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I don’t know how you found out where I live, but if you could keep that information away from mom… I’d appreciate it. Well, that’s assuming you haven’t told her already.
Anyways, I’m great. The city is amazing and a big step up from the stuffy suburbs. The place I’m staying is awesome and my roommates have honestly become the family I needed. I really don’t know what else to say, so I’ll end it there.


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Will you ever post "A Star is Born" and "Like a Diamond in the Sky" on this Tumblr? Those pieces are absolutely stunning!

Oh yes!! I almost forgot! Thank you very much, by the way.

“Like a Diamond in the Sky” :

“A Star is Born” :

And here’s a the sketch I did to jot down the idea for the watercolor piece:

Since my digital piece sold for $120, I have donated $120 to the NRDC to support them in fighting for a healthier planet. Woo!


It’s been 3000 years since i didnt draw anything undertale related so ya here’s shitty ddl

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General message to all if anyone EVER wants to draw anything from any of my fics I would literally………DIE……..just putting that out there……

that said I hope you LIKE IT to begin with lol 

“starscream is just as bad as megatron”

yes, oh, of course

the balance of power here is clearly equal. I’m a bit rusty on definitions, but it’s equal when one person’s begging for death and the other thinks it’s a sport, and a disappointing one at that?

It’s equal when you induct someone into a cause that you lead, and then proceed to pretend that its failure was entirely their fault?

When your first response to literally soul-destroying pain is the name of the other-, not as a curse, not as Megatron!, but a question, almost a plea, stuttered– M-Megatron?

Like, listen. Starscream’s generally, across the continuities, a villain, yes. He kills people, he does terrible shit, but who the hell hasn’t at this point? And that certainly doesn’t qualify him as on the same level as Megatron; hell, we don’t even know what he did before Megatron’s war in IDW! His existence begins, for the reader, when he meets Megatron! We never know what kind of person he is, or could have been, were he free from that influence. 

You Know, those of you saying Dan should upgrade from Phil and date a model bc Phil isn’t attractive or Dan can do better, apart from clearly being blind, need to realise that DAN DOES NOT WANT ANYBODY ELSE.

Are you so stupid to think that what you say about Phil doesn’t also upset Dan? I don’t care if you think they are a couple or not, but when you hate on Phil you hate on Dan too bc this is his best friend, his life, his soulmate.

Do you really think Dan sees these posts and thinks, oh wow yes you’re right.. my god I can do so much better I’d better go find somebody more attractive…. REALLY????? no, he gets hurt and upset by you being mean to Phil… and no doubt thinks how disgusting you are for what you say. Is that really how you want Dan to think of you? 

You may think Dan needs somebody better, but he does not and Phil is not just stunning but the whole package, loving, caring, funny, intelligent, everything you could want and Dan knows he is incredibly lucky to be with him and that has not changed since 2009 and is not going to change anytime soon.