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you are so ginger in this that your eyes are ginger. this is a miracle.

I am super ginge. 

(I am a weird mutant actually, a dermatologist once stopped in the middle of a consultation to stare at my face for a while before declaring “I’VE BEEN READING ABOUT YOU”).

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Hi! You don't know me, but I saw the tags in your post about Lunaside, J. L. Douglas's novel. You said you wanted the courage to buy it--I was wondering if you wanted me to buy it for you as a gift from a random stranger?

That’s so nice of you… I can’t believe this… Thank you so much!

This is really, really sweet, and I’m really touched to see this.

Honestly, the fact that you’re offering this is making me feel a lot braver and I think I’m going to talk to my mom today about the thing she said that’s made me scared of her reacting negatively to me buying f/f books, since it’s a conversation we’re going to need to have anyway.

If it goes well enough, I’ll be ordering it myself today and you’ll have helped me get it (if less directly). If not, I’ll think about this and I’ll let you know what I decide. But I’m really, really surprised and pleased to see this message and it makes me happy. Thank you.

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re: writey meme: 7!

7. create a character on the spot…. NOW!

*crumbles under the pressure oh gods*

her name is meredith but everyone calls her mer, and depending on how she feels that day she’ll take it to mean mother or the ocean (and sometimes, when it gets really bad, she’ll add de to her name as she grind her teeth and digs her nails into her palms). she’s nothing like a mother, though, not a nurturing bone in her body (“i know. i’ve checked” she’ll joke over cheap beer, peanut shells clinging to her skirt.) but she thinks she might be like the ocean a little. when it’s sleet grey and flat and terrifying. too bad she lives in a city smack in the middle of endless plains and the closest she’s come to the ocean is her television screen. that and her water colours. she’s no painter (“i dabble") but she’s got stacks of sketchbooks all warped from water and paint and every shade of blue. she pays for her colours by working at a sound studio during the day (the nights are for painting or for drifting through the two or three local bars she can walk to in heels that’ll break her ankles one of these days but she likes the view from up there). she spends her days mixing noise into a thunderstorm, a clanging gate, footsteps down a hall, and her nights mixing colours and she doesn’t feel lonely. honest.