forgotten-w0rds asked:

Oh hey there! so i'm going to do a few of the numbers as your spams and then some random ones! don't feel you have to do my deal back or else we'll be going all night! XD 3, 4, 6, 11, 23, 27 ;) 47, 21, 24 and... 43! :D so i now i owe you... 15 more.. *thinking cap on*

3. 3 fears: my mom’s addiction, dying, disappointing people

4. 3 things I love: blogging, acting, music

6. Last song I listened to: Situations by ETF

11. The reason why I joined tumblr: boredom  

21. What I find attractive in other people: when guys wear Axe. unf <3

23. Someone I love: my sister

24. My relationship with my parents: with mom, awful & with dad, awful

27. Someone from tumblr that I’d date: omg swaghappy, jacobrileysmith (if he wasn’t taken), oheythereyoshi, skat3freedom

43. Something I’m talented at: i guess acting

47. My favorite blogs: appletwat, hockeypucksandleopardprint, sin-and-self-destruction, flowercloud, -onyourknees