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I think some people also fail to realise that Tolkien was also born in a very different time to we were today. And yes by today standards he probably was racist and sexist and what not but then so were our ancestors who were born around that time. Walt Disney was no different. When Tolkien was born women still weren't allowed to vote. Of course there would have been some authors who would have used more people of colour etc but that would have been an oddity back then.

Yep. And also, no one is saying that “He lived in a different time so you CAN’T criticise his work.” Like, I’ve literally seen ZERO Tolkien fans who claim that. I think Tolkien-haters fail to realise that the people who criticise Tolkien the most are Tolkien’s fans.

Just yesterday, Ceren and I were talking about how it would have been amazing if Tolkien added more interracial* couples and had made them more acceptable by their respective socities as opposed to viewing them as “rarities” or “oddities.” And then it expanded to “It would have been awesome if the Kingdoms of Gondor and Arnor kept the inheritance laws of Numenor,” and “There REALLY should have been more people of colour in his books.” Like, us Tolkien fans break those books down and comment on/criticise every little thing about them. What the fuck do others think we do, just read them and clap?

Our explanation of “Tolkien lived in a very different time than us,” is not an EXCUSE for his writings. It’s an EXPLANATION. The general tone of Tolkien fandom is just as you said, “He lived in a different time but yeah, by today’s standards, his books were pretty problematic.” If a POC/non-Christian/woman/LGBT*QA comes up and says “Yes I understand that, but I still didn’t like it because the misrepresentation and/or the lack of representation of people like me bothered me,” ** their concerns will be viewed as valid and no one is going to say “NO YOU CAN’T BE OFFENDED AT THAT BECAUSE TOLKIEN LIVED A MILLION YEARS AGO SO FUCK YOU!!1!” And if someone did, I’m confident that Tolkien fans would be to first to let that person know they’re a dick.

I hate it when people go “If you like Tolkien’s books despite ALL THE PROOF I’VE SHOWN ABOUT HOW PROBLEMATIC HIS WRITING IS, you’re a shitty person!!!1!” I have actually seen a blogger who claimed “Every white person who worships Tolkien is a piece of shit.” Umm… no? No, we are not. By this “logic,” you could say the same thing about almost all the fandoms. (Like, say, if you like ASOIAF series you condone rape? It’s a very recurring theme ASOIAF and it’s even regarded as normal during war-times -it’s a pretty shitty world that GRRM created- but how does liking GRRM’s books make you a potential rapist? How does liking Tolkien makes its fans racist? Are those people (who claim such things) even hearing themselves?)

There’s a major difference between coming up with excuses for something’s problematic aspects AND acknowledging them but still liking it anyway. I’m always up for debates, but I have zero patience for people who try to make others feel ashamed for the stuff they like. 

* When I mean racial I mean elves, dwarves etc… not different races of humans as we understand in our society.

** I’m paraphrasing 10followedfelagund’s meta right now. Seriously, go read it if you haven’t yet.

All right, listen here all you adorable little shits. I have been meaning to do this forever and I guess there is no better time than now for me to point out my absolute adoration for each and every one of you. This is just a little thank-you for all the fabulous blogs that brighten up not only my dash but also my days (that has been more than any blogger deserves).

H A P P Y  H O L I D A Y S and may your fandom feels grow ever stronger!


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I agree about what you said about Rick. Daryl is my fave character by far but he doesn't even have a enough of a story for even the second main character, let alone carrying a show. The Walking Dead is ultimately Rick's story. He's the one we started the show with. I can imagine a show without Daryl, Glenn, Michonne or any of the other characters but I can't imagine the show without Rick.

