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Would you be able to delete your blog?

No. never ever. that’s crazy talk.


Picking my favorite book is like picking my favorite between Kurt and Blaine. It’s impossible.

I would like to move to:

Either LA, or New York. they both just sound amazing and England sorta sucks.

My Favorite celebrity is:

Either Darren Criss, or Chris Colfer. (OR anyone from the glee cast or the HP cast;))

My room is:

Extremely tidy. i get forced to make sure it’s spotless before i can do anything in my house :L it would be a tip otherwise.

My Computer is:

Broken. I’m currently using the family laptop which is a nightmare to use. it’s super slow and there is nothing to write fics with. i hate it.

The worst sound in the world:

My singing. I’m terrible. if not that then the screams from horror movies. they’re fake and scary.


I think it’s wrong. But sometimes it's necessary. i can’t explain a situation to use it in, but it’s a better thing to use as an example for the saying ‘Necessary Evil’ and not what they did to Hiroshima & Nagasaki at the end of WW2. that’s just plain wrong.

Gay Marriage:

YES!!!!!!! YESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYES! Gay people should be aloud to be married. They’re more likely to stay true to their vows than straight people and there’s NOTHING wrong with loving someone. there’s nothing wrong with loving who you love.<3

Thanks for going through the numbers again:) They were fun to answer:)

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how many followers do you have?? also, would you recommend some blogs for us to follow, like your FAVOURITE blogs. One last thing, you're awesome.

Guess my amount of followers ;)

and my favorite blogs? in no particular order (and there;s more to be fair, i love everyone i follow);

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And that's not even the worst part of my day. I tried to print some shit but every electronic devices just breaks downe whenever I use them. I'm never gonna get a job if it continues... I'll have to work as a sand eater.

Hahahahhahahaha:D omg.

When I use electronic things, they break when I stop using them….

so everyone hates me:D