MOSQUITO: Aw, lookit how many people love you, dude.


MYSTERION: That’s flattering of you guys to say. Heh, y’know if you wanna hit me up my number’s–

MYSTERION: [clearing throat] No, wait, I meant, uh.

MOSQUITO: You okay?

MYSTERION: No. Yes. Fuck.

MYSTERION: I have to go consult Doctor Timothy about something, I’m done here.


MOSQUITO: Okay, Mysterion. See ya’…?


MOSQUITO: You guys couldn’t hear it but you made his voice crack it was hilarious.

MOSQUITO: He almost broke character, too.

MOSQUITO: Call that a win if you were trying, because he takes his job super seriously.

Okay wow oh my god so this morning something pretty devastating happened to me and I hopped on to trusty Tumblr to look at baby animals until I felt better and I noticed I have reached a huge huGE HUGE follower milestone! I’m just in shock to be honest and I don’t deserve any of you lol. I never thought my little ole blog would reach something of this magnitude mostly because I rarely post anything and there are way more quality blogs out there in my opinion. I applaud all of you who have stuck with my obnoxious self, especially this year. The amount of writing I’ve been posting recently compared to before has been worse, I know. Plus I basically took the entire summer off as a hiatus and I generally go MIA quite frequently but anyway. I never talked about this on here before, but earlier this year I went through a really rough break up and I didn’t want to admit it but it influenced my writing a lot. Everything I wrote was either incredibly angry or just sad. And ironically I hit this milestone today and tonight I’m going on my first date since my breakup. Anyway, I’m debating a proper way to thank you guys. I’m honestly so grateful for the support and kindness I receive on this blog and the many friends I have made here. I don’t have any oneshots or anything ready to post for you to express my gratitude so should I open up some drabble requests this weekend? I know I said I wouldn’t be doing anymore, but this is a special occasion and I don’t mind doing some to celebrate. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making what was going to be an unbearable day a happy one. I love you all ❤️️ -Leigh

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okAy so apparently I didn't h a v e to leave right then. I'm about to go to Dallas woah. So because of this: what's your most favourite place? Mine's in the town garden with the pretty flowers and strawberries everywhere. It nice and calming and never ever cold there.

ooooh!!! i hope you have fun!! my favorite place… is. i was going to say something really cheesy oh no. okay. im going to say it.. anyway. my favorite place is wherever whenever im with my parents? like, not my birth parents, like my friends that are. basically my parents. its just always very comforting and safe and nice no matter where we actually are physically.. if im with them im happy and safe


onceabcofficial So, let’s see, what else have I got for ya…oh, okay, this first pic is set troll and then second pic is the real Seattle troll which I visited and took a pic with because, well why wouldn’t you?! Our set troll is just ever so slightly smaller but other than that he’s the same guy. See his hubcap eye? We’re going to find out a lot more about this troll after the Holiday break. 😍💙 #alice #tilly #trolllove #ouat (x)

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teach. me. how. you. draw. backgrounds. IT LOOKS SO AMAZING AAAAA <3 !!

Thank you a lot, Cali ! I honestly don’t really know how to explain ? I’ll be honest. It’s like my shading…. YOLO !! Oh… it looks decent ? Okay , let’s continue.

But guess you are talking about this drawing, hun.

Well, I used to want to become an architect and    I   f r e a k i n g    l o v e  drawing monuments and houses, with the perspective and all !

In contrary… landscapes, I’m very very bad at drawing them.. or scared to draw these, so I continue with the characters. But I know I should seriously give it a try, I see so many stunning, beautiful concept arts here !

But to give an advice about backgrounds, like everything, if you want to learn, start with reference and even when you’ll know how to draw them, you can still use references. Perspective is hard, proportions as well, so looking at a pic is really helping.

Thank you again <3

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ooooo bi awakenings? k so for the LONGEST time leo dicaprio was my #1 celeb crush and i mean he still is. but anyway at 16 i had to get jaw surgery and while i was recovering i watched this movie with salma hayek. i dont know anything about the movie other than there was a sex scene and the moment i saw salma i distinctly remember going, "oh. okay. yeah no i'm completely okay with this".


