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I recently reached the 10k+ followers count and I wanted to do a little something to thank you all! So here’s my uploaded icons page with more than 30 Clexa, Eliza, Alycia, Wayhaught, Katherine and Dominique icons. You can use them if you want, just leave a like or reblog

And now of course, I also made a short list of people I love seeing on my dash and appreciate so much that I want y'all to follow too!

And again, thanks for following my mess of a multifandom, femslash af blog. ♥

1.5k! This is so amazing guys, i never would have thought reaching this many followers! thank you so much for following me, that means the world to me!

mutuals // fav

@space-bound: rebecca… you have no idea how much i enjoy talking to you, you have no idea how much support you brought me, you make me smile every time we spoke and when i feel down you always cheer me up! you make me see things on a different view but in the end we always agree with each other, your friendship is so precious honestly, i love you so much it’s crazy! <3

@marauders-groupie: lana you’re such a wonderful human being! i was so intimidated by you at first but you’re one of the nicest person on this website, you’re so nice and always here for me! with you everything is just easy! you’re such an amazing writer, i keep telling you i hope you know it by now but really im always amazed by your writings and i hope your dreams will come true! <3

@selflessbellamy: jo! jo jo jo jo!!! im so glad i started talking to you! you’re such an amazing person <3 you’re so talented for everything like im so jealous you can write you can make kickass edits, you make A+ analysis!!! i kinda see you as a little sister, you’re so amazing, love you! <3

@lupinsfurrylittleproblem: helga you’re seriously the best, you’re so funny and extra all the time, you have such a positive attitude all the time! your stories are the best and i want to hear all of them <3

@ersttagseuphorie: true friendship is based on sending each other pics of bob morley and crying about it <3 Kirsten you’re seriously so nice and peaceful, like talking to you is so perfect, you just like things and don’t make a fuss about it you’re literally just enjoying things you like and it’s so refreshing! #morleyforpotterforever

@bellamybb: kat is obviously my fav because she speaks french and she knows the city i live in… seriously, you’re amazing! you’re always nice and respectful of everyone, that’s the best! you’re also super talented and i love seeing your edits on my dash!

@sassamyblake: caitlyn time zones suck so much!!! i feel like we’re never around at the same time :( that being said, i love you and your blog so much! you’re the definition of small cimarron rolls who will fight you if you’re being stupid. you’re just a lovely puppy <3

@thelovelylights: jen is amazing and deserves all the follow in the world! like you’re so talented too!!! your gifsets are always beautiful and you always speak up when there’s something that is wrong on this website and in life in general, i truly admire that! you’re so beautiful inside and out, love you! <3

@bobsfluffyhair: my #1 nemesis… follow her i guess… she has the worst tastes when it comes to hair… just kidding of course! i love marie because she’s french and she just gets me <3 your blog is seriously the best and so are you!

@scarmander: FRENCH SQUAD RPZ! (i just love my french girls okay) Flo is the nicest, sweetest person alive, she’s amazing and french so perfect :))) everyone should follow her because she deserves everthing in the world!

@mynameisravenreyes: medha is so nice to everyone!!! like seriously!!! she’s the best!!! and she ships memori!!! how could you try to beat this??? i feel like we’re not online at the same time anymore too, but medha i see all your posts and i love it <3 self-confidence rocks, it’s so great that you’re doing this! you rock and i love you and i love when you call me bbcakes *blushing* it’s just so sweet! ‘i know you call everyone like that but i just LOVE IT)

@gxldentrio: ria is amazing and sweet and nice and talented and beautiful and everything we dream to be! im so glad we started to talk because i really love you a lot okay! you’re amazing dont change (and everyone go check her blog it’s absolutely perfect)

@jamesandlilyaredead: idk that url tbh but… nai is amazing! like we were meant to like each other! we both ship bellarke and jily to no end, we both die for james potter or bellamy blake… im so glad to have met you! you’re absolutely awesome and i love you really really much! your fics and edits are so great and funny and perfect i love everything about you and your blog! (also like you’re just super beautiful and im always in awe when i see your face on my dash <3)

@tempestaurora: bethany is amazing and funny! you’re an amazing writer and i love your fics! i love talking to you even if it’s not often! you’re just so great! <3

@blyedeeks: cam is my soulmate i really think so, we just agree on so many things and first on how important positivity is! you’re literally a little ray of sunshine, don’t ever change! <3

@bellarke-stydia: nikola, we could kill each other with bellarke and stydia feels, but luckily we can cry together over how perfect they are! we just have the same tastes and the same opinions on everything. AND OF COURSE YOU SHIP JILY TOO BECAUSE YOU’RE PERFECT! you make amazing edits and you deserve all the love <3

@magicalice: since i went to poland this summer i’ve been thinking of how much i love polish people and how they are so amazing! you’re no exception <3 you’re a little bitter sometimes and it makes me laugh haha but you’re honestly one of the most positive person on this website! you’re absolutely too cute and you call me cupcake i love it never stop <3

@the-ships-to-rule-them-all: abby you have to know how many people love you! you’re really amazing and you’re just so sweet! your poems are always mindblowing, i often tell you idk really know why i love them i just do and that’s art bitch <3 stay awesome and perfect!

