Gearbox Software has just announced their newest addition to the Deluxe Statue Collection: MAD MOXXI!

  • Limited edition of 1,000 made, individually numbered.
  • Poly resin statue, approximately sized 14" x 11"
  • Highly detailed and hand painted with game accurate details and Borderlands 2 color scheme.
  • Price tag: $225
  • bit.ly/moxxistatue  

    HEY!!! this lil’ blog managed to hit 300+ followers!!!! aaaa, im so delighted! i’ve always been a fan of ghost rider, because, let’s face it, this is the superior aesthetic: a flaming skeleton on a motorcycle from hell? it just doesn’t get any better than this… and i’m super happy that there are people interested in what i have to offer on this blog! thank you so much, it makes me so glad!!! so here’s a short list of people who make this experience truly RADICAL:

triialbyfire​ – s/o to my wife maddy <333 im so glad we get to write again, i love u lots and a day without u is like an episode of ghost adventures without zak screaming: POINTLESS

        people as cool as a flaming skeleton from HELL:

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