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Hi Katie! Can I have a ship and Big bro! sam and Dean react. I'm bi-- uh more towards girls though. Brown hair blue eyes 5' 6" ish. Have the same taste in music as Dean. Thanks!

I ship you with:

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You didn’t get the chance to meet Charlie until she came by the bunker to look at the computer-like system, but oh man when you saw eachother it was basically love at first sight. You two clicked instantly and began going out together, getting drinks, going to cons together. She even took you to a Metallica concert one time. You spend a lot of alone together but you two spend a lot of time with Sam and Dean as well.

How Sam & Dean would react:

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They were surprised but accepting. Sam always knew you were more interested in girls and he loved the smile that was on your face when you walked up to them holding Charlie’s hand. It took a moment for it to click in Dean’s brain what was going on but once it did he took Charlie off to the side.

“Just because you’re a chick doesn’t mean I’m gonna make it easy on you.”

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers recreate a pose from Swing Time (1936), in the 1980’s.

(May’s) kind of his oldest, closest friend…and then some.
—  Clark Gregg, continuing on with his quest to kill every. single. Philinda fan (x)


I’m probably going to be posting a lot of these two (sorry >~< but I got a fever and the only prescription is more Jelsa (oh god double parentheses where does the madness end is that even their ship name I don’t know)) but I’ll tag them as jackxelsa or frozen sims if it’s just Elsa so you can block if it’s not your thing or if you’re here for the dogs or whatnot. I love you regardless <3

E.t.a I should have mentioned these are the tiny versions as well, in case you were wondering xD xxx


”Can I substitute the hug for a pat on the head?”

“What? I am not a dog, Barnes. And no, both to your suggestion and anon’s.”

“Aw, Tony, how you can be so cruel? Bucky, you want a hug?”

“Yeah you’re right. You’re more like a cat. Merow kitty has claws.” *He teases Tony before answering Steve question.* “Steve I’m always up for your bear hugs.”

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Say what was Michelle’s weight gain?

Yes, in two week I have gained 19lbs! I’m not going to hide it, because hey food happens, and you enjoy it, but you gotta reign yourself in at some point and that point is today.

Best thing about me that I love is I’m not even made about it. I can accept it and move on. And when I say move on I mean move on down to some lower weight numbers. Oh yes!

Starting today, July 18, 2016, I am recommitting myself to this weight loss. No more slacking, no more working out, but no good eating, and no more half good days. I want to get back to focusing on portion control, not giving into food urges, and paying attention to when I am bored vs actually hungry.

So, I have come up with these simple guidelines to follow till the end of July, and then I may tweak them a little. However, my overall plan is to stick to them until my birthday, September 8th, in which I will have an enjoyment meal for all my hard work.

I have also enlisted @grandenoirceur (cause what you didn’t see that coming) to help me stay accountable. Bad ass trainer Chad is on the case. LoL

As, for this week I have finished filling out my planner for dinner to be had this week (except weekends go unplanned because I allow for flexibility because you just never know), and scheduled workouts with myself.

*Side note* I find if I write down the workout I am going to do on a day I am more likely to do it then leaving it up to chance. A tip I picked up a long time ago on tumblr about “scheduling yourself to workout”

So, this is my master plan everyone! Stay tuned for the pounds to drop off, and very annoying motivated/dedicated posts. LoL

