Megurine Luka - No Logic

Producer: JimmyThumb-P

Illustration (fan PV): Popurika and Ohajiki

Translation: vgperson and motokokusanagi2009

Typesetting: Turrent

Vocaloid Wikia Article

Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that people aren’t perfect and you’re just fine being yourself. Lately I’m finding Luka songs with that message (and another one that’s from JImmyThumb, for that matter). You can see a reprint of the original (also with English subtitles) here.


Megurine Luka - Afterglow

Producer: Jimmy-ThumbP

Illustration: Popurika and Ohajiki

Vocaloid Wikia Article

A song I think a lot of people can relate to. My favorite line is the last one- “It’d be nice if the future I tripped over myself to find were just a continuation of being alive.”