This is my first follow forever, so I wanted to thank all of you for being that awesome and talented. You’re inspiring me everyday and make this place very special to me <3 And thank you to my lovely followers !

Happy Holidays and Merry christmas <3

In no particular order, I’ll follow these people forever:
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Oh look, I’m doing this again! This year has been the year of Chris Hemsworth for me, so that’s why he’s all over the above image. You have to love HIddlesworth as well I applied for HemsworthChris just for kicks and giggles and got accepted so I was on photoshop more making edits and having fun. This caused me to make a few friends as well, which I know is a miracle. I just want to share my appreciation for awesome people on here that make me happy by showing up on my dash.

Millie, without you I wouldn’t even be on tumblr nor would I be obsessed with Daryl and The Walking Dead. I also wouldn’t have someone to keep me slightly sane while helping me get a new laptop.

Shay, you upgraded my life to photoshop and encouraged me to continue making edits no matter how shitty they were they are still sometimes shitty but that’s besides the point while also giving me opinions on what looked good and what didn’t. I can always chat with you on skype about anything/everything and I love that. 

Marina - I welcomed you to the Teen Wolf club, planned a zombie apocalypse with you, and just enjoyed talking to you all year about books/movies/tv shows.
Marie - My french counterpart who loves Thor just like myself while sharing the same name. If only you were here to be my movie buddy :( but tv/movies will keep us strong.
Allison - One time I messaged you and you messaged me back and we can be ancient together whether you know/like it or not because you’re fantastic as we talk about tv shows.

Now, onto the users who make me happy and make my dash pretty:

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I hope you all keep doing what you do, because I love it and I know others do as well. Here’s to hoping next year is just as amazing. :]