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(TRANS) 3. Artificial Love

Artificial lover, from the start you were
In truth it’s like you were undercover cover
I believed this was love
You were unreal but I was even more attracted to you
For no reason you were contagious
My thirst craved you
Our relationship was two-dimensional
Our love was scripted to your limit
My sense was distorted
An ambiguous caution of reality
She don’t love me
To me you’re an artificial love
Your pure artificial love
Tell me what’s real and what’s fake
Can’t trust this
You got that
Fake smile artificial love
Fake tears artificial love
Fake love artificial love
That’s you’re you’re
Love love oh oh
No no oh oh
I know it’s not true
But I still look for you
I know it won’t work out
But I don’t want to give up
No you wanna play me
You have everything I want
You’re perfectly designed
Cold artificial love
Artificial lover
I’ve exceeded the lethal dose of your affection
I can’t control this obsession
I throw away my scars
I don’t know what to expect with this flow of emotions
My tears puddle in my heart
Like a rising tide on sand
You rise up against me
Like a cold breath
At the break of dawn
You divide the empty sky
And disappear
I extinguish your fire
And erase your afterimage
You know why artificial lover
She don’t love me
Yeah artificial love
Your heart is empty atrificial love
Tell me what’s real and what’s fake
Can’t trust this
You got that
Fake smile artificial love
Fake tears artificial love
Fake love artificial love
That’s you’re you’re
Love love oh oh
No no oh oh
Love Love Oh Oh
No No Oh Oh
Uh Listen up
You promised me
I wanted your innocent love
To show me a new road
Sound asleep during a sweet midday
You lock me in my dreams
Yeah turn it up
Artificial lover
Artificial lover
Artificial lover
Can’t trust this
You got that
Fake smile artificial love
Fake tears artificial love
Fake love artificial love
That’s you’re you’re
Artificial lover

trans: fy-exo | source: melon
please take out with credits.

I really, really hate jokes that degrade men. I don’t think they’re funny at all, even when they’re meant to be lighthearted and “not a big deal,” and especially when every woman in the room is expected to laugh out of some kind of twisted solidarity.

Today at work one of the volunteers asked me how many pets I have, and I told her I have two dogs. She responded by asking me “Are you sure you don’t have three? What about your husband?” She was pretty pleased with herself. I wanted to say “Oh well I don’t have one of those, but if I did he would be my best friend and my partner, someone whom I respect and love deeply, so I wouldn’t be comparing him to a dog or making a cheap joke at his expense.”

The thing is, the more identify with feminism, the more I feel this way. I can’t understand how feminism becomes associated with man-hating because even though I know it sometimes goes that way, it’s been the exact opposite for me. It’s made me a lover of humans. As much as I want to celebrate and fight for women, I also want to celebrate and fight for men. As much as I don’t want to hear women belittled, I don’t want to hear anyone belittled. Because everyone is so valuable. And people are so much more than their gender.


004 Crown Court: The Big Deal (1984)

Oh, Flamin’ Eamonn, from the soles of your brothel creepers to top of your rather improbable quiff, there is nothing about you I don’t love, even though (or is it because?) you don’t have two brain cells to rub together.  

Sure, you do seem just a wee bit confused about what heterosexual means, and I hope for your sake you never actually meet anyone from Crete, but no one can say you don’t know where you are from! 

For all that Flamin’ Eamonn was only on screen for about four minutes, I think he’s one of Peter’s more memorable early characters and not just because of his appearance, or how he talks. 

It’s because the script for The Big Deal was written by one of Peter’s heroes, John Byrne – who really is from Paisley and is also a graduate of the Glasgow School of Art –  who Peter will interview (and vice versa) in 2011. 

And while that program(me) is titled When Peter Capaldi Met John Byrne, as John himself says within the first two minutes, their real first meeting had happened twenty-seven years earlier when Peter brought to extremely vivid life on screen, a character John had originally created on paper.






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Come on, OL fandom. I can get all of this in my real life.

Creepy men who say gross things that we are supposed to ignore. I have uncles that I see at Thanksgiving. Constant criticism of anything and everything. I have a mom AND a boss already. Non-stop screeching and fighting. I already hear the cats next door. Constant begging for attention. My employees more than provide in this area. The anger. Oh, the anger. I have cable TV news. Enough said. Can we just have some fun? Where did that go? When did everything get so serious and just plain awful? (Twitter, I’m looking at you.) Aren’t we here to enjoy a book series that we love, the best show on TV, with the two hottest leads who are in love AF (even if they potentially don’t know it)? I love you ladies. I want to laugh and giggle with you 24/7. I’m going to work harder myself to make sure I am making my SM place a fun place to be. 😘😘

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hey babe like my new hat

Y: ya it makes you look sexy *wink*

N: why thank you young lady

External image

Y: Niall baby what’s wrong?

N: nothing I just miss you

Y: aww baby I miss you more

N: no, I miss you most, and don’t even think about saying morerer

Y: ok but just think only two more weeks till you can see me.oh i cant wait to see you walk out of that plain in your baggy sweat pants and old t shirt

Y: there’s that smile

N: i love you

y: i love you too

AU:you and niall skype while hes on tour he’s sad and you cheer him up

solas-broke-my-heart said: oh baby, I love watching everything you do in the middle of the night ;) (I’m on two coffees and two hours of sleep, can you tell???)

