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About Rapunzel being a diy blogger: yes I agree and then Rapunzel and Jack just doing random stuff (blindfold makeup!) and it turning into a major YouTube thing and Merida and Hiccup are also a part of it and this is what I think about writing 24/7

So. Much. YES!!

This message actually came through as soon as I got home from work, but I had to do some cooking before answering, so I had time to think about it, and OH MY STARS, YES!

Jack is always popping up in her videos. If she’s baking something, he’ll turn up out of nowhere to snag a cookie off the plate or something. Or just randomly come up to kiss her cheek. Or because she actually wants him there for a tag thing, or to help her out, or any host of reasons. 

They’re also one of those couples that travels ALL THE TIME. You cannot tell me that Jack and Rapunzel aren’t the type to travel the world just because they can. So she’s always posting pictures of her and Jack on the wall of China, or kissing on top of the Eiffle Tower, or wherever else they are. He doesn’t mind being in pictures, but he’s always more than happy to take pictures of her. 

(For the record, though, Hiccup is the best photographer of the group, since he has the eye for that kind of thing.) 

With all that traveling, there are a few people who wonder how she can possibly keep all those plants and flowers alive. The secret to which is Hiccup and Eret. Hiccup because he actually understands plant care from his botany studies. Eret because he pretty much thinks Rapunzel is a minor saint, and will do anything she asks. 

Eret also shows up in her videos whenever she goes to Home Depot for supplies or something, in the event that heavy lifting needs to be done. (His truck is also the best for hauling lumber and such.) And, again, he’ll do whatever she needs. 

Hiccup rarely ever shows up, since he prefers doing the behind the scenes stuff. Helping her with lighting, and manning the camera. She has gotten him to do a “Best Friend tag meme” thing video. And one time, when she was doing a video on building a terrarium, she couldn’t figure out why her calculations weren’t working out right, so Hiccup came out from behind the camera to look over her math. A large number of her female viewers nearly had heart attacks when they saw him, and started begging for him to show up in more videos. But he hates being in front of the camera. 

Merida and Astrid help with building projects when needed (in which case Astrid gets the most done). But they also show up when she’s talking about dressing for your body type, or doing makeup for different facial shapes. Astrid’s down for it, Merida has to be dragged and/or bribed. 

She’s done videos about specially decorating birthday cakes for all her friends. Jack’s she had to do either while he wasn’t home, or in the middle of the night/really early in the morning so he wouldn’t hear, or come out and see it. Because she wants it to be a surprise.

One year she did a Valentine’s Day video, where she went to the other couples asking what their plans were. (I’m thinking a lot about the Disneyland Valentine’s Day videos lately, so something like that.) 

Jack gives her that lopsided grin. “Blog or not, you can’t expect me to tell you the surprise.”

“Will you give me a hint?” And her curiosity has nothing to do with her blog. 

“I love you.” 

“That’s not a hint!” 

“That’s the hint your getting.” And he kisses her to distract her. 

Her whole blog is basically a community effort, and people watch her videos as much for the dynamics between them all as for the actual content. XD

  • Friend:Here, check this guy out. His name's Markiplier and he's a youtuber and he's super hot.
  • Me:omg he is soooo hot omfg
  • Friend:And try this one. He's fucking hot too. He's Jacksepticeye.
  • Me:...awwwwww what a cute little dumplin!
  • Friend:...?
  • Me:Can I adopt him? Ohhhh, he's ADORABLE.
  • Friend:wut