Anatomy of a kiss

Because it cannot be done enough!

1. the preparation….mouth open, wanting look in the eyes…oh yes..Jack is not going to miss this opportunity and what confidence our dear inspector has developed. I sometimes think the moment before the lips actually meet is the sexiest moment of all…because all the lust and longing and wanting is just- right- there….

2. the fairly gentle beginning…I mean there;s no doubt he’s pulled her in for the smooch and there is that wonderful jaw working (and by that I mean both of them!) but then there is the hand in her hair and supporting her neck and it is like le swoon - but then he moves his head (this is my favourite type of kiss)

3. she starts to pull him in too, her hands begin curling into that coat and we think he’s pulling away but then he just goes for it even more and ‘smoosh bby’- they have to cut to the Baron because they are devouring each other.

4. the devouring….oh god…someone kiss me like that please!

5. Tough day at the office clearly…his hand…the tendons…oh my god… *starts to wonder how many takes they did*

6.  Her tongue just leaving his mouth…sexiest tiny moment ever…. I feel like such a perv…and yet sorry…not sorry.

7. Post kiss bliss…go and make tiny baby Phryne and Jack’s now please…and let us watch…forever…

They get married in two different ceremonies (it is agreed that their children will be raised with Sara’s faith and practice) and no, Phryne does not actually join in - she has said her vows in ways that have nothing to do with marriage and that is the way it will remain. 

Jack just smiles and makes a joke where as perhaps before it would have been different, harder but events have changed him. Phryne can see a new balance in him now - even with the new layer of sadness. But then they all have scars, old and new. 

‘Ply the oar, ma'am?’ said Jack, looking up from his paper, his pen paused.
'Is it not right? I was so proud of it.’
'Oh yes,’ said Jack. 'Only the word is spelt rather odd, you know,’ and he wrote “she would not play the whore” very carefully, so that the letters could not be mistake, smiling secretly as he did so, his frustration and disappointment entirely overcome by his sense of the ridiculous.
—  Treason’s Harbour, Patrick O’Brian