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I agree about what you said about Rick. Daryl is my fave character by far but he doesn't even have a enough of a story for even the second main character, let alone carrying a show. The Walking Dead is ultimately Rick's story. He's the one we started the show with. I can imagine a show without Daryl, Glenn, Michonne or any of the other characters but I can't imagine the show without Rick.

[claps proudly]

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top 5 sponge bob episodes?

omg! i dont actually know the names so im going to vaguely describe them

  2. the one where spongebob and mr krabs kill that guy and try to hide the body
  3. the one where they try to get squidward to eat a krabby patty
  4. the one with handsome squidward
  5. any episode with mermaidman and barnacle boy

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unpopular opinion: rick is actually a nice guy and he sent carol away because he was trying to save her life from tyreese and do what's best for the group ^__^

AGREE!!!!!!!! obviously if carol went back to the prison, once tyreese found out what she did, he would want to kill her. besides his personal choice of not wanting one of them to be a murderer, i believe he wanted to protect her. after all, he did leave her a gun and supplies.

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I hope this isn't a pain but I have been desperately seeking out a quenya speaker for a bit now because I am looking to get a tattoo in elvish, "renewed shall be the blade that was broken, the crownless again shall be king" and I just remembered a while ago you told me that you have learned quenya :) If it's not a bother would you be able to translate that quote into quenya? thanks :) xx

Certainly! :D <3

  • Envinyataina nauva i maica ya né rácina. Renewed will be the blade that was broken.
  • I rielóra ata nauva aran. The crownless again will be king.

Thanks for asking. :) If you want to get the translation transcribed into tengwar afterwards, you can take a look at the resources I posted here for good places to enquire to!

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$100 gift card?!?!?! I want to work where you work!!!!!

IKR! i thought they were joking when they said that. its freakin insane

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Finding Nemo :D

i watched this last week uwu

favourite female character: dory obvs!
favourite male character: duuuuude
least favourite female character: that freaky braces girl from the dentists office good god
least favourite male character: when i was a kid i hated marlin bc he reminded me of my dad omg
favourite ship: marlin/deceased wife otp
least favourite ship: nemo/anyone scares me tbh
film/tv show rating: 10000/10 !111!!!!!!1!!!

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