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hey so like i left the 5sos train for like a year and then i come back and every blog but you has like deactivated or became a kpop blog so do you have any follow recommendations ? or any people who write about 5sos?

I used to follow close to 400 people but now I’m down to 194 because so many people left 5sos so I’ll post links for blogs I follow that I know still post mostly 5sos and have updated in the past month (some haven’t updated in a couple weeks, sorry). I guess we can consider this a 5sos follow forever, right?

italics are mutuals (some didn’t show up when I searched y’all in followers so let me know if you’re not italicized but you still follow me) bold are my absolute faves but I love every single one of you so so so much

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Apparently, according to someone else's anon, "I saw that Lana thinks that Hook is good for Emma. What happened?" #ohdamn

Sounds like she did say something about that.  I’m trying to figure out if her positive answer about CS was the same one where she got snippy with the question asker and said: “Do you want to answer the question or do you want me to answer the question?”    Or maybe it was a different one, in any case it appears she was not taking nonsense. 

From what I can tell on twitter her fans booed Sean when he arrived and booed the CS answer, and here they were trying to convince her they are not the source of discord in fandom, but the constant victim of it. Okay