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I'm sure this is cheating, but specific-ish prompt for #63 from the fluff prompts with Carenzo BroTP. They decide to bring their SOs as +1s because they now have four tix, and well this is awkward DID YOU KNOW Klaus and Rebekah are related?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Carenzo/Rebenzo/Klaroline + 63 “I surprised you with tickets to see our favorite band… what do you mean you surprised me with tickets to see them too?”

               “Taylor Swift is coming to town.”

               Caroline looked up at Klaus, who leaned against the door to the room she had claimed as a study of sorts.  Really, it was just a sanctuary to get away from the Mikaelson insanity.  But Elijah called it her study when she had arrived two years ago, a mere three years after Klaus had left Mystic Falls, and the name had just sort of stuck.

               “I know,” she replied, just keeping herself from rolling her eyes.  Because of course Caroline would know when Taylor Swift was coming.  She hadn’t missed a single tour since the singer had gone on the road with Rascal Flatts for her first album.

               Caroline didn’t even like Rascal Flatts.  But for TSwift she had gone.

               “I’m ordering tickets right now.”

               “Oh?” Klaus raised a brow.  “And when were you going to tell me that we were going to a concert?”

               “Uh… I wasn’t,” Caroline replied, and this time she really did roll her eyes.  “You’re not invited.  You don’t even like Taylor.  I’m taking someone that can actually appreciate her genius.”

               “Someone?” Klaus deadpanned, and God, but his jealousy would be cute if it wasn’t so no. “Who is someone?”

               Someone was, of course, Enzo.  Because five years past Mystic Falls, and somehow he had become her best friend.  Her… family.  Which meant it was time for him to meet her… her Klaus.  And what better excuse than a TSwift concert?

               Except there was a bit of an issue with that…

               “You bought tickets?” she asked him as they entered the house, her expression horrified.

               “Come now, Gorgeous.  Don’t tell me that this uptight Ponce you’re dating has ruined your love for our Miss Swift.  What happened to Clean being your anthem?”

               “It is my anthem!” Caroline replied indignantly, because of course it was her anthem. And his was Shake it Off, and the theme song of their friendship was New Romantics.  That had been decided ages ago, and nothing, not even a new album, would change that.  “But I bought tickets, you idiot!  We can’t have four tickets!”

               The fell into silence, both contemplating the sudden dilemma they were faced with.

               “You could sell yours,” he suggested at last. “Get a bit of money for your Starbucks addiction.”

               But Caroline was already coming up with a different idea.  She knew that Enzo had brought a girl with him, one that had been hesitant to come, because apparently she had some sort of “history” with New Orleans, whatever that meant.  But still, he had a girl.  And Caroline had a guy.  One that had been pouting and growling and eating any drunk frat boy that he thought got too handsy ever since he had found out he wasn’t invited to Taylor Swift because Caroline had a date with another boy.

               Really, it was perfect.  If anyone could keep a vampire murder from happening, it was Taylor Swift and her love anthems.

               And it should have gone smoothly.  Except that Caroline hadn’t asked Enzo his girl’s name… hadn’t even thought it was necessary, until she and Klaus met them and –

               “Rebekah?” Klaus demanded, his eyes narrowing.  “You didn’t tell me you bought the tickets for Bekah, Love.”

               “I didn’t,” Caroline replied faintly, her gaze shooting to Enzo, who had an arm wrapped around the waist of none other than Rebekah Mikaelson, and… “oh, crap.  Ohcrapohcrapohcrap.  You can’t kill him!”

               Klaus stared down at her, clearly taken aback by the way she had whirled on him, her eyes wide and pleading.

               “I mean, he’s going to say things that will make you want to kill him – it’s a uniquely Enzo talent – but you can’t kill him.  And I know that will be difficult, since clearly he lost his mind and is sleeping with your sister, but you still can’t kill him.”

               “You’re one to talk about anyone else’s taste,” Rebekah sneered looking down her nose at Caroline.  “Did you get that dress from Wal-Mart?”

               “Your closet actually,” Caroline shot back with a sickeningly sweet smile, and Rebekah narrowed her eyes, having been caught in a lie about disliking Caroline’s taste.

               “Gorgeous, you know the rules about Taylor Swift,” Enzo said, smoothly stepping between the two blondes with a charming grin. Caroline glared at him, and he fished a thin chain out from under his shirt and held it up with a pointed look. Her glare turned into a delighted chuckle, because it was the friendship necklace he had won at an arcade in Tokyo when they had both been completely wasted, its twin hanging around Caroline’s own neck.

               “I know the rules,” she agreed at last.  “You can’t be a bitch at a Taylor Swift concert.”

               “Exactly,” Enzo agreed, before he hesitated and looked at Klaus.  “I don’t suppose you want to explain the rules to your Hybrid there?”

               “You can’t be a bitch at a Taylor Swift concert!” Caroline blurted quickly, whirling to Klaus once more, her eyes wide.  “It’s the golden rule, Klaus.  It’s just not allowed!”

               Caroline expected it to be the most awkward concert in the history of ever.  But it was TSwift, and she was there with Enzo, so of course she lost herself in singing to every song with him.

               (The Mikaelson siblings weren’t entirely sure what to make of this thing, their significant others being, as Caroline termed it, BFFs)

               (Rebekah was horrified when she realized this meant she would have to actually be nice to Caroline Forbes… who declared it had to be love, if it could actually make Rebekah of all people decent)

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