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nalu 13. kiss on stomach

Number 13: Kiss on Stomach

She was standing there by the window, her long blond hair neatly braided and draped over her bare right shoulder. The sunlight beaming through cast her peaceful face in a celestial glow. It was as if a spotlight shone on her, and her alone. She was the star of this show and this was her moment of beauty, true beauty.

Natsu had never before stopped to take her in like he did now. The weight of his pack now slid to the floor at his feet, leaving him almost weightless in comparison. The only reason he felt real at this moment, was because her warm brown eyes moved and lit up at the sight of him. Her lips curled into a welcoming smile, turning slightly to see him better.

Her hands, those tender and loving hands, rubbed her swollen stomach with slow deliberation. Natsu knew the baby was kicking, if her little flinches that she tried to hide were a hint. Lucy was trying so hard to keep this welcome as sweet as she could, and the pink haired man was thankful.

After her cravings and random emotional roller-coasters, this was a blessing; especially since he had been away on a mission for over a week. Finally, they were together again.

So a grin split his cheeks as he strode over and pulled her in for a sweet kiss, chuckling at her muffled surprise from his swift approach. Hands seized the sides of her face, keeping her still as he poured every emotion into this contact.

Then, releasing her lips with a wet smack, he released her face and knelt before her; hands now covering her own. With a soft exhale, he pressed his lips to her belly, closing his eyes at the sound of her heartbeat, and the heartbeat of their child. They were together again.

“She missed you.” Lucy murmured softly, her voice heavy with emotion. Natsu’s thumbs caressed her hands while he smirked, lips still resting on her clothed tummy. Natsu already knew it would be a daughter; he could hear her and smell her.

Lucy, however, decided on ‘mother’s intuition’ that it would be a girl. The fire dragon slayer didn’t have the will to tell her she was right. It would be one more thing to add to the list of ‘things she had right’.

His thoughts were disturbed when a small pressure bumped his lips, and Lucy winced. “Missed you enough to kick you in the face.” She modified with a tired sigh, humor in her eyes.

Natsu laughed, standing to rest his head on hers, meeting her gaze with his own. “She is going to be so kick ass, Lucy! You gotta  let me teach her to burp fire so that when Erza tries to burp her, she’ll get such a nasty surprise!” He cackled wickedly, nearly dancing on spot as he added, “-or Gray. I’ll let him hold her for that reason.”

Lucy frowned, putting a finger to his lips with a disapproving quirk of her brow. “No.” She states with such an air of finality that Natsu immediately wilts with a pout.

“Awww.” The man whines, only to perk up when he feels another kick to his abdomen that is against the side of Lucy’s stomach. Immediately, he becomes a laughing mess, dragging Lucy to him and nuzzling her brow.

“Fine. But, she’s gotta at least yawn fire.” He tries again.

“Natsu, no.” Lucy replies easily, leaning up and giving him a welcoming kiss of her own.

Imagine one night Max had a really bad nightmare that woke her up, and she began to sob; and Victoria heard waking up to hear that Max was crying.
Victoria walks over to her room and knocks on the door, Max let’s her in not knowing it was Victoria.
Victoria just walks over and lays Max down and lays next to her until she falls asleep.
And in the morning they find themselves all cuddled up to each other


//I used the bathbomb I bought with christopherrose-pa! I have to admit, I adored it. Not only did it smell like lemongrass and turn my bathtub green, but it also made my skin ridiculously smooth. Like, every part of me was /glowing/ when I stepped out of that tub. A+!


HOLY SHIT, THE CREATOR/CEO OF THE 100 INDIRECTLY RETWEETED MY TUMBLR POST ABOUT BISEXUAL CLARKE! Only one day after I get back on Twitter too! I don’t think there is anything that can make my day better!


Juuzou-chan + Auction Raid


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Kingsman: The Secret Service director Matthew Vaughn told us that he had to cut one particularly debonair scene from his outrageous, brilliant spy action comedy because it, well, made its stars Taron Egerton and Colin Firth look like they’d been sleeping together.