and saying :

“Shshsh ..it’s ok ..nothing happened ..everything is find ..calm down !”.

Suga :

You knew he was cold , savage .. mean ,and you knew too that he was that warm to care about you and never showing it ,but unfortunately ..sometimes you were forgetting that he never meant his jokes ,and he says them just to annoy you .

“Baby .. what do you think ?” you said ..as you walked out of your room ,wearing a new dress to show  .

“ oh ,nice ..” he said after taking a fast glance and locking his eyes back on the screen .

“What ? ..do I look that awful ?” you pouted .

“You want my real opinion ?” he raised up his eyebrow ,so you shake your head ,not that ready to hear a rough comment .

“I think you gained some weight lately “ he scanned you from head to toes ..then back to the screen .Yes you knew he was going to comment with a bad joke but you couldn’t hold back your tears ..and began to sob loudly .As he rolled his eyes and bite his lower lip ,Yoongi ran to you and hugged you tightly, then looked deep in your eyes .. wiping up your tears .

“How can’t you not to get used to my jokes ? .. I’m sorry ..and you know something ? ..you look amazing !” .

Rap Monster :

Dating Namjoon meant to be prepared for any surprising accidents ,any sudden falls ..and any unwanted scratches .One day ,you received a call from him ,as he wanted to cancel the date due to an important thing happened .

“important ? ..you usually - ..you usually say what happened ..but- .. but- ..did I do something wrong ?” you said as you imagined him breaking up with you ,just remembering that all your friends suffered from a cold boyfriend before breaking up ,and now your love canceled a date ? .. that must be the end (or that’s just what your mind told you! ) .

“ohh no babe .. I just broke my ankle while dancing .. and the doctor said not to move for a couple of days ..” he said with a nervous tone .

“you- ..you what ?” with a shaky voice you said ,trying to take a breath and realize what he just said ,maybe because you couldn’t wash away the idea of breaking up ,and now he just broke his ankle ? . Your sobs were able to be heard by the other side as you said :

“are- .. are you ok ?” ..he let out a confused short laugh .

“babe .. why are you crying now ? ..yes I’m ok ,but really ..there’s no need for crying now ! ..”

“you broke your ankle ! ” ..you said as the tears showered your face ,yes .. you lost control of yourself .

“ohh you are a real pure cutie ..what about you come to the dorm and cuddle with me ? ” he said ,trying to calm you down .

J-hope :

Your face was covered by your hands ,taking fast glances from time to time ,so you won’t get a heart attack all of a sudden .You and Hoseok planned to be courage for one night and watch the new horror movie everybody watched but both of you ,he was next to you ..biting his lip as he held the bowl of popcorn near his face ,to cover it whenever a surprising scene showed up .

“ho- .. honey .. what about we play another movie instead ? ” you said as you looked at him ,catching a chance not to look at the screen .He nodded with a pout on his face ,the background music of the scene was frightening enough to let him lock his eyes on the T.V and wait till he get shocked ..and it didn’t stand for so long till he screamed and threw the bowl on the glassy table which broke it .The sudden crush sound and his fearful behavior scared you to the death ,your screams were louder than his as you buried your face in his chest and held his shirt tightly ,panicked enough to start crying so hard .He didn’t move for a while till he realized what just happened ,turned off the movie and hugged your head ,kissing it many times .

“ohh ..we- .. we should never watch this again ,it was a stupid decision .. ” he wasn’t less scared than you ,because in situations like these ,he could be a crybaby too ! .

Jimin :

You lied your head on his shoulder ,both of you buried you bodies under one blanket ,on one sofa .It was a usual Thursday night ,you used to name it (the movies night ) cuz you are used to ! .That night ,you chose a casual romantic movie ,and you both were taken by every event in it ! .Until ,the actor broke up with his girlfriend in the most heartless way ,and as a sensitive person you are ,your imagination played with you ,thinking when this perfect lover would break up with you .You felt a sudden heartbreak ,blocked you from breathing as an emotional wave was sent into your body which made you start crying silently .

“Y/n ? ..are you ok ?” he paused the movie .

“yeh ..” you wiped your tears ,but that didn’t stop your brain from repeating that scene over and over again .

“no you are not ..tell me ! ” he looked deeply in your eyes .

“I know I would sound silly ,but will you ever break up with my like- ..like this ?” Your sobs became higher and higher .