@lydias-martin: tbh everyone should follow you giulia because you laugh at my lame jokes and that should be rewarded :p honestly i really like you! you’re so sweet and your blog is amazing <3

@coramalia: meg babe you’re wonderful girl… you’re so peaceful, i love talking to you! i hope you know how amazing you are! you deserve the wolrd <3

@kateyfuller: ariel makes me suffer but i love it? i just love you and your blog idk what more to say! you’re an amazing artist, your fanarts are so beautiful! your videos always punch me in the face with feels and im left speechless for a few hours after watching them… you’re funny and talented and i love you <3 #brillerforlife

@pevxnsie: NARNIA you have no idea how much i love narnia and how much i love your blog wind! you’re such a positive person and i love you for that! you came into the bellarke hell and we can truly be friend now <3

@junebugninja: amanda is one of the sweetest person on this website, she’s always so nice, to everyone, it’s so amazing to see people like her! i love your post and your cutie face <3

@mechaniicreyes: mariana i like you a lot okay? we dont talk much but you’re one of my fav person on this website! you’re so nice and so sweet all the time! you deserve everything <3

also follow these lovelies cuties

A - F

@anxiouspineapples @awitchfromwildmoor @alectightwood @arrogantbullyingtoerag @ariadnearcheron @alrightevans @baetrice-duke @bobbysking @blueeyedballoon @belacanto @bigquidditchhero @belloblake @bellclxrke @blakemedown @blakeesgriffin @bellslarkes @bellarnyblakc @blakesbellcmy @bellamyblake @bellamieblaike @bisexualbellclarke @captainssolo @crackedgrace @clarkethena @carolinesenecal @caspasta @dancingjily @dorcasdeadowes @felicitymegans @felllikeamarionette @fetchalgernon @fleamontpotter @fuckyeahstydia

G - L

@gracereadstoomuch @griffinslaw @grumpybell @greatserpent @harold-potter @hanleics @holland-rodens @halloweenwiththemarauders @halfbloodblake @hathawayroza @idontgiveaneffie @iolanthepotter @i-am-a-snitch @illthrowyouaballofsass @jamespotterz @jawn-stop-das-gay @jchnmurqhy @jiilys @jamesandlilys @kingbobbymorley @klarkgrffn  @livingsarandipitously @lilypotterrs @leslie-wyatt @lydiamartinn @lothbroek @liilyevanspotter @lydiamartinskie @livwholikestv @likeoatmeal

M - R

@messrprongs @mattymurducks @mrganagriffns @mileschris @mrsprongsie @mydeadotp @marionetteblues @merdok1993​ @margaeryen @msjillianholtzmann @monroeszoe @mego42 @nickymorello @nataliecrown @ohdear-prongs @ofpotterandwho @onemanbellarmy @october31st1981 @potterfanciesevans @pastel-potter @phantomromanova @padhaleckis @padfootdidit @prosciuttoe @poseysbellamy @prongsdied @prvngs  @potterevanss @rhysand @rvsvlka @rubyredwisp @raevnclaw

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@skylerwhte @struttinglikeapotter@sunshinedaisieswindmills @summerfinns @shewasdramatic @scared-of-clouds @secretxlittlexdarling @summerflowers-wintersnow @skyewarrior @sithkylor @simplyslc @stevxrcgers @sxrxusblck @takeharryandgo @thestagpatronus @train-wreck101 @the100thbellarker @thatweirdparamedicstudent @vvivaa @wellamyblake @wedwellondreams @westyros @wellsjahasghost @weasleyzs @wsetallen

Don’t even remember the last time I did a follow forever because I’m the laziest person alive tbh. But today I’VE REACHED 20K FOLLOWERS and I thought I should do something. Thank you guys, this is pretty amazing. I’ve been very busy with uni and I’m sorry for not being here as much as I used to. 

Before anything let me make a little self promo: if you guys like Star Wars go check my multifandom @skywalkertrash / if you guys like A song of Ice and Fire follow me on @doreasand I reblog a shit ton of meta and analysis there. I’m also on twitter (ohdearhart) and on Instagram (danmartorelli).

My darlings from @thelumosquad are bolded / And some faves are italicized


@aallwaswell  @acciocapulet  @actuallydrarry  @alohmohra @alohomorea @alrightforge @andpadfoot @animaegus @anondracomalfoy @astcriagreengrass @aurror @avahda@baumanselise @bcllatrix @bluescrgnt @bonbonwrights @borginburks @brookedvais @c-atnips @captainjacksparrow @carolvsworld @dailypotter @darthmalfoy @deatheatcr @deerlily @diarycrux @dracobaby @dracoluna @dracomahlfoys @draconis @dracosabraxas @dracoskywalker @dracyo@draqomalfy @dumbledore


@eldcrwand @evertexstatum @expectopatronuem @fantastlcbeasts @flixfelicis @flourishandblotted @fredweasley @g0lden3o @georgeweasley @godrixhollow @gogoslytherin @goldensnltch @goldentrio​ @greeylady @gxnnyweasley @harmonianecterepasuss @harrypottergif @hawthornwands @hecaite @hehrmes @herboloqy @hermaco @hermiionegrangers @hermionegrangcr @hermioniegranger @hestiajonees @hexrmionegranger @hgvvarts @highgardin @hippogrif @hmionegrangr @hogwaarts @hogwartianos @hopkirks  @hrgranger @huffleplush


