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Can we talk about how hot & sweet possessive & protective Roman would be? Like???


we’re gonna talk about possessive roman first bc i sm such a slut for that concept 

possessive roman would show up when another guy wouldn’t stop looking at you. and yes he has a bit of a temper but he doesn’t really look for fights so instead of saying something to whoever is checking you out- even though it’s plain to see that you’re with him - his jaw clenches and his eyes are blazing as he pulls you closer to him and nuzzles his face in your neck and peppers kisses there and his hand goes to your thigh. 

protective roman would definitely wrap you up in his arms and act like a barrier between you and whatever is threatening you or affecting you negatively. he’d kiss your forehead and talk to you to distract you from it. 

and if you’re having a bad day he’d totally wrap you up in your favorite blanket and watch movies with you and spoil you until you feel better. 

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Since Komaeda gets ill so easily, maybe he should try that Towel Rubbing Method that Hina uses?

“Towel Rubbing Method”?

Yeah ! That’s an amazing health trick where you strip to the waist, and rub your skin with a dry towel!

Oh you mean “ kanpumasatsu” ?

Yes yes ! It’s even better if you do it outside so you can feel the breeze on your body !

I see…If it’s someone as amazing as Asahina-san who recommends it then it’s surely a really good trick. I will try it.

…You can forget about the part where you do it outside though. If you do that you are sure to catch a cold.


Of course not !

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I hope you'll have a good day today. Also, Jenny teasing Vastra by pointing at random reptiles saying they're her relatives and Vastra doing the same by pointing at monkeys. Bonus if Vastra says something like "I do believe that one's a she." It eventually escalates until one day Vastra brought a home a real live crocodile that escaped from the zoo. "Jenny, dear, my cousin will be staying with us for a while. I hope you don't mind." Jenny is far from amused.


Oh my god the crocodile totally reminds me of the cat with the cougar outside going “Mum! Aunt Karen is here!” and I want that to happen so bad.

i wonder if one day when Jack is just lounging about in the Haus on his Kindle, reading an article on WWI history, and Bitty is in the kitchen heating up leftovers, Holster and Ransom will walk in from class and see this and chirp “Dude, domestic much. Do you guys have your future kids’ names picked out too? lol” 

Bitty’s face will redden and he’ll roll his eyes, ready to retort that he’s barely even being domestic by microwaving last night’s dinner, but Jack won’t even look up as he says absently, still half-focused on his article, “Yeah. Charlotte if it’s a girl and Jaime if it’s a boy. Maybe Richard, too, but I have to ask Bits about that.”

Holster, Ransom, and Bitty will kind of just stand there, slack-jawed, until Jack looks up and he’s like, “Why is everyone looking at me what did I say.”  

Yuri!!! on Ice Episode 1: This is Queerbait
Yuri!!! on Ice Episode 2: This is totally Queerbait 
Yuri!!! on Ice Episode 3: Maybe…
Yuri!!! on Ice Episode 4: …HolY Sh 
Yuri!!! on Ice Episode 5: This can’t get any gayer
Yuri!!! on Ice Episode 6: This can’t get any gayer 
Yuri!!! on Ice Episode 7: THIS CAN’T GET ANY GAYER
Yuri!!! on Ice Episode 8: THIS CAN’T GET ANY GAYER
Yuri!!! on Ice Episode 9: OH MY GOD IT’S GETTING GAYER
Yuri!!! on Ice Episode 10:  WHAT!? HOL-

The most interesting Yoosung calls I’ve got so far!!

(left-right up-down)

-Seven’s route day 7. Chopping onions make his eyes hot. ‘…Can I pour milk over my eyes??’ is a real dialogue.

-Casual route day 3. I can’t think about any excuse

-Jaehee’s route day 8. (My personal favorite because it’s so hilarious oh god) He struggled to get discounted pork in a market but he underestimated housewifes’ ahjumma-seizing-discounted-goods power. Grave mistake. 

He gave up and got mackarel instead.

-Seven’s route day 10, the infamous drunk Yoosung feat. Zen it’s so endearing I need more