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Free! DUB - Episode One: Best WORST Moments

aka why i’m laughing my ass off. i was very tempted to include every time they said REEN instead of rin or sahm EHHH zuka but. that would be too much. even for me. 

EDIT: I’m super late on this lmao but i’ve uploaded the dub here for download and here to dailymotion. if you want to watch this trainwreck. Sorry for the low quality! (also. for the ppl who’re telling me the pronunciations are right: i hear you but it still sounds hilarious 2 me)

glomgold-deactivated20150613  asked:

Hi, Lisa! First of all, I really love your art and I'm really glad I found your blog because it inspired me to keep developing my own art style. Secondly, may I ask which program you use to draw and your brush settings? The way you paint is so different from everything I've seen I'm in awe.

Ohh thank you, I’m so glad you like what I do and that I inspired you! 

I mainly use paint tool SAI and as for my brush settings, I change them all the time but these are what I most often use; 

which are pretty standard really. Of course I often change blending/size/min size/density according to what I’m doing at the time haha. I mostly just colour with the water tool though. I think a few key points in how I work though is that when I do paintery stuff is, I usually colour a traditional pencil sketch on as few layers as possible. I also try to keep the paper texture when I scan, and I have usually already shaded quite a bit with pencil on the sketch. So it’s like this; 

The sketch layer is simply on multiply. Then I put some layers above the sketch to brighten/darken/outline the areas I want, with appropriate layer modes (left picture below) and finally open it in photoshop for some final editing (right picture below);

aaand that’s how I work. Most of the time. 

I hope you don’t mind me publishing this? I’ve received a few similar asks lately.