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@malfioy @malfoyer @malfoymannor @malfoyofthenight @malfoyscharms  @malfuymanor @malfxoys @marvoloriddlc @meraudurs @mollysjumpers @mopingmoaningmyrtle  @mrvlo @mud-bluds @narcissa-black @nevillles @noahczry @nrcssablack  @nymphadcra @nymphadoraas @obiwankenob @occlument @odious @ohdear-prongs @ohdumbledore  @ohhelga @ohremus @ollvianders @ooliverwood @paddfoot @padvoot @paternalpadfoot  @peetaspatronus @poeedamerons @poppypomfrey @pottern @pottersir @pottersmalfoy @pottertilltheend @professordumblydoor @prongslct @prongsxdoe @pronqsie @purebloodraco @pvreblooded @pyqmypuffs


@quaffl @quaffle @quaffle-chasers @queenjld @queenmaslayny  @quibblcrs @quidditch-match @ravnclaws @regulusblahk @regulusblxcks @reguluz @remuslupiny  @remusluvin @remusmiled @remusmoopin @reyynas   @riddleharry  @ronahld @ronaldroars  @ronwesley @roonilwazib @rvbbstark @rvenclaws @scamanderbeasts @scorpiusmalfqy @scorpiusmlfy  @scorpiusmqlfoy @shutupweasley @simplypotterheads @sirepotter @siriusly-harry @siriuslybellatrix  @slytherino @slytherns @slythlerin @snatchmescabior @snivellusriddikulus @still-a-muggle  @stopefy @sybilltrelawneys @sylthren @tcnkss @teddylulpin @theboywholivcd @thetimeturner  @tomfleton @tranxfiguration @trusthim


@veritazerum @victoriouskrum @voldemortsdead @voldemxrt  @voldevolts @watsonita @weasley-wheezy @weasleywrinkles @weasloy @wickedraco @witchunters  @wizardign @wright-love @zabaeletas @zbbini @zcbini

Hi everyone! I’ve finally gotten around to doing this at last, mainly because I’m nearing 5k followers which is just- holy shit? Five thousand people actually care about what I have to say and that’s just mind boggling to say the least. I want to make all of you cookies and give them to you with a giant hug.

I’m doing something for all 5k of you too eventually; I mean, I don’t know what it’ll be, but it’s going to be something. Also, I follow so many great people so this is probably just going to end up being a list of people who I follow. Oh well.


(absolute faves are bolded)

  • IRL losers who I adore:

Pri | Risha | Sam | Tish | BennyManda | Megs | Mira | Saanj

  • Internet bffs:

Renata | Hannah | Zoe | Rhiannon | Sasha | Ashley | Kelly | Sarah | Sam

  • A - D

| abnormallystraightlaces | acciodoublestuffagentmidnight | allmysupernovas | ameliahpondapalapucian | aquarium-mermaidarrogantbullyingtoeragashleepond | augustuswatersawitchfromwildmoor | azkabanishedbellohmyblake | bellgriffinsbelieveinprongsbigquidditchhero | bloodgutsandjustdesertsbraveremus | calyhpsocomealong-marauders | courfeyacdaevstroderdistinctlydottyauradoopilydo | dorcasdeadowesdrunkhogwarts |

  • E - H

| expressopatronum | fachelrinklefetchalgernongallifreyfalls | ginevvragxldentrio | hatepotionhathawayrozahestiajoones |

  • I - L

| iamnotlikelilyevans | iamthequeenvictoria | incorruptusgaywaren | karenandthababes | keshaswaldorfkindclaws | kingprongskneelb4keshajamespotterlyjamesstruttingpotter | jemespotterjuliettecapulets | ladycrossstitch | latenightontheastronomytowerlikeevanslovedpotter | lilypotterrslilypxtter | lilyslunas | lilyspotterlilyssmilewasthewidestofall | livingsarandipitously 

  • M - P

| magicalwankingstickmarauderwannabe | marlenemckinnonsmaroders | mashallahmangoes | mcpricekissed | millipopmissprongs | neuerlahmsno-mundanes-allowed-tardis | ohdear-prongsohpottermycaptainpadfootdidit | pippinmoonchilds | pentatentacle | potterdarlingpottergenespotting-lilies | prrimsprongsmydeer | pronngs

  • Q - T

| rashaka | realslytherinchick | resurrectjonsnowrileygblue | rlupin | sarahmnaning | scared-of-cloudssevenperseids | shadowhuntersofhogwarts | shewasdramaticshreeracha | sirius-lupin | siriuslychessi snilyfuckingsucks | snapslikethis | sobforsirius | sophieturningsorenphelps | stagdoewolfdogstereokink | strangerslikem3 | suchastart | sunlitdewdrop | sunshinedaisieswindmills | tabletmcpricethatmadgirlinthecornerthearcherballet | the-cockatricetheybecameanimagi | theodoornott | timeturnertintapapelycafe | tobiasmquinntransfigurationprodigy 

  • U - Z

| unofficialbridge | vincentsstars |  wildlingprincesswillliamherondaleyoucallthatakisssweetheart

Dumbledore’s army (There’s no Hogwarts Tumblr without you guys aka my fav blogs): 

millssregina pottersir hippogrif stuckwith-harry sybilltrelawneys anondracomalfoy hogwartianos • wlzardry ofhelias instantremorse ohdear-prongs bilbbobaggins ohremus quidditch-match harmonianecterepasuss hrgranger riddleharry