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Any chance of a Pixie Dust snippet?

“We should celebrate,” she announced, twining her arms around his neck.  “How about dinner tomorrow?  My treat.”

“I have to work,” he said, and her face fell.

“Oh.”  She chewed her lip.  “Oh.  Well, okay.  Maybe - maybe some other time.”

“I’m free all weekend, though,” he added.  “How about I agree not to take any more jobs this week, and you and I spend some time together?  We could go to the cabin.”

Belle’s face brightened, and he decided that he wanted to spend the rest of his life seeing her look that way.

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To be honest I haven't had a crush since high school. And all those crushes faded away once I got to know the person. All were straight males and man they were douches. Then when I met my best friend of 4 yrs. now I did like her for a second, but it didn't develop into a crush because I helped her with her soon to be boyfriend/guy befriend. She asked for my advice and I gave it to her and ultimately she thanked me and they've been together for now 2 years. I am happy for her, still best friends.

oh okay as long as you’re okay and happy then that’s okay!!!

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rasec-wizzlbang supports a pedophile and has liked their content.

this the shit I mean
you guys don’t elaborate at all on this

how is anyone supposed to take an explanation like this at face value from an anon and be like “oh okay i guess ill hate them forever now”

like if you really have something, post receipts or something?

The Sun and the Moon: Chapter 4

The emergency room. A place she’d been countless of times because of the two boys careless acts, but time it was her that would be in urgent care. She was still coughing up blood in a towel they had given her. Grayson sprinted through the parking lot with her in his arms and now he was speed walking behind the gurney she had been placed on. She was crying. And coughing. And screaming for Grayson but they had stopped him before she could notice.

Minutes had turned into hours and Grayson hadn’t stopped calling his brother. Ethan was still out, probably not near his phone. She had been laying in her hospital, tears sometimes falling from her eyes. Grayson couldn’t help but burst into her room the second the doctors let him.

She had spent her time alone in her room staring at the ceiling. Not feeling sad just yet. Just a numb, empty feeling inside that she needed to get out. “Are you okay? Oh my gosh. Ethan’s gonna kill me, are you okay?”, Grayson rambles. He brushes the hair from her forehead as a few more tears fall from the corner of her eyes. Her bottom lip trembles before she can stop it and she covers her mouth with the back of her hand so she can spare Grayson the sight.

She aches. Her lungs burn and her throat is raw from the screaming and her heart hurts. Grayson brings her to sit up, which she doesn’t fight off with much of an effort, and wraps his arms around her fragile body. He waits patiently, even resting his chin on the top of her head and occasionally leaving a kiss there.

“Gray”, her voice is muffled by his shirt. Grayson’s heart aches for her.

“What’s wrong?”, he asks, so desperate for an answer. She sniffles and digs her nails into his back, trying to find a relief for her pain. Her loud wails died down to silent sobs.

“It’s so bad”. Her throat, too sore to make any noise except for needed breaths, produces no sound as her body shakes in his arms.

“Tell me”, he pleads. He wanted to know, not because he was curious- which he was-, because he needed to know how to deal with this situation and how to take care of her when they get back home. She manages to regain enough composure to lift herself from his chest and force out a coherent sentence.


“Is she okay? I’m Ethan-Where is she?”. After hours of no contact between the three of them, they managed to get a hold of Ethan. They could hear him yelling at the front desk but they were too caught up in their own thoughts.

Grayson left her room, he had to deal with his own thoughts by himself. “Yo, Gray”, Ethan found him sitting in a lounge with only a few other people, being that it was almost 1:30 in the morning. Gray sighed in relief, happy he didn’t have to deal with this by himself anymore. Before Ethan could ask him any questions, Grayson directed him to her room. Ethan still didn’t know what what going on, but he refuse to wait any longer for answers.