“ohh ,you ARE silly ! ..come here ..I’ll never leave you ” he smiled ,kissed your forehead and pulled you into a warm hug .

V :

A baby Tae is a baby Tae ,and his pranks are endless ! .For the new joke ,he planned to make you afraid ,so he bought a fake jewelry similar to that one your late grandma had and broke it ! .As you were washing the dishes he stood out of the kitchen door and held the broken glass in his hands .

“I’m sorry ,I didn’t mean to ! ” he acted professionally ,as the regret mask covered his face .

“ohh babe ..what happened ?” you dried your hands and went straight to him ,too look with shocked eyes at the shiny purple broken crystal .

“ohh my God ! ..why ?” you held the peaces and started sobbing super hard .

“ohh she would be super angry up there ! ” he waited a minute before putting the real necklace on the fake one .

“don’t lie .. I got you this time ! ” he said with a boxy smile and loud giggles .You kept staring before starting all over again ,but this time cursing him with tears all over your face .He looked with wondering eyes as you made your way toward your room .

“she overreacted ! ..how am I supposed to make it up now ? ” he pouted as he planned to let you calm down before apologizing .

Jungkook :

Jungkook stared at you in utter confusion as you cried over the death of your Sim character. He chuckled to himself as you begun to whine about it, how could you cry over something so simple was a mystery to him.  

“Can you believe that she died?” You turned to him and he froze, he hoped he was about to say the right thing .

“No, I can’t” he would creep out of the room laughing to shelf hoping that you would eventually stop crying .

GIFs are not mine .

Requests : closed !

thanks Admin A >< .

-Admin K .

anonymous asked:

Hi there! I want to ask for a NFSW request so I am a bit embarrassing... Can I have a small fanfic/HC when the RFA+ Saeran walk in and find that MC is kind of 'helping themselves ' and moaning their names? Maybe it's like the RFA went for a business trip and accidentally walk in then they got home( maybe finish their hacking work in their own room for saeyoung and Saeran ) Thank you for your time about my request and I gonna leave with embarrassment >//< Thank you :D

Hello anon! Sorry this took SO SO long!! And I only managed to do Zen, Jumin & Saeyoung’s! I hope it’s okay with youu~~


Warning: NSFW


He wiped the sweat off his face and gave the mic to the backstage staff. He walk backstage with applause following him. He bowed and thanked the staff that all pat and congratulates him too. He just finished an amazing job and now he just wanted to see MC.

He is respected enough to have a waiting room for his own and that’s where he had hidden MC. He clicked the door open and heard sounds.

“Ahhh… Zen…Ohh….”

His face blushed red before reverting into his beasty side. MC had her hands inside her pants and her other free hand was playing with her own breasts. MC didn’t even see or hear Zen coming in. This is not good.

He took off his costume tie and suddenly looped it in MC’s eyes as he stood behind her.

“Oh! What!”, she yelped.
“What are you thinking doing such naughty things without me?”, asked Zen.

Zen grabbed MC’s hand to stop her from pleasuring herself. MC replied with a disappointed groan.

“Why, MC?”, he asked again.
“Because… you looked great at the stage….”

He just remembered that the waiting room had a television where MC can watch the play going on. Immediately, Zen dived his fingers into MC’s insides and gave an even more wicked treatments that left MC into nothing but mewls, moans and gasps. With his continued ministrations, MC finally came with a loud cry.

“This is not so bad of a congratulations gift, MC.”
“Zen… You made me…. Everyone would hear it….”, MC said between her panting.
“Let them listen how my naughty girlfriend sounds like when she come.”

MC lifts her blindfold to the view of Zen grinning wickedly while unbuttoning his pants. He was still in his white sailor costume, MC smiled. Her dream is coming true.

Zen guided MC’s hand to his swollen member.

“It’s my turn, MC.”


The elevator brought MC to Jumin’s floor. Jaehee greeted her with a surprise.

“Oh, MC, why are you here?”, asked Jaehee.

Jaehee knew the only reason MC would drop by the office would be for Jumin only. But he’s not there.

“I’m here for Jumin-oppa.”
“But he stepped out earlier.”
“It’s almost the end of the year, a number of client asked him for lunch.”

MC hide her frown and smiled to Jaehee instead.

“Okay, I’ll wait inside then.”
“You sure? He won’t be back for a while though.”
“No, it’s fine.”

