oh yeah the girl i work with that says mean things to me for no reason put in her two weeks a few days ago so ha HA DEUCES ✌✌

Literally every single person on catfish

Nev: Do you have his number?
Girl: oh yeah ima give you his new number cause he recently bought the new iphone so he changed the number
Max: So you both have an iPhone and you guys never facetimed before?
Girl: oh because when he opened the box the phone fell out and his camera got busted and he didn’t get no insurance on it
Max: ………
*Nev goes outside and dials the number of the catfish*
Nev: Yes hello? So I’m Nev from catfish on MTV and I’m basically asking you to humiliate yourself on television by telling everyone that you secretly like to pretend you’re a model in your spare time. Is that okay?
Catfish: oh yeah sure! I have been rejecting the idea of meeting that girl for the past 10 years but since it’s you who called, why not be filmed while doing it?
Nev: Cool, cool.

“Daddy.” The 100 preferences

Bellamy Blake: 

Bellamy was pounding into you at such a hard pace that you couldn’t even think straight. Nails scratching down backs, heavy moans and groans being the only human noises. The rook reeked of sex and before you could even think about what you were saying, the words slipped between your lips. 

“Oh daddy please don’t stop.” Bellamy ceased his thrusts as he stared down at you. Your eyes widened as he looked at you with a slow spreading evil grin. 

“Daddy huh? He smirked as he snapped his hips forward. You let a needy moan out as you stared up at him with pleading eyes. 

“I like that…beg for daddy won’t you princess?” He said as he continued to thrust harshly into you.

John Murphy:

John secretly had a daddy kink and you knew it. He loved to spank and you knew that he loved to be in charge. You decided tonight was the night to confront him. You spent the whole day teasing him with brushes against his crotch and low cut shirts. You were bent over in front of him and he finally snapped. Grabbing your butt causing you to straighten up.

“Princess we need to talk.” He growled. You giggled and turned to face him. 

“Do we ever…daddy.” You whispered as you murmured hotly in his ear. He grabbed your ass with a low groan. 

“Don’t start something you can’t finish.”

“Just try to keep up daddy.” You winked as you strutted away from him leaving him hot on your heels. 

Jasper Jordan: 

Jasper wasn’t prepared at all the moment the word tumbled from your lips. You both stopped as it sunk in what happened. You looked at Jasper with a blush spread across your cheeks in embarrassment.


“Say it again…please.” 

“Daddy…” And with that he was pounding into you. Your nails raked down his back as he slowed down long enough for you to put your legs over his shoulders causing him to get a deeper angle. 

“Oh yeah baby girl…cum for daddy.” 

Monty Green: 

Monty had been wanting to have a night where the both of you could try out kinks. You both made a list and at the top of his you read ‘Daddy Kink’. You smirked as you looked at him.

“You want me to call you daddy?” He squirmed. You giggled as you crawled on top of him. “Don’t you like that daddy?” You asked innocently. He grabbed your face with a growl as you almost gasped. 

“You better be ready princess…daddy doesn’t plan on stopping.” 

BTS reaction seeing mean looking girl but actually she’s friendly

anon: Could you do a long BTS reaction to them seeing a girl look mean and cold but when she starts talking with friends she looks nice and friendly? Hyung Line first than Maeknea(?) Line. Sorry, English isn’t my first language.

Hope that it’s long enough >    


Originally posted by bangtaninspired

Jin walk through the park after practice. He saw attractive girl sitting on the bench. At first he thought that she’s waiting for someone to sock that person because she looked so offended and in nerves. He wanted to come and talk with her but fear that he felt was too hard. When he was thinking about this, still looking at the girl, she catch his sight. She came closer to him and with the most sweet voice which he hear in his life, she asked if she can help him. He didn’t know what to think. Her cold face dissapear and in place of it showed ball of cutness. He couldn’t take his sight away from her. Then she laught because of his weird face expression. Jin slowly backed to his mind. He laught too and realize that maybe it will be nice to start closer relation with her.

“I’m sorry, my name is Jin. Are you waiting for someone?”

Girl: Nah. I were just sitting when I saw you observe me. I’m Y/n

“Yeah sorry. I just thought for a little bit that you are in nerves and….”

Girl: you mean that I look cold,right? Everyone tells me that.

“No,no,no—– Okay. Yes. But now I see how kind you’re. Maybe you want go drink coffee with me?”


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Yoongi was working on new song in his favourite café . It was already 3rd hour and he stalled. His ideas ended and for the worse, group of girls comes. This few girls were making more noise than boys in the dorm. But one of them catch his eye. She came last and she stand alone behind her friends. She have cold looking face and her all black outfit didn’t help to not think that he can be kind of rude and presumptous. But Yoongi liked her style. He was looking at her for few seconds waiting when she’ll be alone to go and talk with her. He hope that maybe you won’t kill him when he would try to talk with you. For his surprise girls started to coming closer to him. They wanted to sit with him in the table becasue rest was occupied. When they started to talking he to liked her even more. She was cute, nice and the kindest girl that he met. When girls stand up and heading to doors, he quickly, softly took her arm and ask about phone number. When she gave Yoongi her charming smile and number, he felt like all his inspiration back.

