i wish i could like find the words. you know. and like be more articulate with what i wanna say. but. like. i can’t. and it’s kinda frustrating. cos like. you know..the feeling of a hurricane in my tummy.and warm and fuzziness like a hot cup of milo on a rainy day? OR like dandelions flying in your tummy?  you totally make me feel like that times like infinity. and. i know i’ve said it a lot. and i hope the meaning won’t be lost with repetition but i love you. i love you more than pancakes in the morning and caterpillars. which is like. woh. a whole lot. and. like. yeah. i dunno what else to say. which sucks. cos. i mean. like. i dunno. it’s just that. you are like the best in the whole entire world. yeah. 

like. woh.

you make me happy and you are really special. 


I’ll be leaving for Malaysia in 4 hours or so and we’re gonna breathe the same air again! I hope there’s wifi in the hotel so I can continue writing in your ask box. Till then, I love you like a love song baby. Yeah. No. Not really no.

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(That’s me the past few nights yes I’ve been a depressed whiny motherfucker.)


Merry Christmas, my favourite girl :)

Hope this year’s Christmas is your best Christmas so far, yeah? I love you. Always.