MC enters Jumin’s large office room. She clicked her tongue and threw herself on Jumin’s chair. Jumin had forgotten they’re having lunch together. How can he had forgotten? He just need to stay put in his office while MC is the one coming. And he still forgot?

And it’s been a while since he had last touched MC ‘properly’. MC ran her hand down and started pleasuring herself.

“Jumin… Ah… I hate you…”

Jumin entered his office with a bag in his hand, to the view of MC touching herself in his chair. She stopped immediately when she saw him.

“Oh, don’t stop, MC.”, he demanded.

With slow and seducing steps, Jumin approached MC that had turned red in the face.

“Did I hear you say you hate me?”
“Oh and look at that. You stained my chair.”

With fast movements, Jumin had MC bent over his table in a perfect height for him to thrust into her in one go.

“My wife needs to be punished. Hard.”


MC had walk past Seven, talked to him, to just the littlest response he can do.

‘Yes.’ ‘No.’ ‘Huh.’ ‘Alright’

He’s been stuck to his chair the whole day and only left for the occasional bathroom trip.

Okay, MC had had enough. She pulled a chair beside him, he only look for a second before focusing back to his computer. MC stripped her pants off first, threw her panties across the room, through Saeyoung’s field of vision.

“MC, I need to get this done.”

Longest sentence he had said.

Next, her shirt and bra came off flying. She used her puckered nipples to tease his back.

“MC……”, he growls.

She went back to her chair and lifted her leg to his table. Slowly, she began circling her clit and teasing herself.


Seven let out a sigh and grabs MC. He flinged her across his shoulder like a sack and threw her into the bed in their shared bedroom. He grumbled and took off his pants.

“You make my patience run out, MC!”

Struck (Part Nine)

EXO Fanfiction: Fantasy AU
Main pairing - Female Reader x Kim Jongdae/Chen
A mysterious group move into your apartment building and you find yourself drawn to them, one in particular… but is it safe? Who are they really?

< Previous | Next >

‘I could die?’ you breathed, feeling panic yet again setting in.

Yixing looked at you softly before replying, ‘Yes.’

‘YAH!’ Mrs Park suddenly yelled, looking at Yixing with an appalled expression. She leant up from where she was still sitting at the end of your bed, and whacked Yixing across the chest.

‘Yixing, I know it is your medical duty to be honest about all possibilities but seriously,’ she said, looking exasperated, ‘You told me I could die too, and I ignored you and now look at me!’

Yixing blinked at her in alarm, and Mrs Park sighed.

She turned to you with a firm look, ‘Y/N, you’ll only become volatile if you get neglected by your Striker, and Jongdae wouldn’t do that. We will clear up any misunderstanding about the nature of your Striking and we can work on you adapting to life here.’

You stared at her, ‘Life here?’

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stu-pothead  asked:

congrats on the new blog! For a request could you possibly do an imagine/headcannons for 2-D with a reader/S-O that tries to serenade him but he ends up not getting it and they have to confess that they like him directly? Sorry if this is specific but thank you in advance!

 (thank you so much!!! it’s not too detailed at all! c:)

You start off with an extremely cheesy pick-up line, like, “Can I borrow your phone? I need to call God and tell him I’ve found his missing angel.”
- he actually gives you his phone
- It takes about five more minutes of awful lines like that and 2D being completely oblivious to it until you finally just give up and blurt out that you like him.
- His face turns thoroughly red and he just gets a huge, goofy grin on his face
- “Ohh, really?! You coulda jus’ told me that in the first place, love.”
- He has that grin plastered on his face for the rest of the day. Murdoc is concerned.
- You two start the dating next day. He’s always loved you, but lacked the courage to tell you. He thanks every God man has ever worshipped that you asked him instead of it having to be the other way around.

anonymous asked:

227. Is that what you call an apology Malec

Thanks for the ask Anon. x

How Alec found himself in this situation was beyond him, one minute he was in his office going over some reports and the next he was being pushed into a portal. The room he was in was dark and smelt like dirt, his hands were tied behind him to the wooden chair he was sitting in. After what felt like hours the door of the room opened, revealing the Seelie Queen. 

“I hope we haven’t kept you for too long, I despise bad manners.” she said looking around the room in fascination. “Bring him.” he ordered to the knights behind her, “the games are about to begin.” 

Dread filled Alec the moment the chair was dragged out of the room and into the throne room. The room was lined with different seelies and downworlders alike, they all shared a mix of confusion and fear. Alec’s eyes connected with Luke and they both shared a look of fear, but this fear was broken by the hall’s door being thrown open to show Magnus. 

