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anonymous asked:

why? what did they do?

If you really want to know, then alright.


A few weeks after we got the new air supply O'Hare mapped out and found, we noticed things were getting…weird. People were getting sick, and that hardly ever happens. We knew here after testing the air that there was something off. But O'Hare encouraged us to make it addictive, and no one says no to him, so we did.

Then people started dying. And that was a big problem. More than usual, though. We don’t have very many deaths in Thneedville; usually just accidents. And we don’t talk about death here. It’s an unspoken rule. Because we don’t want to explain that we just put bodies in the sewers since there’s no room in Thneedville for it.

So after O'Hare left, my coworkers already knew he wasn’t coming back. We holed ourselves up in here and looked out for ourselves.

I was quiet and did anything anyone told me to do.

Eventually we started to crack. And things got intense and no one trusted each other. Anyone who wasn’t “loyal” they threw out the window. Lucky for me, I was loyal.

Until it was just me and him. He wasn’t my boss, just…he did anything to get his way. And I didn’t want to be alone with just him.

So I broke the code in the desk where we kept a handgun and just stopped him before he threw me out, too.

I was scared. And I was actually happy to be alone.

Now I just want someone.

I don’t think I survived very well.