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oh I know what that anon is referring to! it was one of the 1D boys that had a situation on an airport, what happened was that a paparazzi was getting on his nerves and while he was trying to deal with that situation two girls had his girlfriend pinned against a wall and were trying to beat her something like that!& security didn't even try to stop them so this guy pushed them to get his girlfriend away from them! I mean being fan of someone doesn't give u the right to do such a thing

I don’t know anything about 1D but that is fucked up. BEYOND fucked up.

I swear to god, some fans can be such horrible people. And it’s because of THEM, that actors/singers become so unreachable and decent fans pay the price. I don’t blame this guy for doing what he did. What the fuck do you mean 2 girls had his gf pinned against a wall trying to beat her!? 

Are you fucking kidding me!?

There are so many unevolved individuals out there, seriously. How disgraceful. Bunch of apes. I wouldn’t be surprised if assholes like these start throwing shit at others on the streets soon.