Tyin' up my Weekend

Got up this morning, did my regular stuff, plus put a load of laundry in the wash, watered the plants on the terrace, straightened up a bit, read, had some tea, and studied. But I suddenly became so sleepy. This puzzled me because it was too early for me to get sleepy. So I glanced at the clock.

It was too early all right. It was about 7! I thought it was at least about 10:00.

I wonder what time I got up this morning? 😆😆

As y'all could tell from the photos that I posted, the swim party was a lot of fun.

Out of our close knit group, I’m known as the girly one, fussy with my surroundings, way feminine, easily overtaken in any physical antics, gullible, and almost always the target of pranks 😝+😜+😁+🙃=😂

Every year my daughter stalks me in the pool and eventually pounces and wrestles me down underwater, which has always been an easy thing to do. But, this year I was ready and held my ground. After about 3 tries, she stood up. I’ll never forget the genuine perplexity on her face as she stood in the water, hands on her hips, saying to my cousin, who was nearby watching my daughter’s attempts at taking me down, “I don’t understand what’s going on. Why is mom strong? I can’t pull her down!!”

Each year I take a memory home with me from our party. This year it’s this one.

Hope your weekend was fun.