yoosungwithagun  asked:

May I ask some tips for writing a scene that involves two characters having a video chat? The video chat is an important element in my story, and I'd like my readers to keep in mind that the characters are not actually in the same room, but are far apart and having a conversation over the Internet in their respective homes.

Hm, that’s a very unique question! It does sort of depend on what your point of view is–is your first person narrator talking to a screen? Are you switching between first person POVs of both characters? Are you writing close or omniscient third, and if so are you just describing the one character looking through the screen? Or moving from one room to the other?

But I think you’ve got your answer right here–I think if you get deep into dialogue, say, it might be helpful to remind your readers once or twice that they’re not in the same room. Maybe one of your characters might think internally “It was funny to look at her face, right there, so clear I wanted to touch it, and yet to know that she was a thousand miles away.” Or pepper your scene with setting descriptions of the screen glowing, the empty room, the disembodied voice of the person speaking out of the computer.

I’m having a hard time wording this but I hope this is a little help! Does anyone else have some tips for ohdatslapsmeondaknee? Send an ask!

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