The Order of the Phoenix (aka the most amazing people):

ronaldwesaleyleakycaudrontomrddlesdracomahlfoyswatsonita •  greeylady •  azkcbanqueerdraco  • malfuyssalazcrlumcsolemlumosvashtaneradakindlunadoingdracoluxiusmalfoysydneysagieweasleywrinklessarahksilvermansremusluvingeorqeweasleyssirepotter ooliverwoodweasley-wheezytavlorswifstill-a-muggleslythernsginvraweasleypotternquaffle-chasersdeadpottermalfoyheirprettytyrellsmalfoymannortrusthimdramione13rosereturnsdrunkhogwartsmydracobloodtraitorwright-loveronaldweasl-y


♔ morsmordre-x’s Tumblr Awards Winners ♔ 
Harry Potter Category


Hey there! It’s been too long since I made a follow forever, so I decided to make one! (This was crazy, I follow too many of you!)

I just wanted to thank you all for filling my dash with awesome things, you’re precious!

I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone, if that’s the case, just check my blogroll. If you are in bold it means I love you!

A-C: abbyslockhart​,accio-hbcacciothehungergamesakachankami,alexkinqstonsanstruthersamiedunneapparating-to-westeros,arkadyfireovitcharthrpendragonaryastarksbellefrenchs,blanchettcatesbloodydifficultbnfembobbimosrebremol,broomstixbuckbeakisbackcatelyn-starkcatelynstarkcatelynstarrk,catelynstxrkschelsie-carson,chelsiefan71christiancbalechudleycanonclintofbartoncoconutmilk83​,colinodonorgasmcora-the-countesscoramilfscrackalleycrazymarytcrestadeen,cruelladevl

D-F: damebonhamcarterdamemaggiesmithdamethompsondamianswayneddear-hedwigdeborahkerrdesperationandgindiaryofamessyminddontbesodroopy,donnasheridandonnermaysileedowntondownstairsdowntonismylifedraco-do-you-mind-if-i-slytherindugdalesduskendaleseffystohemelliegoestodownton,elsiehugheselzabethmitchellemily31594emmasneverland,emmaswnevelynnapiereverdeenofasgaardevieoneillevilqueened,evilswanfaithandfearcollidefantasy-fallacy-tumblingstonefawkesfacefinniecks,fionagoddessfilledwithlightfitzmonkeysfleaurdelacourflynnridersfoooolintherain,francesconroysfrivolouswhim

G-I: galadrielleshaleohweenshelenationherardentwishherevilnessherewestand,heroswanshijacked-peetahollyjollyrogerhtoriai-am-lord-trolldemort,iaindeclaustecker im-happy-free-confusedimthequeenofevilincenndio,inhislightinreginasheartinstantremorse

J-L: jeorahmormontjesuiscatherinedeneuvejimmytfallonjonsnowo,justlookatthosesausageskath-bishopkilledbythecareers,killianemmaaknockedoveralampkristinscottthomaskouw,lanamparrillaslasagnamillslastisleleboobsdireginaleias,lieutenantducklingslilopelekailiv3urlife95locksleymillslukecastellan

M-O: mackenziemorganmchalemacksmchalemainstreetmickeymaisiewilliams,majestyswanmalfuysmarthaloganmarymcmagic-hairmay-magic-be-in-your-favor,mayormillsmeryylstreepmerylisoneofakindmessofadreamer-13metaphoricalprune,minerrvasmirandaapriestlymisseffiemiss-kentonsmiss-levinsonmisswelchmrsstreepmonajo7mrsdickens713mydraco,mynightmaresareaboutlosingyoumrslanaparrillasmrsmerylstreep,nervouspearlnevermorecertainnevilllesnewfoundgraceninziednymheriaohdear-prongsohmytheonohremusokay-lovegoodonesimus42outllawqueen,outlawqeenoutlaw-qveenoutlawqueeneroutlawsqueensowlsiehootoriddle

P-R: parrilla-lanapeekaboochelsiepentaghust,pixiedustdoesntliepnsyparkinsonpotentpotions,pottersprettytyrellsprongsandhisflowerproffesorlupinpureblood-,queencatequeencerseiqueenlocksleyqueenoflocksleyqueenrhaenyraredofmel,reginahastingsreginahoodsregina-millsreginamilsreginaldsreginaoflocksley,reginashappinessreginasmills remusjohnslupinrichardgererlupinrobinandregina,rolandsbeaniesronaldweasl-yrumplestiltskinruthelizabeths

S-U: sansareginasansasnarksadbeautifultragicsantalancashiresassymajesty,sassysavioursawalightinyouscarletletterswiftsecondchanceforoqselinameyr,shelaaghsherpottersmolderandsasssnoop-maggy-mag,someonethatiamnotsorryblondiesorrydeariespeaknowtaylorstateofgraces,storybrookesybilltrelawneysswanstanswiftbeautifultragicswfift,thatwasntaquestiontheladyelsathenimagiraffetheoakenshieldedthejollyswann,thestreepthisisamadhousethohohomasbarrowthompsonemma

V-Y: versoaversovictoriagrantstragicheartstriwizardrywandmastersirius,whatthefawkeswillscarletswintendellewrightwatson

Z-#: 13thofdecember1989-helenabonhamcarter-taylorswift- 


Hello everyone! Happy holidays! Now that 2013 is coming to a close I feel like I should go ahead with tradition of posting a follow forever and here I am! The picture is super crappy but I whipped it up in like four minutes so I think it looks pretty snazzy for four minutes! I did some gallery surfing to find pictures of people we all love a lot on Tumblr (and it’s missing some I know!! I had to cut a lot of people out to fit under the 1MB limit D:) so I hope it’s okay~ This follow forever is dedicated to ALL of the amazing and lovely and flawless people I’ve met and followed! You make Tumblr a wonderful place and you deserve the world :) I love youuuuuuuu! ♥ And as I usually do on my follow forevers, I COMMAND EVERYONE WHO SEES THIS TO FOLLOW THESE FLAWLESS PEOPLE BECAUSE THEY WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY AND YOUR LIVES WILL SHINE BRIGHTER EVERY DAY BECAUSE OF THEM!