“What do you call this? Bothering me on my day off?” He spoke only to the queen not noticing Alec yet. The queen simply laughed and rose from her throne. 

“I thought you might wish to be here for the games my dear. Since they are all for you.” She said, walking around Magnus, “We have the Shadowhunter that lied to you. The Shadowhunter that betrayed you.” she continued. 

Magnus looked frantically around the room and his eyes fell on Alec, for a moment his glamour fell revealing his cat eye and his fear, but with a quick flick of his fingers his mask was back up and he turned back to the queen. 

“Magnus please…” Alec said, but was shut up by the hand of one of the knights smacking him across the face. Luke mad to step forward but was stopped by a shake of Alec’s head.

“Why do you think I would want to take part in this?” Magnus asked the queen. 

“Why wouldn’t you?” she asked cocking her head to the side in confusion. Magnus didn’t answer, the queen smiled. “Then we will start, bring our friend a chair please” she called to her workers.

“Well do sit down warlock bane, for after all this is your show” the queen said as the chair was placed in front of Alec. Magnus moved slowly coming to sit in front of Alec without making eye contact with the boy.  

“Now. First question, Warlock Bane the Shadowhunter in question was your lover yes?” The queen asked, taking her sit on throne. Alec’s jar clenched at the question but Magnus didn’t react.

“Yes my queen he was.” He answered. 

“and for how long did this…relationship last?” she asked. 

“Almost a year” Magnus answered, finally looking up at Alec. The boy’s face was set in sheer determination. The queen turned to Alec. 

“Same question Shadowhunter” she said.  

“8 months, 2 weeks and 9 days” Alec answered not looking away from Magnus. Magnus felt as if he had been punched, the breath was stolen from is lungs. The queen laughed, 

“Well we can see who was more attached. Clingy no?” She asked Magnus a smirk on her lips. “But moving on, you had sex yes?” she asked bluntly. 

Alec blushed, tears coming to his eyes, and Magnus looked anywhere but him. 

“Now now dears no need to be shy.” The queen pushed. 

“Yes!” Alec snapped, the queen smirked. 

“and you were a virgin?” she asked smirking. Alec blushed again.

“Oh how sweet, a child of the angles being deflowered by a son of a demon. Your parents can’t of been pleased.” Alec pulled against the ropes holding his arms.  

“Well well it looks like I have hit a nerve. Lets explore this shall we” she said, getting up from her throne and walking to stand behind Magnus. 

“Was it good Magnus Bane? Pleasing?” She probed, resting her hand on his shoulder. 

“I was very pleased with it yes.” Magnus answered without thinking.  

“But was he as good as the others in your very long list?” She continued, running her hand over his chest. Alec stilled watching her hand…they…no…the queen caught his face.

“Ohh, you didn’t tell him about us?” She said swinging around to sit on Magnus’s lap, “I’m hurt Warlock Bane, I thought I was special.” She frowned, and flicked her hand Alec screamed in pain, his head flying back as blood started pouring out of his nose and ears.

“Stop! Please please stop!!” Alec screamed trashing against his bonds. 

“Answer me!” she yelled at Magnus, releasing Alec who turn his head and spat blood on the ground. Alec as panting, his ear were ringing from the pain and he had started to cry.

“He knew there has been others but not who they were!” It was now Magnus’s turn to snap as he pushed her hand away. “Is there a point to this game? Because all it seems to be is questions about my sex life” 

“The point Warlock Bane is to find out as much as I can, seeing as this relationship almost cost me an alliance with the warlocks.” She snapped getting up from his lap, and walking over to Alec “and this Shadowhunter almost killed us all, because he didn’t tell you about the soul sword! Am I right?!” She yelled. No one answered, she sighed, and all of a sudden Alec was gasping rocking back and forwards in the chair trying to get air into his lungs. 

“AM I RIGHT?!” She yelled again, Alec face was slowly turning blue from lack of air. Panic was filling Magnus, Alec was struggling to breathe and he didn’t want to answer…but then Alec fell silent his head falling forward to rest on his chest. 

“Alexander!?” Magnus went to get up, but two large hands slammed him back down. 

“I won’t ask again Warlock Bane. Was this Shadowhunters less than truthful about the soul sword?” The queen asked, pushing Alec’s head back so that it rested on the chair back. His face was blue and his mouth hung open, his chest unmoving.