Oh, I can tell. But since you offered.

“I thought I’d offer a challenge,” Eirwen said.

“A challenge, vhenan?” He chuckled. “Do you wish to make chess more interesting?”

She glanced up at him, lips quirking. “Enjoyable.”

“I see.”

“Mhmm.” Her mouth pulled sideways. “It’s nothing big, Solas,” she said. “Just a distraction to even the odds.” She watched his gray eyes slide away from the board to her.

“Oh?” Solas asked. “Have you found my skills intimidating, da’len? Do you seek to burden me with a handicap?”

“Only a small one, hahren.” Eirwen shrugged. Gently, she bumped him with her shoulder. “Having listened to your game with Bull, can you blame me?”

“No,” he replied. “However, I do find myself curious about what you might introduce that would provide an adequate distraction.”

“To keep you from kicking my ass?” Eirwen asked. She crossed her arms, lifted her chin, and smiled at him. “I see you’ve already declared victory, vhenan.”

He leaned forward and she felt the warmth of his chest against her left shoulder. “There are no raging darkspawn, no holes torn in the veil, nothing which might provide a suitable challenge to my concentration.”

“You think so? Then you agree to my terms?”

“And what are you suggesting?”

Eirwen turned her head, resting her arm on Solas’ shoulder. Her lips brushed against the inside of his ear as she tilted on her toes. “Strip chess.”

A faint smile tugged on Solas’ mouth. He straightened. “Indeed?”

“I know,” she said. “It won’t be as challenging as a game in the middle of combat, but—”

“I agree to the terms,” Solas replied. One hand moved to rest on her waist. “You may find, however, it will not be as distracting as you imagine.”

She studied him, his gray-blue irises winking in the torchlight but they slid back to the table before them. “Oh? Don’t I distract you, Solas?”

“I did not say that.” A devilish expression lurked behind his usually cool reserve, a hunger in his eyes. It sent a thousand butterflies winging through her stomach. “I merely wish to add an amendment to our wager.”

Oh, Eirwen thought. This will end with me in my smallclothes and him still fully dressed.

“Go on.”

“The person who takes a piece may dictate which article of clothing is removed.”

She swallowed, chewing on the inside of her cheek. “All right,” she nodded. “I’ll accept if you also take mine.” Let’s see how far I can push you. Staring into his eyes, she tilted her head and bit her lip. “He or she who dictates must also perform the act.”

He chuckled. His fingertips brushed under the hem of her shirt. “You may come to regret this.”

 “Oh,” Eirwen shook her head. “No. No, I don’t think I will.”

“Mmm,” he murmured. “Done.”

“And done.”

Told you. :D

As Long As I'm With You (Brad Simpson Imagine)

a fluffy studio Brad imagine inspired by this picture & All Night by The Vamps, requested by a lovely anon


I’m so excited for today because after two albums, I can finally see the boys record in the studio. Brad has been looking forward to it all week. He said that this time is going to be even more special. My presence may have something to do with that.

We arrive at the studio and Brad introduces me to the producers. “Oh you are in for a treat my darling”, one of them beams.

I look at Brad and he smiles. “We’re going to record the first single off the album.”

This is huge. Oh my God. “I feel very honoured to be here!”

“Glad you could join us”, James says.

“Going to be the first person to hear it!” Tristan exclaims.

“Let us know what you think”, Connor adds.

I stay in the room with the producers as the boys get into the recording booth to set up. My mind races with thoughts of what the song will sound like.

“So we’re going to start off with the intro”, the producer says.

The boys all gather round the mics and sing, “I’ve been up all night cause I feel like I’m always dreaming. All night, no sleep. Cause I feel like I’m always dreaming. Cause I feel like I’m always dreaming.” My jaw drops as the sound plays. It’s so different from what they’ve done.

They do a few more takes then the producers play it back. It sounds as if kids are singing it. So cool. The fans will definitely love this.

“Okay now we’ll do the first and second verses. Brad, whenever you’re ready.”

