Imagine being an Elven warrior that snuck into battle and when Thranduil finds you on the ground wounded while looking for his son, he gets furious

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You stared down the line of Orc ahead, and your heart sang as you raised your blade. Battle was a thrill you would always chase. It was unruly, brutally violent, deadly if you were not careful but that was why you enjoyed it so, it was a chance to be undisciplined and unrestrained in ways you were rarely allowed in everyday life.  

Your King had tried to deny you this. Had called you to his throne room while everyone was preparing to leave, you yourself had been checking supplies, and told you quite firmly that you were to remain behind to complete an errand that was utterly farcical. You had argued, you were after all one of the greatest warriors of the age and the ages previous, but nothing you could say had swayed Thranduil. In the end you had stormed away, quite unbecomingly, but you had served him loyally for thousands of years, had advised him in times of need, could even go far as to claim friendship with him and this was how he treated you?

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My apologies good sir, it is really fucking good though, just Olly and Andy, omfg, there is this moment that'll be coming up later involving the two of them, there's many moments but there's just this one inparticular that really got me, just omfg, I love those two kids so fucking much



Imagine how Thranduil first saw his Queen as he wanders in the wood and fell in love at first sight due to her archery skills


Thranduil was cursing. How could he be so stupid? The spider population was on the rise but he had to run from the safety of the palace, all because his father had annoyed him, with nothing but a sword. Foolish, so foolish, it was actions such as these that the King had been scolding him for in the first place.

Now he was facing off more spiders then he could handle. He did not like admitting that to himself, but he could not hide from the fact anymore. He needed help, but he had no way of getting any. Thranduil couldn’t even turn and run because he was surrounded. The eight legged beasts were in front of him, behind him and in the trees above him.

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