“Yes! Yes he lied! Now please!” Magnus begged. “Please let me help him!” 

“Why?” The queen asked, “He lied to you, broke your heart and ow you wish to help him? Why?” 

“Because I love him and no amounts of lies will change that!” Magnus yelled, his magic sending the two seelies holding him flying, and in a matter of second he was on his knees by Alec a hand placed over his chest pushing his magic into his lungs. Alec woe with a gasp, rattling breaths being pulled into his lungs, Magnus leaned forward resting his head on Alec’s knee. 

“I’m sorry…I’m sorry Magnus please make her stop. Please I won’t keep anything from you. Please make her stop….please…” But Alec fell silent, blood dripping from his mouth and his head became heavy in Magnus’s hands. 

“Alexander?” Magnus gave him a shake, “Alexander…no please. Is that what you call an apology? No wake up because I’m going to need more than that my love” Magnus begged, his hands wiping the blood from Alec’s cheeks. A loud shout was heard from outside the throne room doors before they wee blown open by a white light. All heads turned to see Clary standing there hand raised with Jace and Izzy by her side. 

“Alec!” Jace screamed rushing forward and sliding on his knees to his brother. Pushing Magnus aside, Jace grabs Alec’s face in his hands.

“Alec buddy wake up! Alec!” Jace says shaking his brother, panic in his voice. 

“I tire of this. Take your Shadowhunter and go” She says faking a yawn and walking out of the throne room her court following her. 

Jace frantically cuts Alec free of the chair and warps his arms around him pulling him to his chest and go to stand. Magnus reaches out to help.

“We don’t need your help!” Jace snaps, “Alec wouldn’t be here if… Never mind.” He says carrying Alec out of the hall, Izzy following behind not sparing Magnus a look. But Clary lingers and Magnus feel a hand on his shoulder. 

“Make sure he get home Luke” Clary said, before creating a portal and leaving. 


Just a lil mob AU thing I’ve been working on for awhile now. Finally finished it! Basically Jack finds a picture of Rhys in his old school uniform and unexpected feelings ensue. 

Jack had been somewhat surprised when Rhys had brought up the idea of going through his father’s things.

In the immediate weeks following the man’s death, most of those more personal items had been boxed up and locked away into the now deserted bedroom. Rhys had hung onto the more utilitarian items—furniture, dishes, light fixtures—that lacked the sentimentality that might send Rhys into that too quiet, too still state that made even his stoic bodyguard uncomfortable.

It danced in Jack’s mind to steer Rhys away from going through those more personal items, but though the omega would often listen to his council, he was growing a far thicker stubborn streak than he had had in the past. Jack had gently asked him if he was sure only one time, and when Rhys affirmed it, he let it go, only staying close and providing physical and fragrant comfort as he sat with Rhys on the floor sorting their way through the boxes.

Things had not been well organized. Clothes and toiletries had been crammed in alongside paperweights and magazines, the boxes bulging near the bottom from the haste of packing. Jack had not been in this room since he had helped Rhys to put the boxes up here after his father’s death. A thin layer of dust crusted over most of the cardboard, floating in the light filtering in from the barely drawn velvet curtains as they sorted through the belongings.

Jack rolled his dress shirt up to the elbows, kneeling next to a smaller, flatter box filled with what appeared to be several leather-bound books. The first couple he leafed through seemed to be classics, including an edition of War and Peace with a freshly cracked binding, while the next couple seemed to be dog-eared medical books from at least a few decades past. He set those aside in a small stack as he picked up one of the wider books and set it in his lap. He opened it, peeling away plastic pages that stuck together, his eyes widening at the sight laid out over his thighs.

“Rhys…what are these?” An affectionate smile curled over his lips as he scoots over to where the young omega is rifling through his father’s old office supplies.

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phoenixsalover  asked:

Hai! :3 I've got a other Prompt idea! A Sonamy cute one! I have this fascination about "pruning" a hedgehog, that is Adjusting Hedgehog quill's time at a time, I could tell this is a personal "Hedgehog Thing". So I have wonder how can Sonic Modern! Ask for help of a certain Pink Hedgehog to resolve his issues with his quills? Btw Sonic already is feeling a light pain from all the quill's he has to take out of his way. I bet we both we can see Sonic being all "ugh! it's getting annoying!" *Hug!*

Pruning, tending, preening, same diff right? lol! I’d love too :) I’ve done things like this before, so I’ll do my best to keep it interesting and differently new!