A: abraxam, abrightredrose, acidflashbacks, amortentiaforenemies, andlionheart, andrew-lincoln, annagunns, anondracomalfoy, aragogs, aryastarks, asheathes, aurordraco

B: beautiful-unfolding, belledearie, bex-chan, bowlegschester, broomstix, buckbeakisback

C: chestiel, companions, cremebunny, crookkshanks, cruciothelights

D: daeneerystargaryen, daleyprophet, darkflights, deadpadfoot, deatheaters, deeply-inside, diarycrux, dlittleone, doomslock, dracocos, dracodormeins, draconis, dragnheartstring

E: elevenponded, evertexstatum, exeters

F: fantasticremus, finiteincantatum-x, flordemort, fuckingdraco, fuckjimkirk, fudgeflies

G: galefray, gershons, girlwithapumpkintattoogrhangers

H: -hungarianhorntail, hellodraco, herwheezy, horcruxs 

I: i-am-lord-trolldemort, iamiweasley, iamnevertheone, icanlovegood, iceinherheart-kissonherlips, imyourtrouble, imsirius, instantremorse, isaidnopeeking, itsharrypotterbitch

J: jamessirius

K: kingsguarding

L: ladysherlock, lazoey, lilopelekai, listenlikespring, lordharrypotter, lukecastellan

M: malfoymannor, malfoysotter, mallfoys, malphoys, mandrakescry, merrymellarks, mirkwoodling, mydraco

N: narcissasmalfoy, nearlyheadlessfinnick, nevillles, noblefighter, normanreeduse, notaqueen

O: odairriere, ofhelias, ohcrucio, ohdear-prongs, ohhelga, ohloki, openthesnitch, ophelies, ourkingweasley

P: padfootmagic, paul-wesleys, pdfoots, podalecki, potentpotions, pragmatique, prongsandpadfoot, protegopatronum, psychadelias, pureblood-

R: remusjohnslupin, riddlemetom, ronaldweasl-y, ronaldweassley, rosereturns

S: samclafs, sandandglass, savehiswheezy, seaboobs, sherpotter, simplypotterheads, sirepotter, siriuslybellatrix, slytheirn, slythinwhore, smaugslock, snaping, snivllus, strydering, sybilltrelawneys

T: thebeautyinwhite, thebeautyofsolitude, thedauntlessleader, thegirlincendio, tomhiddles, trusthim

W: waitingondhr, watsonly, winterkiss, witwereckstein, weaselette, writemudblood

+ blogroll


f i g h t i n g s o m a n y ’ s    w i n t e r    ’ 1 3    f o l l o w    f o r e v e r

It’s that time of the year again, when everyone feels the need to thank each and everyone of those people who make their time on this site a really wonderful and special one, and well, I guess it’s my turn to do the same.

First of all I wanna wish you lot (whether you’re listed in here or not) a merry christmas -yeah, I’m late, sorry buddies- and a very happy new year. I hope 2013 has been a great year for you all, and that 2014 becomes and even better one, because you all deserve it!

My tumblr experience has been awesome so far, I never imagined I could have so much fun running this blog, it never even ocurred to me that I would meet such amazing people, and I just wish nothing will change in the time I’m here. And as this is a thank you message, I may as well start on it, so:

To my girls, my bitches, my special and wonderful chicken lovers, the best friends one could ask for, the ones I trust with my life and enjoy talking to and spending my time with the most, the ones without whom I don’t think I could ever survive living out there in the real world (hover):

marta (+), maría

To the most incredible ladies I’ve met on this site, the ones that have kept me up late with their chats, have helped me when in need, and have made me laugh like no other (hover):


To those who have graced me with their presence on my dash since the very beginning and without whom tumblr would never be the same for me:

astridsellisonsbluejeepscrestaireverlarceverllark, geronimsgershonshauntedtribute,hawtorneshearthornehellodracojennacoleslawkazandmattlecrestamickivich,mockingfiremrsmerylstreepneuersodairbearodairingyouohdear-prongsrosereturns

And to all of you talented people, that with your beautiful graphics or just simply your awesome personalities, make tumblr the lovely place it is:



Hey everyone. So I recently reach my goal and I decided make this follow forever.

I’m on tumblr for almost 3 years now, and here I met some amazing people. People that I learn to love, respect and admire. I really love see you on my dash.  Each of you are really special to me and I really like you all.

Thank you for everything!