“Hey, I’m so sorry. My phone died and I couldn’t-“, Ethan was talking at an impressive speed, but stopped when he saw her sitting cross legged in a hospital gown. They made her change, to get out of her stuffy clothes and to make it easier for them to examine her. It was easier, but of course, she was freezing. “What’s-why…”. Ethan couldn’t wrap his head around why she was here in the first place. She was fine before he left…

He grabs her icy hands in his warm ones. “Ethan”. From her tone of voice, sounds defeated and he knows she’s about to drop a bomb on him. She doesn’t talk for a while, just stares as their hands, which he has been rubbing the back of his thumbs against. Ethan gives them a light squeeze. It’s bad isn’t it?”, he asks. He can already tell by the way she’s purposely avoiding eye contact that it is. She nods and he takes a deep breath, trying to collect himself.

In this moment, she can feel everything. How the air smells, how long her hair is and how it covers her back, how Ethan’s calloused hands move against her temples. All of her senses are heightened and it’s terrifying.

With his hands still on the side of her face, he tilts her head up to look at him. His brows are furrowed and her eyes show regret. “Whatever it is…”. Ethan doesn’t want to rush her, he wants her to take her time in telling him this terribly awful thing that’s happening with her but it’s eating him alive just waiting in silence.

“Sun…”. Ethan takes a seat on the hard hospital bed. He’s starting to panic because she’s not fucking saying anything.

“The doctors think the reason I’ve been so sick lately is because I have a tumor”, she blurts. Ethan freezes, stuck in a trance with his hands gripping onto hers. She explains what happened after he had left, how Grayson took her to the hospital, how the doctors had to put an oxygen mask on her and how she had to face hearing the news alone. But he didn’t hear it, all he could think about was how he should’ve taken her to the hospital sooner.

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If we taught Daniel to swing from Ramiel's arms like monkey bars, how would he react and would he catch on to the fact Gabriel taught the little guy to do it?

Ramiel: “What–oh, okay. One more time.” *Trying to hide a smile, Ramiel extends one arm, bent at the elbow. He tries, unsuccessfully, not to smile as Daniel clings onto the proffered appendage. Once certain the child has a firm grip, he raises the arm so when Daniel folds his legs up the child is swinging gently from the arm.

You are a terrible influence,” Ramiel states, not looking at Gabriel. He can’t hide the grin that spreads over his face, his gaze gentle as he watches the small child swing.

I dare say the kid’s better than you were, though. You just clung like a limpet. He’s swinging.” Ramiel flicks his eyes to you, mischief twinkling in them.

Ah, but he learned from the best,” you retort, watching them with a smile.

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Got any beast!Gabe headcannons? -the person who is writing this au

OH OMG, OKAY. Pressure is on, I hope you like them:

1. He has constant nightmares about the day he was turned into a beast. At first it would deprive him of his sleep, but after time went by it became a recurrent dream, and basically just deals with it.

2. He taught himself various languages by reading all the books in his personal library, since he has versions of the same books in English and other languages. What he enjoys the most is reading Latin.

3. When he’s in a good mood, he makes awful puns to his servants, according to what they were transformed into. It’s very weird though, he’s usually in a bad mood most of the time.

4. He always had a short temper, but it became worst when he was turned into a beast. Now he yells and throws fits over anything, mostly breaks whatever’s around him.

5. He often wonders if he truly deserves someone to save him. Being secluded in the castle gives him too much time to think. Which allowed him to realize how difficult he really is. He pretends not to care, though.

Bonus: Balthazar’s the only one who has enough balls to tell him to fuck off when he’s being pissy. 

Sleepover Friday!

Agnes: “…Is Nikki around?” *hushed* “Good. I can’t stand another night of those waffles. It makes them so happy to cook for me but I just can’t /take/ it. The burning…the hard batter bits…”

Nikki (off-screen): “Agnes? Shall I put dinner on?”

Agnes: *higher pitched* “No need, dear! I-I’m going to make-.” *frantic flipping through the book* “Cheese steak!”

Nikki (off-screen): “Oh! Okay!”

Agnes: “…What in god’s name is a cheese steak.”