Sonic scratched at his head, as Tails looked worriedly to him.

“You alright?”

He continued to itch his head, before shaking it off, and seemed to ignore Tails’s inquiry.

Tails sighed, “You know, if you’re quills are bothering you, I could help…” He got up and picked up a tool from his table, before turning around…

With a gleam in his eyes as he held up a big pair of pilers.

“I could help~”

Sonic’s vision made it look diabolical and he shook his head in fright, before zipping out the door.

Tails blinked in surprised, “Huh? What was that all about?” He lowered the tool.

Dashing about, Sonic would scrape his head along the sides of rocky cliffs, gritting his teeth of the pain as he tried to loosen the already pulled Quills out more and get them to snap free.

He couldn’t fully reach back there and it was annoying to feel them drooping and sliding but still hanging on like a loose tooth.

It hurt…

He finally sat down outside of Amy’s home, not trusting hands that weren’t so tender as a girl’s to do the job, but still attempted to do it himself before she opened the door.

Looking ready to go shopping for groceries or something, she gasped as she looked down.

“Sonic!?” she looked thrilled, before seeing him messing with his quills, ruffling his hands around, and not paying her much mind.

“…Hmm…” she recognized the behavior, and smiled.

She set her purse down and sat on the first step to her home, smiling to him, knowingly. “You know… there’s a place just down the city block that has a great tender for hair! We could get you an appointment? I do it all the time!” she beamed.

He frowned, looking less than enthusiastic about a stranger doing the job, and kept fiddling before twitching in pain.



Amy quickly moved to one knee and held her hands over his head, looking through his quills.

“Huh?” he moved his hands out, looking up at her.

Would she do the job?

“Sonic! You’ve neglected them for so long! They’re starting to poke into your head.” she ‘tsk’ed, seeing the damage done, and even little droplets of blood here and there.

“Ohhh…” she puffed up the side of her cheek. “Why are you so stubborn? You’re going to hurt your head at this rate.”

She started to look for loose ones, as Sonic tilted his head, as if obliging to her consent.

She found a wobbly one, and saw how badly it had fallen, and her eyes went wide.

“Ah! Got one.” she started to seriously strain as Sonic’s face stretched, feeling the pain.

She wiggled it and then popped it out!

“Ye-ouch!” Sonic shook his head, before rubbing it lightly upon his quills.

“There’s one.” she smiled, and moved to the upper floor to sit on her knees, and then motioned with her hand for him to lean back.

He hesitated, staring at her.

He then slowly lowered his head back to her, and she nodded before setting out to work.

“Honestly,… you just need to ask if it’s getting this bad..”

As she tended to his head, the pain subsided with each little tweak or breaking off of the more seriously neglected quills, where the rest weren’t quite as painful.

Sonic closed his eyes, though they twitched every now and then as she tugged, but her method was relaxing in that as her hands moved, she would stroke the quills to relax them from flexing up and poking her.

This way was the most comfortable for Sonic, he could remain relatively calm while she did her usual method of getting her own quills done.

“I’m no expert, but you should really get this done professionally.”

He wiggled his nose, as if not going to abide by her advice.

She puffed up her cheek again, leaning over to see his face. “Ohh.. Come on, Sonic. It’s not so bad.”

“…I like your way better.” he turned his head, giving her access to the sides.

“….Can’t you reach these?”

He fidgeted in his face, the corner of his lip bouncing a little as she realized he just wanted her to keep at it.

She giggled, “Aww~ I get it.” she knew that most of the time, she didn’t like people touching her quills either. It was probably double that for Sonic… who didn’t always make close friends very easily…

She continued to prune, preen, or whatever you may call it till the quills were drawn into a basket and she poured them into a trashcan, making sure they were all gone.

She later made him 2 chilidogs and gave him strict instruction to come to her if they start getting loose again.

He nodded, shyly embarrassed it seemed, before eating the chilidogs and taking off.

Amy smiled and returned to her purse to shop.

When she got back, she noticed some roses at her door, and smiled.

“He’s so funny sometimes.” she giggled out.

(He is funny, isn’t he? Head massages and getting your hair did by a cutie, you wonder if he’s just lazy enough to call that a date..?)


zoro as a yakuza boss and usopp as his personally discovered/trained and very dangerous right hand au

usopp is zoro’s only lieutenant and is the single person zoro trusts completely. zoro’s directly responsible for saving usopp and making him everything he is currently, and the two of them flipping run shit

birthday boy

Request: Dan birthday smut with a lap dance and amazing sex?