A - B




allisonargens ahmortentia augustusswaterss




buckbeek buckbeakisback




capitole caudroncakes caughthesnitch c-ruciolestrange dailygranger deadpadfoot deatheaters dearsirius deathlyhalowes




divergernt dracomxlfoys dracoamalfoy



E - H

eldrwand enobarria evannulynch fairchield fedweasley gandalfsarmy gryfflndor harmony-y hazelsinfinity herhmione heytonks hhagrid hijackedmockingjay hogwartsisforever horcruxhuntr

I - L

i-am-lord-trolldemort imaginedragons imsirius instantremorse jabberjais jamspottr jamespotterring jamespottersd jillyspotter joahnnamason legilimen lestranqe lileyvans lilypottar llghtwood lokicifer lordcrowley lnalovegood knightpotter

M - P

malfoycharms malfoysdeliverance malfoysheart malfoymannor maurader mccahlls mountaintrolls mydraco narcissx narcissamalfoi nevillles neewts nhu-dles ohdear-prongs ohcrucio ohlumos ohremus ohtonks ohweasleyking p-adfoots pandemoinum poltergeits potterlings potterue pottersir pottersword potterwand primrosesrues prisonerfromazkaban prongsandpadfoot proud-potterhead

Q - T

queen-bonham-carter quillsandink ravenclahw rebellionsfire r-educto regulsblck remusjohnslupin tomriddl riddlemarvolo ronaldweasl-y ronahld scaredpotter sexymalfoys shacklebot sherpotter sirepotter siriusblackvevo siriuslybellatrix stmungos stormbhorn swordofgryhffindor sybilltrelawneys teen-wolf tequila-in-paris thepensieve tommarvoloriddle tomriddlevevo tomefelton triwizarded triwizardry trusthim

U - Z

vohldemort weasley-wheezy winterkiss wrightwatson


I’m really sorry if I forgot someone.

I love you all <3


remusjohnslupin’s Follow Forever 2013

These blogs are my all-time favourite gif and graphic makers on Tumblr. You shouldn’t just scroll by as most people tend to do when they see a Follow Forever - I’d recommend you to check out at least a few of them. They’re all not only just talented graphic makers, but also amazing people <3

andrewserkis, aryastark, bloodydifficult, boromirs, catelyn-stark, davosseaworth, fantasticremus, faramircaptainofgondor, feathersofwinter, grumpybilbo, imsirius, instantremorse, labonair, lukecastellan, lustgood, mareluna3001, mydraco, nevillles, ofhelias, ohaldir, ohdear-prongs, pattinsonly, playedtilmyfingersbled, potentpotions, pragmatique, queenofsunspear, sabotensan, samheughan, starkswaters, stoneheartingtalesofnorth, thranduilings, unbowedprincess, waitingondhr

{ hover over the link for a short description of their blog }

so i’ve recently hit my followers goal and i decided to do a new follow forever! please please check out all of these blogs they’re all amazing, lots of love d-radcliffe x 

a, b, c

aberfroth | aberhnathy | ahlohomora | anondracomalfoy | banishyourboggart bex-chan | buckbeakisback | contra1veritas | c-ruciolestrange

d, e, f

daanhowell | daily-harry-potter | dear-longbottom | diarycrux | draco-mallfoy | dracomxlfoy | dracomalfoyx | evanspotter | fredweasley | frie-nds | fighterandall | fuckingdraco

g, h, i

gryffind0r | gryffindors | hermioniemalfoy | hogwaarts | hogwartsastory | hogwartianos | huffnpuffnstuff | i-am-lord-trolldemort

j, k, l

jamesandhislily | jamesiriuspotter | lupinns

m, n, o

malfoysdeliverance | malfoygrangers | malfoysotter | maraudinq | maraudingjames | mydraco | nevillles | ohdear-prongs | ohhelga | ohremus | ohronald | ohtonks | ohwtsons | ollvanders | omghermione

p, q, r, s

p-adfoots | partywithslughorn | potterandweasel | potterwand | professorremus | prongsandhisflower | ravenlcaw | romioneiscanon | ronahld | ronaldroars | ronaldweasl-y | sexymalfoys | simplypotterheads | sirepotter | sirpotters | s-snape

t, u, v

the-golden-trio | thefamousscar | theperksofbeingjohnwatson | tomriddl | trusthim | victohrkrum | voldemort-x | voldemo

w, x, y, z

waitingondhr | weshipdramione | witchyluna | winterkiss


-rowling | -hedwig


It’s been a while since I’ve done a follow forever, so I thought making one would be a great way to end 2014. Below are some of the greatest blogs owned by the greatest people on Tumblr. They make my dash and just my overall Tumblr experience hella rad. Please be sure to check them out! (Also happy holidays everyone!)

