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You are so misguided about feminism. Your tweet about wonder woman movie is really off base and un informed about what men have done for women throughout history. Please do some research before tweeting things like that.

WHAT EVEN?????? I’m gonna assume you’re a man since you’re on anonymous but also lol. Literally women have struggled for years and did it all for themselves.

Men gave them the right to vote AFTER women fought for it. So I don’t really think I need to sit here and explain why men haven’t done jack shit for women other than help children get created. 

Listen I love men, it’s clear I do. All I do is talk about them. But I also recognize that they suck a lot of the time. And they currently suck by acting like they’re oppressed about the WW screening. 

Mom doesn’t like our new neighbor… She says he has way too many tattoos, smokes too much, and listens to “satanic music” way too loud. Also, that his hair is too long and his clothes are weird and way too black for her liking.

I don’t get it though. See, he’s a really nice person. When he first moved to the apartment next to ours, he introduced himself politely; that, my mother found she liked about him. It’s just the appearance is a problem to her.

But I do like him. I like it when he comes to ask for sugar and we make small talk while I get it for him because God forbid my mother ever saw him anywhere besides the lobby. Or when I have to go ask him to lower the volume of his stereo because mom is “getting a headache cause all the demons that music is attracting” is messing with her and he blushes and apologizes. I like it when I get to talk about that music with him. I like it when he helps me carry the groceries through the stairs when the elevator is being repaired.

But I especially like it when he corners me in the elevator and kisses me like there was no tomorrow.

I really, really like our new neighbor.

Reasons I want to go to Germany

I shall add to this list whenever I feel it’s necessary

-Starlight Express
- The architecture
- The history
- Starlight Express
- The museums
- Sun
-Starlight Express
- Nice hotels
- Have I mentioned Starlight Express?
- Really good shops
- Souvenirs
- It’s a differeny country