Wish fucking granted. -Mariel

He had been waiting all day for this. It started with a steamy shower tease in the morning, followed by a cute, lovely breakfast. Then when he went off to work, he was teased even more with several hot text messages that left him flustered and needy, his imagination having gone out of control. Sure it was his birthday, but I wasn’t going to let him have it that easy. Not yet, anyway.

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Pay attention

words :524
10. Imagine that Person A is a parent to a child and B is the elementary teacher at the school in A’s neighborhood. B calls A for a parent-teacher conference, and A expects B to be a typical teacher (stern, spinster-like, etc.); needless to say, they are surprised to see B. A tries to keep cool during the conference, but their child notices and says to the teacher, “I think my mommy/daddy likes you!”

Bonus: A asks B if they’re free while their child’s back is turned.

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“Sit still daddy!” Lian groaned as Roy shifted in his seat.
“I am.” He playfully poked his tongue out earning a giggle out of her as she shook her haead.
“Serious time.”
“Aw, you scared i’ll embarras you infront of your favourite teacher?” He teased her as she finally put a serious expression on her tiny face.
“Please don’t set her on fire.”

Roy looked around the room and watched the other teachers interact with their students and took a deep breath.
He was no stranger to disobedience and he was sure that his angel was very well behaved, especially to the standards you held, that Lian assured him was strict.

He should have met you earlier, but when you’re a vigilante and part time self employed fire fighter/starter, he simply couldn’t operate around the times.

“Mr Harper?” He turned his attention to you as you sat infront of the small family unit.
“Yes?” He asked hesitantly as he looked at you. When Lian described you as old, he pictured an old lady with grey hair, but you seemed to be his age, or younger.

As you pulled out Lian’s report, he turned to Lian.
“I thought you said she was old!” He whispered to her, unaware that you could hear him
“Shes older than me.” Lian shrugged in response and as you let out a small giggle, he met your gaze with an embarrassed chuckle.

After your eyes met, he suddenly felt his nerves consume him. Turning slightly to pull out his phone to check his appearance, he heard you cough and immediately returned his gaze.

“So we should go over Lians report while we still have time.” You chuckled and he nodded.
He couldn’t focus on what your saying, but he could say how many times your hair bounced as your pink lips moved.

“Oh no.” Lian groaned knowing exactly what was happening, as she glanced at her fathers expression. You glanced at her with a raised eyebrow “He likes you and he’s stopped listening. Which means no ice cream”

“Mr. Harper.” You said as you cleared your throat and saw him visibly snap back into attention
“Yes?” He said, shifting in his seat once again.
“I was just saying how Lian was awarded a pet for her excellent work.” You said using your serious tone, that you had perfected for using in class.
Lian held back her giggles as he looked at her with a questioning look and she nodded excitedly
“I chose to keep the Great Dane daddy.”
You smirked as he blinked back and forth between the both of you, finally letting out a small laugh and you watched as the realisation hit his face.
“Ohh.. You got me.” He chuckled “So okay, i’m paying attention now, how has she been?”
“You should have listened Mr. Harper, i’m meeting with another family now.” You smiled politely and stood up, making your leave.
“How about over coffee then?” He called out from behind you
Turning around, you saw he sat there with a smirk and you matched it with your own, as Lian hid behind her hands

Hoseok Scenario: Rush.

Request: I’ll request a Jhope scenario!! Can I get a scenario where u guys are dating, u and Jhope go on a lil adventure at night(anywhere is fine) and just hang out? U can end it!! Thanks you

Genre: Fluff / Romance

You already had two weeks without seeing Hoseok and although you missed him like crazy you didn’t want to push him, you knew he had a very busy schedule and that he was working really hard with promotions and the least you wanted was to be the annoying clingy girlfriend. So every time you received a text or a call from him you tried to make the most of it, always appreciating his efforts in keeping in touch with you despite the hectic days.

This time he called late, it was almost ten but you were already on bed dressed to sleep, you had had a tiring day. Your phone rang startling you a little, but you shoved the tiredness off when you saw he was the one calling.

-Hobi! -

-Baby you’re awake, or did I woke you up? - His voice sounded happy and then worried when saying the last thing, Hoseok was always so thoughtful.