aarontaylorsjohnson, abbaskiarostamis, ageofultronalphalewolfammaasante, anthonyedwardstarksannakendrunks, anondracomalfoyasheathes, ashleybensonsaryastarkked, aryastarks, athosds, banneringbeatrixkiddosbellamying, benswhishawsbloodydifficult, bowlegschester, buckysbarneschibstelford, chrispratt, communifiedcyberqueer, devpatelsdoctaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,  donniedarkosdornishdoucheywolfdraconisemiliaclarkeve-carmichaelfantastcbeasts, fassys, fassyyfirelordzuko, floydlawtons, freddiecowann, gamoras, girlwhowasonfire,  gladerboyfriendshansolo, haringtons, haringtonskits,  henrycavills, houch, iamnevertheoneinstantremorse, imdonebye, imaginedrugons, jakesjohnsonjamesstewarts, jamiefraser,  jenslawrence, jessiepinkmanjessepnkmans, jimmytfallonjonarya, jordysnelsonjustinripley, keptynkiarasnaps, kingofwesteroslachowskii, lightrains, lmnpnch, loislanes,  lordeddardstarklordharrypotter, lupitanyongo,  malfoymannor, mako, marcelozzzmarkfluffyruffalo, markruffulomarkwatney, meerareed, merryradcliffe,  mhysas, michaelsocha, mistersherlock,  mockingfiremoiyoko, mugglelandnearlyheadlessfinnick, nevilllesnickdunnne, nickmillers, nortoningsobliviateyourface, obriensoctovias, ohdear-prongsohremus, olivesnook,  panems, phoebebuffay, rlupinrobbstarksrobertdeniro,  robertdowneyjrs, rramimalek, rubertkazinsky,  rubyredwisprudolphobrien, scamanders, scottsmmersshakespeareestankface, stiles-stlinskistilinskis,  stormbornssuits, supermansswagdemort, tatianamaslnaytatianamaslies, teddywestsidethecure1987, the-eleventh-blog, tifferinitrashybooksforladies, truesouls,  tywin, thatbluebox,  thepurebloodprincess, the-rabbit-patronustriharrytopstwistdmentalitywatsonly, xmenszaynsmk, zaytanmaliks

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Hello, everyone! I know this is lame but I couldn’t think of another way to wish you all a happy Christmas and a great New Year. So here’s my Top 40 Blogs of 2014.

andrewserkisarwenundomieasheathes askmiddlearthboromirsdavosseaworthdiarycruxdonewithwoodenteethdracosferretfaramircaptainofgondorfyeahtheraceofmengrumpybilbohermionesgrangeriluvatarssinstantremorseladysmallwoodleiasmareluna3001meggieclearynevilllesohaldirohdear-prongsohminastirithohremusohsofilipragmatiqueprincemaedhrospotentpotionsqueenargelladurrandonrickkcastleseerspiritshowmethestarssothorosstarkswaterstalesofnorthtaurielstaurielsilvanthearkenstonewandkeeperswitchofthekorcari

I hope you’ll all have a lovely time, and I hope you take a few minutes to check out these blogs because they’re all amazing.

I recently hit a big goal of mine, 1k followers, so I decided to do my first ever follow forever to show my love and appreciation for all the lovely blogs that light up my dash every day. I really hope I don’t forget anybody ;; quick reminder i follow with malfoyspotters

bold = favorites, aka scarily awesome blogs.


acciodwarves, acciogryffindorsahlohomora, banishyourboggart, bellamorts, blaiseitzabini, blogsmeadebuckbeakisback, buckbeek,  burdge, captaihrogerscedricdeggory,  clonclubcremebunny, daddydracodeatheatcrs, deathlyhxllows,  diarycrux, dracosdeliriumdracodrawled, dracormalfoy, drarry, dromedaselderwandemotionslikeateaspoonensnarethesenses, expecto-patronum-spell, fredweasleys,


ginevravveasley, goodnightmoonyhaflblood, hagridspumpkinharmony-yhazlegrace, healerdraco, hedwigsletters, herhmione,  heytonks, hippogrif, hisdracomalfoyhorcruxhuntr, i-am-lord-trolldemort, instantremorsekatnsiss, knockturnallley, lilopelekai, lilypottarleakycaudron


lestranqemahrtell, malfoiymalfoycharms, malfoysdeliverancemalfoygrangers, malfoysmine, malfoysotter, malfcysmalfuys, mandrakescry, maurader, maxxiegalaxymudsbloodmydraco, narcissablcknarcissx, nhu-dles, nightinglockobliviateme, obervnmartells,  odious, of-werewolves-and-wizardsohdear-prongs, ohcedric, ohhelgaohhmoonyohremus, oh-ronald, oriddle, parslemouthspartylikeapuffpdfoots, petigrews, potentpotions,  potter-road, pottersir, pragmatique, prongsandpadfoot, pvreblooded, queerdrarry, quibblrsquillsandink, qvibbler


regulsblckremusjohnslupin, rnarvolo, ronahld, ronaldweasl-yronfreakinweasley, ronweaselys, ronweaxleyrxddle, salty-centipede, salazarslythlerinscaredpotter,  shacklebot, sherpottersimplypotterheads, siriuslybellatrix, sirepottersnivellusnapesnxpestilesmystilinski,  stmungos, stuckwith-harry, sxriusblacktarqeryen, the-finalhorcruxthe-padfoots, thebeautyinwhite, thepottermalfoyaffair, targaryeanstomfletontomriddl, tomridled, transpotteruhmalfoyvoldevoltsweasley-wheezy,  weasleysir, whosdraco, why-fred,  yesdraco, yrrardzonkkos



follow forever cause i hit my next thousand!!!!