[claps proudly]

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top 5 sponge bob episodes?

omg! i dont actually know the names so im going to vaguely describe them

  2. the one where spongebob and mr krabs kill that guy and try to hide the body
  3. the one where they try to get squidward to eat a krabby patty
  4. the one with handsome squidward
  5. any episode with mermaidman and barnacle boy

   Hey! I know it’s been a while. I’m gonna be honest, I forgot about you. After the farm we were always moving, but something happened. Something good, finally. We found a prison. Daddy thinks we can make it into a home. He says we can grow crops in the field, find pigs and chickens, stop running, stop scavenging. Lori’s baby is just about due. She’ll need a safe place when it comes. The rest of us, we just need a safe place to be. I woke up in my own bed yesterday, my own bed in my own room. But I’ve been keeping my backpack. Keeping my gun close. I’ve been afraid to get my hopes up, thinking we can actually stay here.

   The thing is, I’ve been starting to get afraid that it’s easier just to be afraid. But this morning, daddy said something, “If you don’t have hope, what’s the point of living?”. So I unpacked my bag and I found you, so I’m gonna start writing in you again. And I’m gonna write this down now because you should write down wishes to make them come true. We can live here. We can live here for the rest of our lives.


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Creating my first follow forever to celebrate that I reached 2.500 followers.

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I made a gif a while back and included grima wormtongue in the " many that live deserve death " part, and someone reblogged in and added in this huge segement about how I was wrong and he was misunderstood and all that and it's like "ok then, well you think of another person in LOTR that I could of included instead to make the gif even". I mean their opinions were valid and all, but do you have to write it on the bottom of the gif I just spent hours making?!?

Ugh that’s really annoying. Sometimes people add really insightful and awesome comments beneath graphics and gifsets that is about the character(s) but makes no comment about the edits, and I think that’s ok. But the moment they go into “I THINK THIS EDIT IS WRONG BECAUSE…” attitude, I block them.

And what’s funny is… I’ve found out people who do that shit are always people who never make edits themselves? The irony. I’ve never seen another edit-maker do it to another, because they probably know and respect that people put serious effort in their edits.

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unpopular opinion: rick is actually a nice guy and he sent carol away because he was trying to save her life from tyreese and do what's best for the group ^__^

AGREE!!!!!!!! obviously if carol went back to the prison, once tyreese found out what she did, he would want to kill her. besides his personal choice of not wanting one of them to be a murderer, i believe he wanted to protect her. after all, he did leave her a gun and supplies.

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I hope this isn't a pain but I have been desperately seeking out a quenya speaker for a bit now because I am looking to get a tattoo in elvish, "renewed shall be the blade that was broken, the crownless again shall be king" and I just remembered a while ago you told me that you have learned quenya :) If it's not a bother would you be able to translate that quote into quenya? thanks :) xx

Certainly! :D <3

  • Envinyataina nauva i maica ya né rácina. Renewed will be the blade that was broken.
  • I rielóra ata nauva aran. The crownless again will be king.

Thanks for asking. :) If you want to get the translation transcribed into tengwar afterwards, you can take a look at the resources I posted here for good places to enquire to!

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omg what?! Borormir?? DID YOU SAY BOROMIR?? What? Nope? Ok... You sure?? Not Boromir? Ok... Hold on did you just say something again? You said Boromir this time! .. Nope? Seriously? I... oop looks like you were about to say something... Was it Boromir? Nope? well ok...

ohdaryldixon replied to your post: I was leaving my school campus the oth…

That is the coolest thing ever

Actually now that I think of it, I’m pretty honored, and I’m kind of laughing at myself over it too.

I wonder what it must have looked like to them, casually talking about Tumblr when this tiny girl walks by carrying three textbooks and an oversized backpack, and then out of nowhere starts sprinting off like no tomorrow completely panicked.

ohdaryldixon replied to your post “apparently there was a mystery shopper at my store last week and i…”

$100 gift card?!?!?! I want to work where you work!!!!!

IKR! i thought they were joking when they said that. its freakin insane

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Finding Nemo :D

i watched this last week uwu

favourite female character: dory obvs!
favourite male character: duuuuude
least favourite female character: that freaky braces girl from the dentists office good god
least favourite male character: when i was a kid i hated marlin bc he reminded me of my dad omg
favourite ship: marlin/deceased wife otp
least favourite ship: nemo/anyone scares me tbh
film/tv show rating: 10000/10 !111!!!!!!1!!!

send me a show/movie