HAAAAPPPY 17th BIRTHDAAAY EUNIQUE! You’re probably the most beautiful individual I know. From 5th grade, I think I have fallen in love with you 😍 #Lesbihonest lmao. You can take a cloudy day to the most sunshinest (is that a word? 😂) day just by laughing. You’re the person that taught me, caring is pointless. Do you, don’t care. And I thank you for that. But when we’re together, we do damage. I mean DAMN-AGE! They clearly don’t know. 💁I mean I got pictures for daaaays of our crazy nights. But they don’t need to see that 😉. Anyways, happy birthday you little booger. Coconut loves you tooo much 😊. #TurnUpForNique 🎉🎊😘😍🎈💕

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