I look Brad’s way and see him smirk. He starts, “Sometimes I tend to lose myself when I’m out here on my own. I never seem to get it right, but I guess that’s how it goes. Ever since you came around, can’t nobody hold me down. You showed me how to find myself when I needed it the most.”

My heart melts as I hear the passion and emotion in his voice. His voice has never sounded so smooth before. Wow.

“That was great. Let’s do the second verse.”

“I’m never gonna find my way if I don’t learn to let go. The past is the past, today is today and there’s things I can’t control. The circles underneath my eyes tell the truth that I’ve been trying to hide. I’ve been waiting for you way too long. Won’t you come and take me home? Oh I, oh, I’m praying this ain’t all a dream. Can you, you, wake me up before you leave?”

All of a sudden it hit me as to why Brad was looking forward to this day. Not only because I’m here, but so I can hear a song written about us, about me.

The rest of the boys come back and sing, “I’ve been up all night, no sleep. Cause I feel like I’m always dreaming. All night, no sleep. Cause I feel like I’m always dreaming. Wide awake, that’s okay, as long as I’m with you. I’ll be up all night, no sleep. Cause I feel like I’m always dreaming. Cause I feel like I’m always dreaming.”

The sound and the lyrics together get me lost in the moment, reminiscing.

When the boys first started out Brad wasn’t as confident as he is now. There were times back then when he felt he wasn’t good enough. I was there to assure him that he is good at what he does. The more I let him know, the more he believed in himself and the easier it was for him to find his place in this dream. I helped him become the man he is today, the one who knows how to work a stage.

There was a time when he became frustrated over not being able to do so well on the charts. He felt like their work and effort didn’t deliver.

“Are we doing something wrong? Am I?” Brad lets out a long sigh. The look on his face pained me. He’s full of doubt.

“I know that you feel like your work may not have received the recognition and appreciation it deserves, but focus on what matters – what the fans think. They loved it! And so did I.” I look deep into his eyes, waiting for hope to be restored in him.

He looks back at me and smiles, his eyes lighting up. “You’re right. Just got to try harder and remind myself that not everyone will like what we do, which isn’t what we try to work towards. I’m so thankful to have you in my life, love. You’re always there to make me feel better.”

A smile spreads across my face. “Right from the start, you know I got you.”

“So what do you think?” Brad asks, bringing me back to the present.

“Amazing.” I smile proudly.

“Are you okay?” he asks.

“Yes, why?” Did I not smile properly?

“You’re teary-eyed.”

I hadn’t realized the song got me emotional. “The song touched me, made me think about us.”

He takes me into his arms. His lips by my ears, whispering, “I thought it was about time to sing about the girl who has always been there for me, right from the start. I appreciate you.”

I pull away to look into his eyes which are twinkling. “I love you Brad.” I fall back into his arms. He lifts me up, carrying me into a hug. Just like the time at the airport.

“I’m going to miss you”, Brad says, tears forming in his eyes.

“Brad, you know I wish I could stay longer but I have to go.”

“I know…Thank you for coming out here.”

“Of course, always got to be there for each other.”

“Sorry I made it difficult for you this morning. I hate seeing you leave.” He looks down, ashamed.

“Hey, atleast you woke up and eventually got out of bed. Though, you refused to so I could stay. But the next time we see each other will feel so good. I know it hurts right now, so whenever you feel this way just think about the day you get to come back home. It’ll help get you by. It works for me. The thought of seeing you again keeps me going.”

He looks at me, amazed. “The strength you have is incredible.” His lips graze mine. My heart warmed by his words. It races from his touch.

“You make me strong.” I kiss him. His hands cup my cheeks. I wrap my arms around his waist. We don’t let go. Both of us savoring this moment.

“I love you too. I always felt like I’d be consumed by those nights when I couldn’t sleep cause I didn’t have you with me. Thought I’d lose my mind from being apart from you for so long, waiting day after day, my patience running thin. Afraid that I’d wake up one day and what we have would disappear. But I reminded myself of what you told me at the airport. It also helped to think about how much you love me and how you are always there for me. I use to worry about how this, us, seemed too good to be true. I know this isn’t all a dream, it’s real. This is real, as long as I’m with you”, he says then kisses me into what seems like forever.