“I know that you can think that I’m some kind of freak but how about exchanging our phone numbers? Btw- I’m Yoongi.”

Girl: “why not? My name is Y/n. Nice to meet you”


Originally posted by yoongistae

Group of girls. No great shakes. But one girl captured his attention. She had style, moves like she is walking on catwalk, all proudly and beamed with  class. He couldn’t take away his eyes from her, amazed with everything what she had (lol, it sounds so badly). When Hoseok do steps to go and talk to her, she turned to him and looked deeply in his eyes. He frozee and turn on his heel like nothing happened and come back to his previous spot. He couldn’t believe what he did. He saw attractive girl but he couldn’t believe that her glare and rude expression made him leave. ‘Why the fuck I’m like this?’. When he scold himself in his mind, he hear cute and soft voice behind him. ‘Excuse me? I think that few seconds ago you wanted to come to us,sorry my friends are too shy to ask you’. Then he frozee again. Is this the same girl? He turn to see her and ….. yes, it was her. He didn’t know what to say. After awkard minutes staring at each other  he finally spoke

“Sorry, I just mistake you with somebody”

Girl: “owh. Sure.

“Okay. Tbh I wanted talk to you but I freak out. I’m sorry that I’m saying this”

Girl: no, no. It’s okay. A lot of people are telling me that I look rude but when you meet me closer I’m really nice girl

“Do you want let me meet you closer?”

Girl: that’s why I send my friends to home. I hope for it.

“So from now on I can be your hope.”


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One of the members which don’t care about look. So when he saw cold looking girl he wouldn’t mind it. If he will feel something to girl which make a first impression like- “don’t even come closer ‘cause I’ll kill you with my glare”- he wouldn’t mind it and come talk to her. This day he decided to spend some time alone in ice cream parlor because why not? Hhe catch his eye when she was walking in to place. Atmosphere of winter night which she emit just couldn’t be not noticed. She stand behind him, waiting for her turn to order ice creams. Namjoon was thinking how to speak to her. He was affraid that girl may take him for some kinf of the “player” and that he is always flirting with random girls . When he was deep in his minds he suddenly felt someone small hand on his shoulder. He turn back to see this girl with the most adorable smile that he saw. He forget about his first impression of her being ice hearted person. Monnie awkardly wave to her and saw his chance to ask you out or for phone number.

Girl: I’m sorry that I’m bothering you but I found this wallet on the floor and maybe it’s yours?

“Owh. No, it’s not“

Girl: Aish my bad. Sorry… *pause* Okay, tbh it’s mine wallet. I just wanted to talk with you.

“You too, huh? So maybe we’ll take a seat and meet eachother?”

Girl: Sounds like a nice plan. I’m Y/n.


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Standing in the shop looking for products that Jin wanted him to buy. Two girls stand next to him talking, laughing and making plans for something. One of them was enjoing this conversation the most. Mochi would find this girl pretty and attractive but her face and her eyes that were telling to everyone to better don’t come closer or she’ll bite, slightly deter him. He doesn’t want to eavesdrop on her and her friend but they were speaking really loud. Girls speak about voluntary organization and a charity fundraiser which this two’ll be organizing for kennels. Jimin felt intrested in this girl. Outside she looks cold, mean and pugnaciously but inside she comes across as  really nice person and worth get to know her. Chim eavesdrop when and where will be this fundraising. When this day come he took Tae with him-because this boy love dogs. While Tae was all fascinated with this event, Jimin was looking for girl from shop. He saw her standing alone, asking people for money to her charity box. Jimin go to her, giving money and shyly starting a conversation.

“So how long are you volunteer?”

Girl: It’ll be three years.

“Do you want me to help you?”

Girl: why not? More hands to help.

She go to bring Jimin charity box for him. He turned back and looked how alive angel steps on the ground. *gif*


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Fansign. One of the best way to meet your bias. Taehyung was enjoying fansign more way then ever. Among the crowd of his fans he saw girl with unusal beauty. She looked sad and deppresed for him. Sometimes her face made him felt shudder. Cold looking but attractive and mystery. Still he was intersted in her. Waiting till she will come to meet him and for autograph, he was making scenarios how to talk to her and make her laugh.  But when he was trying, girl just looked at him, slightly blush and go away. He couldn’t forget about her even after fansing. When no one were watching, he quietly slip out unobserved outside. He saw her with 2 others girls from fansign. Taehyung heared how girls were talking about their experience from fansign and reconstruct it over again. Girl, which catch his eye, showed her real nature. She was too shy to make any move when Tae show to her attention. Her cute side make his heart stopped. When she smiled, her dimples showed and she softly blush thinking about that situantion.
Tae without hesitation came to her and started to talk.

