A revolution is brewing in the artisanal beer world, inspired by the taste of Thomas Jefferson and what was brewed historically at Monticello.  The Thomas Jefferson Foundation, in collaboration with Starr Hill Brewery, announces the launch of Monticello Reserve Ale, the official beer of Monticello.  

The public is invited to a free tasting to celebrate the launch of Monticello Reserve Ale, Presidents’ Day, Monday, February 21, 12 p.m.- 3 p.m.– in the Thomas Jefferson Visitor Center Museum Shop.   The launch will include the tapping of the first keg.  Free tastings will be provided. (via Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello)

In case you needed a reason to come visit.

At a CLAW match a few months back, Tragedy Ann actually broke Achilles Hella’s arm. For tonight’s match, Achilles Hella took control of the doll and had her fight in her place. Amazing.

Not pictured: the Achilles Hella-controlled Tragedy Ann in an imaginary pole dance-off against Homewrecker. 

As they say, I love my CLAW.