{TRANS} @special1004: After a stage in Japan I always eat Ramen with Fighting Junior who’re always full of energy..We call us RaFam^^Members!!!Love you!!!I love my fans who came to the concert today!!!http://pic.twitter.com/MOsXCq4P

[Trans] special1004: Donghae’s handphone camera quality is really like Donghae..Younger brothers!Always be cheerful like now and not get tired!!And, our fans!!!Let’s be together for a long long time!!I had a really blissful time today!!^^ http://t.co/IhAWvGY8


Library, library, libra-ah. Vaughn paused mid-step as he finally came across the familiar building. It had taken him a lot of walking, but he had finally made it. Sighing, the senior pushed open the doors. He glanced around once he was inside. It seemed almost empty, surprisingly. Actually, it looked completely empty. Even the librarian was absent.

Probably out sorting books, Vaughn thought to himself as he began to examine the shelves. He seemed to be in his own little world for a good while, contently reading titles and summaries. 

Suddenly, he came to a halt. In front of him was another student. 

He seemed interesting, to say at the least. But you could never really judge a book by its cover…Unsure of what else to say, he walked up to the student. “Hello,” he said suddenly, biting his lip and hoping that didn’t seem too awkward or formal. 


Back from our trip from Pampanga, nakakabusog, masaya, puyat at enjoy!

kaso wala kaming pics, all boys kasi kame, tas sabe nila wag daw para kami kami lang makaka alala :))

anyways, good evening, kamusta?