-Of course not, I was watching some videos on YouTube- you lied not wanting to make him feel guilty for interrupting your sleep time.

-So you’re not sleepy? - He asked and you were starting to get suspicious, but maybe he just only wanted to talk for a while.

-No… why? –

-Perfect, I’ll be there in fifteen-

You sat up. –What? Are you coming over? -

-Yes… Well no…- he was chuckling and you didn’t know what to think.

-How so? Hobi!-

-I’m going to get you, and then we’re going somewhere-

You stood up rushing to your closet, holding the phone with your shoulder. –Where are we going? -

He laughed again. –Oh jagi it’s a secret! I can’t tell you-

You giggled at his enthusiasm. –Seriously, tell me where so I can put something on-

-Just wear your pajamas baby, you look stunning in those-

You sighed. –I’m not going to leave this house in my pajamas, so where to? I need to dress-

-Well you have to, I’m outside- and he laughed again.

You couldn’t believe it, so you left the phone aside and ran to peak through the window,  he wasn’t lying, you saw his car parked in front of your house. Running again you took the phone and saw that Hoseok was still in line. –I can’t believe you, what about the fifteen minutes? -

-I lied Jagi, I’m sorry- he said but for his tone of voice you knew he wasn’t sorry at all. –Now come outside please! –

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lmao late night anxiety so im trying to get myself together w/ some hinakumi. its messy. whatever. 

-i headcanon hinata as like. a really really good dancer (listen have you seen those moves in battle) and he teaches takumi how to dance sometimes. takumi sort of… trips a lot. its cute. the two often dance together with takumi humming some random song, hinata is a giant blushy mess when he hears takumi hum

-hinata totally uses super cheesy pickup lines on takumi. takumi has two reactions: some deadpan response that make both of them laugh OR he gets super flustered and blushes like no other 

-takumi probably smooches hinata’s scars a lot. hinata CHERISHES this. 

-obligatory hair combing headcanons. takumi probably takes a while with hinata’s hair, given how he wants to be gentle and how goddamn messy it is lmao. hinata is super careful with takumi’s hair, he treats it like if it belonged to a god or something. sometimes when takumi needs calming down hinata runs his fingers through takumi’s hair c a r e f u l l y, each stroke soft and comforting as can be. 

-hinata compliments takumi at least 7 times every day. it could be about anything, he just wants his boyfriend to know that he loves him and appreciates him more than anything in the goddamn universe. takumi is super bad at taking compliments and always has this giant blush on his face (“ohh my gods??? no way you’re way more pretty than me the fuck????) 

-they probably show tons of pda lmao. takumi gets super embarrassed when hinata starts flirting w/ him in public but. he’s 100% not telling him to stop, thats for sure. they probably do the little cheek kiss thing when they have to go tend to their separate duties. (sweetie pies…) 

-they strike me as the couple who has these really cheesy pet names for each other?? hinata’s is "my sweet shining sun” and takumi’s changes day by day 

-takumi probably initiates the midnight snuggling, tracing the scars on hinata’s arms and hugging him suuuper super tightly (again!!! hinata feels like he is #blessed for every single second)

-hinata’s a really comforting presence for takumi when he gets nightmares, always there to hug him and tell him he’s okay like a broken record. (takumi started to get nightmares less when they got together. the hole in his heart’s been mostly filled.) 

-i can see hinata being the one to drag takumi out of bed for a midnight adventure. in the beginning takumi probably clings to his futon for dear life but once they get outside takumi actually has a lot of fun (although hes still pretty groggy..) these things probably range from stargazing to waiting for the sun to rise to roasting marshmallows, like, they have an endless list of things to do.

-they probably hold hands allll the time. 

-i can see them both buying gifts for each other lots! they probably get all kinds of knickknacks for each other like hair accessories and little pieces of jewelry or something. 

-hinata is a giver of giant bear hugs that takumi NEVER expects but grew to love anyways (so warm…) hugs are a regular thing in this relationship. hinata has these big grins on his face when he’s hugging taku. 

-takumi has these big dorky blushes that always make hinata giggle (which makes takumi blush even MORE) 

-sometimes when taku is REALLY flustered he gets a bad case of the stutters. like, sakura level bad. hinata thinks this is the cutest thing in the world!!!!!!!!! 

-when they go on walks outside, hinata slips some flowers into takumi’s hair w/o him knowing. once takumi realized, he retaliated, and now they always come back with flowers in their hair lmao