fav; mutual

salazarslyterin; emliaclake; protectorderek; protectmccall; draxox; jon-snow; instantremorse; rlupin; merauders; pthos; thominho; teddyluqin; clytemnestrea; biliusronald; hogwartssqueen; okayodysseus; gallifreystands; sobforsirius; kateargernt; eowyns; jaimelannister; tomriidle; altraviolence; dioynsus; phadfoots; hermioniegranger; herhmione; hermioning; argentless; hugvvarts; azkcban; jonrsnow; trojanwars; remusjohnslupin; remuslpins; april-kepner; heytonks; flawlessmeg; remusmoopin; harrypottzr; grounderocteivia; wayland; alliscnargentt; athosds; snatchmescabior; flxorescence; fiendfyred; sectvmsempras; chxrisevans; clarkesgriffin; hazlegrace; potterlilys; hp-picspam; skyewardz; voldevolts; willherondales; prufrick; annaolphant; ohdevonee; weasloy; jamespctterr; mrbenwyatt; ronsweasleys; lestranqe; romulvs; havilliardes; pureblud; buhtterbeer; stilnski; dracoqmalfoy; okprongs; rosesweasleys; d-radcliffe; ollivandirs; fuckboykavinsky; claryfry; malfhoy; malfoysheart; hephaetsus; infinitehogwarts; gxnnyweasley; -hedwig; mattmmurdocck; weaslays; lonelystiles; prrims; bahtmun; pamhalperts; lydia-martin; hawtornes; professorlockhart; remuslupinvevo; boytoymalfoy; halvblood; drxco; weasleyburrow; cressidass; lilevanses; ohlumos; aubreyplzas; whoaprongs; gnnyweasley; triwizarded; ginvraweasley; pottern; emiliaclarce; nehville; deadpotter; rowling; ladysgaladriel; crestadeen; jennlawrnce; flowyjoey; lilypottar; gryffyndor; voldemortsdead; ohnevilles; hagridspumpkin; bucbeaks; tatemalia; quaffl; malfxoys; ronaldweasl-y; griffinsclarke; nymphadoraas; revestogers; clakegriffin; ronahld; lestranqes; dracosferret; pronqsie; ronesweasley; harryspotters; quillsandink; ccrucio; nevillles; knockturnallley; muximoff; branstarks; aryastarks; andlionheart; ohremus; hadestowns; slimemeister; obliviateyourface; maisiewilliams; fionagoddess; bella-morts; pureblood-; leuras; thepurebloodprincess; rosamundpike; crestas; planets-bend-between-us; jonasbro; ameliashepherd; vontrapps; xanis; thefinnickodairs; hattoriis; tyrells; aragog; clawsandfangs; bonibennett; lesliebens; arthurpendragons; everlark; frasershair; mydraco; swagdemort; ohdear-prongs; northfalls; jamesfords; ohlicity; msginny; asheathes; teen-wolf; leopold-jemma; malfuys; mandrakescry; skypeopleclarke; drcomalfoy; proffesorlupin; qhorin; scaredpotter; revivepietro; felicitysmoak; deadpadfoot; slyther-in; jordansparrish; bluemavor

no order cause it’s a mess like my life and blog lmao

sorry if i forgot anyone!!

wow such graphic. very sirius. much jolly. 

Thank you so much to my wonderful tumblr family. I’ll keep this short and sweet because I’m running on almost no sleep and my creativity is lacking, but you are the ones who keep me going day to day and I appreciate you so much for that. To my old friends, thank you for sticking with me for so many years. To my new friends, cheers to the times ahead of us and thank you for being here. To my friends I have yet to make, here’s to 2014. And with no further ado… 

The teddy bears- the ones I know will always be there when I need a hug or a snuggle. 

benjenstark, booyouthor, c-est-l-amourfou, chylerleigh, darcenator , dayofthedoctordeadpadfoot,deerlorddracochristmasfreslust
mallfoysmarshkingsmerrykingston, mybookoflove, neverlandred, nobodyisgonnarainonmyparade ontheangelside, pondflake,
red-thebloodofangrymen, riseofthedaleks rivercarols, ronaldroars,
ron-weasley, samanthabarkss,
shutupmerlin tonystarksaslytherin, weedingwall

The orange juices- the ones who make me feel better every day by providing quality nutrients to my daily fandom life. these folks start my day off right. 

abaddonne, acarolforrue, ameliapondelia, ameliapondfarewell, andremuslupin, avoxe, bagginsbagend, carolingponds, caslosechester, casteile, colloins, deartauriel, doctorscarol, donnanobel, ehrmione, evansprongs, evrdeenful, flurrychesters, frostyhogwarts, geeksinthetardisinfinitebluebox, itneedsayingjamespottur, jennalouisa, jurassicstark, katnissify, laufeyson,  lokifell, malfoycharms, mallec, mattsmithly, merryfinnicks, myimpardis, oldsaintfinnick, oswuld, pambeesleigh, pondsational, positivelyprongs, potterdursley, pottir, prongsandpadfoot,  prongs-y, quidditche, robinblake, rose-hathaway, shacklebotsiriussilly, snowcapaldi, snowstylersnowypotters, sprinkledeansuperheropondtardisfleetthedoctorisforgiven
thedaysoffuturepast, theminimumheroic, tomriddl, winterfellhasmyheart 

That gluten level - blogs I want to love me, but give me gas when I even think about that happening 

ameliahpond, casmastiel, christraeger, eldrwand, emmaswans, fezzingly, gloriousbowtie, gredandforge, hagridspumpkin, kateausten, lightcommasticks, mishcollin, ohdear-prongs, ohronald, pondelia, ponderingthegalaxies, rosetylher, sansatully, sansasnark, sexymalfoys,  snowysmith

and the infamous BLOGROLL (because we all know that with the holiday url changes and all the hustle and bustle I’ve left some brilliant people out on accident…)