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Amazing story, huge fan honestly, Felt the need to contribute.

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Emotional abuse is so harmful. It has effects long after the abuse has stopped. When triggered, it unleashes great anger, but it also makes me feel incredibly guilty. It tells me I am at fault. I should have been stronger, better, not have let myself be affected that much. It makes me overreact and continues to tell me I am a bad person for overreacting. 

Exo'LuXion Vancouver concert experience

Alright I know everyone is talking about the whole problematic thing that happened in the pit(which i wasnt in thankfully, but honestly it really did get out of hand and it really pissed people off. And exo was trying to brush it off and they kept saying for the peoplr who had to leave because of injuries, please take care of others), I will be talking about what happened at the concert.

-The thing was soo damn lit

-sadly the stage was really small and thats why so many people got injured cause when you have a stage that small and a huge pit with no seats or anything, injuried are bound to happen

-At first they looked so excited

-the vcrs were a mix of extreme cringe and just beautifulness


-the seat area was really nice cause well, seats

-the 2nd segment had chanyeol dj-ing and omg it was so damn lit and everyone jumped along

-of course the constant “one step back, one step back”

-im so happy i didnt buy tickets for the GA

-welp look at me talking about this

-well honestly i was reallt pissed at them and exo was really worried it seemed

-luckily at the encore segment they actually spreaded out and stayed that way(thank god)

-apparently that photo sehun posted on his insta had a backstory

-so basically he asked his manager to take a photo of him

-and apparently he thought this old woman offered to take the photo

-and he thought “wow canadian people are nice” (oh boy how he was wrong)

-honestly im pissed cause orginally there were seats for the pit but they changed it to standing. And honestly if there were seats that means they have their designated area instead of pushig everyone to the front

-legit in the beginning only half the area was filled cause everyone squished into the front

-but omfg they were so good

-everytime i saw lay’s face on the screen i screamed “i miss you zhang yi xing” in korean everytime

-baekhyuns voice live actually is sooooo damn nice

-and i honestly thought xiumin and baekhyun radiated more stage presence live than in videos

-kais dancing i was just yessssss

-chens and suhos voice actually sounded a bit higher than normal

-everyone says they were pissed but they actually looked amd sounded more worried than pissed

-you can tell chanyeol and d.o has the most fans in vancouver

-i swear drop that, let out the beast, and machine were actually so lit and everyone was jumping and so into it

-the last vcr they showed was so damn sad

-they sang sing for you and unfair as the last two songs

-omg they were legit like
Suho:“oh its our last songs”
Baekhyun:“eyyyy dont lie everyone here knows its not actually not all of it”

-i dont know why i found this so funny

-maple syrup jokes

-xiumin says we’re maple syrup: sweet and savoury

-chanyeok REALLY like maple syrup cookies(they’re actually really good and all of you guys not in canada if you ever come try it)

-d.o wanted us to have 제육볶음 for dinner (its a spicy pan fried pork dish thing? The translator had a really hard time trying to say it in english lol. But actually its sooo good)

-he gave up explainin and said “since sushi seems to be popular just eat sushi guys”

-xiumun is the biggest fluffball ever

-he would literally sing the “step by step, oooh baby” every time he finished a segment

-all in all it was pretty good

-i actually found the one step back thing funny but whenever they did we clapped for them. I dont know why we just did

-they’re we’re quite a few people crying

-but yea omg i cant believe i actually saw them

-chen was looking at my section and i could tell he was scanning it to see everyones faces it was so nice

-they kept talking about the 2nd floor people because they didnt want to leave us out

-i loved it

-not sure if they will come back

-they said they would but c'mon they say that for every city

-ahhhh good times

edit: there were a lot more than this i just can’t think of it at the top of my head right now