ohana means family

How is it that I’ve lived in Hawaii for nine years, been learning Hawaiian words and speaking pidgin back to my local friends for nine years, know how to say significantly more complex Hawaiian phrases, and yet I had to turn over a Puna Brewing Company bottle cap to find out that Lilo means “lost”?

And now my heart is busted.

I just wanna send a big virtual hug to all of Johnny’s fans and supporters. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you are a bad person for supporting him. You have done the research and you know in your heart that he is a good man. He has done so much for all of us here and the only way we can thank him right now is by standing with him during this rough time. It’s been a pleasure blogging with you guys during this past year. I love you all. You guys are amazing! 


And here on your left ladies and gentlemen, is a Lilo & Stitch!AU where Yahaba was Lilo and Kyoutani was Stitch.

Oikawa was Nani
Iwa was David
Hanamatsu were the two aliens
Ushiwaka was cobra bubbles
And the rest were miscellaneous ayy 

There are so many doodles of this I can’t be l ie v e

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everyday i cry about the fact that harry and jeff are best friends (more like brothers really) who do everything together and jeff's family thinks of harry as a part of them.,,... and like jeff and harry are taking this big step together, harry starting his solo projects outside of 1d and jeff doing his own thing away from his father... i feel like they both really wanna prove themselves to the world and they're doing it together

i think about this all the time too?? they both must feel like they have so much to live up to, but they have each other and they’re gonna do this together.

 L  I  L  O

“ohana means family”
Lilo is unique and dances to the beat of her own drum. She doesn’t let other people tear her down. She loves her sister and friends and would do anything for them.
Modern Princesses learn from Lilo:


Leave no one behind, rock on P R I N C E S S ! 

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My own theory based on the pic.
I think that david’s family are direct descendents of maui, hence the miniature hook necklace he has, since maui himself he was born a human maybe he finally settled down with a mortal maybe with moana(although its high unlikely bcuz of their chemistry) or with someone else. As a honor to maui and to continue his legacy david’s family made a replica of maui’s hook as a symbol of their honor to maui

The Sisters of Owari no Seraph

Akane Hyakuya - adopted younger sister of Yuichiro (and Mikaela) through orphanage; killed by Ferid

Mahiru Hiragi - older sister of Shinoa through human experimentation; transformed into a demon

Tomoe Saotome - older sister of Yoichi; killed by Lacus

Mirai Kimizuki - younger sister of Shiho; suffering from Apocalypse Virus

Aoi Sangu - older sister of Mitsuba; status unknown