“Gee, Mister. You must know Wedge Antilles really well. What’s your name?” “Luke Skywalker, at your service!” — Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squadron Special

Kuroko no Basuke Replace Plus (New Years) English Translation

I was free… so I did it.

Translations by @midorichan10here, though I took some liberties and changed a few things…Just cleaned it, added a few more translations (effects) and yeah. (Like Midorima’s “nanodayo” to “in fact”) THANKS FOR TRANSLATING, I’M JUST RIDING YOUR TRAIN. xD (Also why did this take so long?! It’s only 7 pages…?)

Raws thanks to @kinbari14here.

>> Under the cut!

>> Edit: fixed page 1 and 6, sorry! xD;

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My favorite character from Dark Souls 2, Straid !! He’s a big jerkwad and insults you but I still think he’s really cool. Especially with that outfit. B )


She is messy, but she’s kind,
She is lonely most of the time,
She is all of this mixed up and baked in a beautiful pie,
She is gone, but she used to be mine.

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I've had just about enough of you spamming the Lilo and Stitch tag with your trash. Get it off.

Tan lines. Mike browns like Hanji. I just decided that he has moles but that’s unrelated to sun exposure. Erwin is fair skinned like Levi but due to his upbringing he’s more aware of lotions to help guard against sun (low-powered equivalents of sunscreen, basically). Hanji has just discovered that a certain plant used as food can also treat burns; Levi just wants to know if it’s not poisonous and if it’ll turn his skin green, but he’ll try anything at this point.

Let’s pretend that it’s reasonable to use 3DMG without a shirt and that bras of some form exist.

This whole album got me feeling things.

Angel, oh oh oh oh
Knew you were special from the moment I saw you, I saw you, yeah
I said angel, oh oh oh oh
I feel you’re closer every time I call you, I call you

Cause all I see are wings, I can see your wings
But I know what I am and the life I live, yeah, the life I live
And even though I sin, maybe we are born to live
But I know time will tell if we’re meant for this, yeah if we’re meant for this

And if we’re not, I hope you find somebody
I hope you find somebody, I hope you find somebody
I hope you find somebody to love, somebody to love
Somebody to love, yeah, yeah, yeah

Said angel, woah oh oh oh
You’ll probably never take me back and I know this, yeah I know this, aw man
I said angel, woah oh oh oh
I’m so desensitized to feeling these emotions, yeah, no emotions baby

Here, have a fanfic

This is based on something that genuinely happened to a co-worker a while back - but I decided to have her read it first before posting it. She loved it, so on with the posting!

It’s obviously a ‘based on true events’ thing, not a blow-by-blow account. Mainly because Hiccstrid, but also because Astrid would not react in the perfectly professional and slightly mortified manner my colleague did… not on very little sleep and a lot of stress, anyway!

I’ve titled it ‘Customer Disservice’ but I’m not sure I like it. The only other title I could think to give it would’ve given the game away…

Anyhoo, it’s all under the cut and I’ll probably post some background headcanons if you want them :)

Special shout out to oh–you–pretty–things who rules, and elfpen who wanted to read some more fanfic, rather than just write them


Customer Disservice

Astrid was having the worst day. It was late, she was tired, she had an exam next week to study for, and working in customer services in a busy supermarket was hell.

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what’s even the point of teasing people for still liking things you consider old, oh no, someone has a special interest, oh no, someone connects deeply with a media for longer than what’s socially expected. if something makes someone happy let it do that it’s not affecting you

This isn't a game- closed.

Its April 15th and the mail truck has stopped in front of the apartment in which Mark Fischbach lived. Sun barely peeking out from over the hills. And on the youtubers doorstep was a box.

Inside was a clear disc case with a game disc. The words ‘World two’ written on the front in sharpy. There was no letter. Just a scription on the back of the case. “Dear mark pleas enjoy this game. Made special for you, sincerely DM.”

Oh the things this disc had in store for the unsuspecting star.