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It is barely 11 am and Chalo and Priya have already:
- run 3 miles (featuring nervous croon-gurgle-whining with hackles up like weird hyenas, when we started a ruckus by passing a yard full of dogs)
- mangled their respective portions of a turkey neck split three ways in the yard, truly National Geographically
- thrown up their respective portion of a turkey neck (Priya only)
- become subjects of a new game my sister and I invented called Quiddog’t 3, which involves watching for and orchestrating canine alignments and patterns — basically if you get all three dogs lined up in a row, you win Thanksgiving.

quick concept: you try to go through the front door to look at the snow that’s falling but zach grabs your from behind and picks you up, taking you back inside. your feet, covered by fuzzy socks, mind you, are flailing in the air when he picks you up but when he sets you down on the couch, he cuddles with you, singing softly, “oh don’t you go outside tonight, just stay out home with me so i can hold you tight”

The Making of Sanaich

How 19-year-old Sana Hiroki transformed himself into an 80s yaoi icon

Maraich is special to the Patalliro! series even before author Maya Mineo realized it. He confessed to planning to kill him off after a few chapters but saw the character had a life of its own and therefore he felt compelled to let him live. I wonder if this happened before or after Maraich was assigned to be 18 years of age, because Maya Mineo fell in love with his wife at first sight when he was 27, which is Bancoran’s age, and his wife 18. In the manga Maya-sensei also jokingly stated that Bancoran’s cheating was in no way a reflection of his own behaviors. And the fact that Maya-sensei’s now-mangaka daughter saw Patalliro as a sibling growing up kind of indirectly shows how Bancoran and Maraich’s relationship is in certain ways a representation of Maya-sensei’s own marriage. 

Maya-sensei is delightfully weird, as you would expect from the man who created Patalliro! in the first place. So a lot of the decisions he has made about his story and characters don’t fit into boxes. He said he wasn’t good at drawing women so he made all his characters gay even though the pretty boys he draws are all indistinguishable from women. 

And even though Maraich was one of the most important characters of the story, he never bound himself or anyone else to any set ways of portraying the character. Maraich was famously voiced by female voice actor Fujita Toshiko, and Maya-sensei had characterized Maraich as “a girl with a boy’s body”, despite the fact that Maraich throughout the series has used “boku”, which is the male first-person pronoun and on several occasions made it clear that he is a male and has no problem staying that way. So the whole thing is a very fluid situation and Maya-sensei is almost always just free-ranging.

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LoT 3x07 atomwave headcanon

so this episode was freaking amazing. i am having all the mick feels rn which i cannot even BEGIN to describe coherently! but there was something at the end of the episode that struck me as odd. you know when they’re sitting around eating lady johnson’s pecan pie? all of the team seem to be sitting around the main table in the middle - except ray. he’s sitting off to one side, at a table for two, alone.

ray, the most enthusiastic about being part of the team, is actively not sitting with the team? but then i looked closer. while most of the legends are drinking champagne, ray has a bottle of beer. and - wait. there’s another bottle of beer on his table for two. in front of the empty chair.

for a closer look:

HMMMMM. WHO ELSE ON THE WAVERIDER DRINKS BEER OH MAN THIS IS A TOUGH ONE. and who is currently brooding alone in the kitchenette?


so why would ray be sitting at a table for two with two bottles of beer? my highly atomwave-biased answer would be: he’s worried about mick, about how he’s coping with having confronted his father in vietnam, and wants to keep an eye on him, wants to try and talk to him, make sure he’s alright. bc you KNOW nate will have told ray everything that happened out there. and lets be honest, mick doesn’t look like he wants to be here, with the team, celebrating. even tho, hello, food is one of mick’s favourite things in life. he still looks like he’d rather be somewhere else. it would be just like ray to give mick one of those bright smiles and convince him to stay, just for a slice of pecan pie, and a beer.



i love one (1) man

A rough estimate of where my eyes are when I watch Fred Astaire dance (or watch him do anything, really). And yes, feel free to call me a perv. Interestingly enough, I almost never look at his feet. I miss his face when I look at his feet. There’s always so much going on in that face, I love seeing all his different emotions and thoughts. I love seeing his profound happiness and that deep focus. It’s so beautiful. When I look at his face, I can see everything else. 

hey so uh exo are literally the most handsome, lovable, talented group alive and we’re getting our asses destroyed the second they step on the stage for elyxion

can’t wait


Wishing my oldest and dearest tumblr friend @takadasaiko a very happy birthday.  You deserve to have the happiest of days today.  Enjoy it with those you love and care about it.  Stuff yourself with turkey and too much pie (but hope there is a birthday cake somewhere for you).  And know no matter you’ll always have a friend in me.  I hope you have a very happy birthday (or maybe a Bobolicious one - if that wasn’t a word before now it is).

u ppl really need to stop just making up japanese names and thinking ur good to fuckin go


i’d rather be free from here

aAAA i finished this finally holy shit 

i added those two different versions of lapis bc i didnt know which one looked best aa