oh: mine

I had a dream last night that I was interviewing Julian Bunetta about his songwriting for FOUR and I wouldn’t stop calling him “Mr. Bulian” and he kept saying “that’s not my name” And I was like “not according to this paper I have” and just showed him a paper where I had written “Julian Bulian”



It was his name. He was a confidence man. Romanced my momma to get to the money, wiped them out clean, left a mess behind. So I wrote that letter. I wrote it knowing one day I’d find him. But that ain’t the sad part. When I was 19, I needed 6 grand to pay these guys off I was in trouble with. So I found a pretty lady with a dumb husband who had some money. And I got them to give it to me. How’s that for a tragedy? I became the man I was hunting. Became Sawyer.