ohana means family


And here on your left ladies and gentlemen, is a Lilo & Stitch!AU where Yahaba was Lilo and Kyoutani was Stitch.

Oikawa was Nani
Iwa was David
Hanamatsu were the two aliens
Ushiwaka was cobra bubbles
And the rest were miscellaneous ayy 

There are so many doodles of this I can’t be l ie v e

Here’s 5 reasons why Lilo and Stitch should be the greatest disney movie

1. Nani (Lilo’s older sister) is such a key character. Nani and Lilo started from scratch. Within the movie, we see Nani trying to be a mum and a sister to Lilo, which is really hard to do because she needs to get a job and pay for the house and she also needs to be there for Lilo and try to give her advice and help her out. 

Nani doesn’t even get to be a proper big sister. There’s a 10+ year difference between them, which means at this point Nani should be going on dates and having fun. She doesn’t get to do that because she has to pay for everything and make sure Lilo gets what she needs. At this point you’re probably wondering where their parents are, well they died when Lilo was little. Growing up, Lilo doesn’t get much and she understands this. She understands that Nani needs to get jobs and needs to pay for a lot of things. I would talk about Nani’s body and how it’s realistic, but there’s a post about that somewhere.


2. There is no “prince” in this story that swoops in and saves the day, but there is David. David isn’t the typical Disney prince, but he’s one of the greatest supporting actors. He doesn’t help out with paying, because you can tell he’s probably living pay check to pay check as well, but he does give emotional support to Lilo and Nani. He’s fully aware of Nani’s situation and he knows that she would love to date him, but he never forces it upon her. In the movie, he asks her out for dinner and she tells him that she can’t. He says okay, but continues to be her friend and a really good father figure to Lilo. He doesn’t butt in and says “hey, let me do this” or “hey, here’s a billion dollars”. He doesn’t give them materialistic crap, (which is something they do need) he gives them smiles on their faces. In another part of the movie, he sees that both of them are really bummed out because Nani couldn’t find a job and Lilo couldn’t turn Stitch into a “model citizen”. He takes them out for surfing and gets Nani’s mind off of her struggles for a bit.

3. Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten. This movie is all about the importance of family. They stick together no matter what. Nani and Lilo look out for each other. Well, mostly Nani for Lilo, but you get the point. They even make Stitch part of the family. Stitch was initially created to be a monster. Something to destory everything it touches.

When Lilo adopts him from the pound, she tries to change him completely. Obviously at first it didn’t work, but when he here’s the first time “Ohana” is said, he realises something. He realises that family is important and love is a strong bond. He begins to gain emotions for Lilo and Nani and begins to change. He’s not the most perfect, um, thing, ever but he knows what’s right from wrong and begins doing things with good intentions.

4. Lilo takes pictures of tourists. PICTURES. OF. TOURISTS. 

Lilo is from and lives in Hawaii, making her a “local”. Tourists who go there usually take pictures of the scenery and the people. This may not seem like much to a lot of people, but I definitely can relate to it. I’m from and live in Ethiopia, so I’m looked at as a “local”, regardless of the school I go to or how my family is. I see tourists everyday taking pictures of “locals”. It kind of annoys me because they sometimes take pictures of me and I’m just walking down the street in a traditional shirt or I’m in a restaurant eating traditional food. In the movie, the writers decided to have Lilo take the pictures and I think that it’s something that a lot of people from 3rd world countries and developing countries can relate to.
5. Let’s face it, Lilo is weird. And I don’t wanna sound like an asshole, but it’s true. That’s how she’s depicted in the movie. The creators made her seem weird to the other little girls in the movie. 

She’s got an amazing imagination that most kids would find pretty weird. Lilo is an outcast and so many outcasts can relate to her. She made her own doll because she knew she couldn’t afford one, and when the other girls brought theirs out she wanted to show it, but they neglect her because she isn’t “the same”. At some point of the movie she askes for an angel to come down and be her friend. 

If that doesn’t strike at the heart, I don’t know what does. She knows she’s weird but she doesn’t try to change it. She’s proud of who she is, and that’s something everyone should be. She knows she’s different.

But it doesn’t stop her.

This is the best Disney movie and I don’t understand how people can’t see that.