“Hii. I think that you’re soo cute. You look like ice queen but in real you’re the cutest angel ever. Let’s go for a walk.”

girl: oh. yeah. Thank you? I can go for a walk with you.


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Day like other ones. It can be like this but now he’s sitting in restaurant, surrounded by girls, all screaming and talking in the same time giving him headache. He wanted to be invisible this time. Telling them to shut up or to leave him alone but he didn’t want to  hurt them and in internet could show articles that fame make him self-important and cocky. When he sadly smile to one of his fans, one girl shouted “Ya all better go home and leave him. This boy can’t even breath”. All of girls looked at her. Her face looks killingly and intimidate. Fans bowed and go away before she’ll frezee them with her sight. Then her friends come to her and start to talkinf emotionally about what she did - “damn girl it was the best action ever! You can be a security guard. This is a positive thing in rude looking girl!” She smiled and started to laught. Kookie still being in shook just stared at her. When he manage to say something, he shyly said “thank you”. Girl smiled and with victory on her face, she go to the door. Jungkookie woke up from his shook and call out her.

“Heey. Wait. Maybe there is something that I can do for you as a thank-you for help?”

Girl: I would really loved to. How about dinner?



  • okay lets get started
  • jaebum would just LOVE this
  • he would love to see you all dressed up in black
  • the panties would be SUPER CHEEKY so whenever you turned around
  • admiring your body up close and from afar
  • he would find every detail incredibly sexy and wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off of you
  • “baby doll, we’re going to have a long night which means that you’re not going to be able to walk tomorrow”
  • i mean come on look at the cute bow on the panties
  • you’d be teasing him until there’s no tomorrow
  • you two would have a very long night ;)

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Vintage Jacksepticeye Sentence Starters

  • “That felt so good that I want to do it a lot more.”
  • “Sorry I lied, someone is definitely going to hit you from there.”
  • “Look how dead you look.”
  • “He wasn’t supposed to see me. Neither was he.”
  • “Have a grenade!”
  • “Let me love you… with grenades.”
  • “Your vest can protect from bullets and grenades, but not my badass knife.”
  • “Think I can safely say that I qualify as a full-on ninja.”
  • “Hey, hey, what is shaking boys and girls?”
  • “Oh yeah, you’re one badass fucker, aren’t you?”
  • “Sorry, I didn’t mean to disgruntle you.”
  • “There’s the dude I’ve got to get with the knife.”
  • “That’s not ninja. That’s getting spotted. That’s the opposite of ninja.”
  • “That is a lot of blood. You’re about to add to it.”
  • “Time to get out of here.”
  • “I bring shame to the ninja clan.”
  • “So someone is here in a chopper to either kill me or help me.”
  • “We gotta band together in this dark world.”
  • “You can’t hit me, you can’t hit me.”
  • “Yeah, so THAT just happened.”
  • “You might as well be swinging at the air.”
  • “This is your house and I just came in and ruined everything, didn’t I?”
  • “Jesus, how unprofessional of me.”
  • “That could’ve gone so wrong.”
  • “It’s the greed that’ll kill you.”
  • “That could’ve been lights out right there.”
  • “Moral of the story: don’t miss.”
  • “I’m just farming for souls right now, to get up my strength.”
  • “I sold it to fund my gaming pc.”
  • “I turned Dark Souls into Farmville.”
  • “Oh god, I’m heavy as fuck now.”
  • “Wow, you guys are slipping up.”
  • “Those skeletons will kick my fucking ass.”
  • “Let’s go back up my sexy elevator.”
  • “But it’s not about the performance. It’s about the journey, the experience.”
  • “On their own they’re weak as shit, but there’s like fifty of them.”
  • “You know when you meet those people and they feel like something? He felt like a Greg.”
  • “Fight Mr. Stabby Stabby here.”
  • “You ain’t got no reward for me.”
  • “You know what Christmas means: presents!”
  • “You can distract while I kick some ass.”
Stop saying Damon didn’t rape Caroline

Caroline might have wanted to sleep with Damon first, but after she found out he was a vampire she wanted nothing to do with him. So he compelled her into not being afraid of him, and then he had sex with her, which is definitely rape. 

Compulsion IS NOT consent. 

^ Seriously, does that look like consent in any way, shape, or form to you? Because if it does, I’d be concerned. 

And let’s not forget he abused and fed on her, multiple times. He threw her around like a toy.

And he even verbally abused her, brought down her already fragile self esteem. 

All this when she was SEVENTEEN, a MINOR. He raped and abused a minor. 

Even Ian admitted it.

A fan asked a question about Elena v Caroline as a romantic partner but didn’t direct it as Paul. It was implied, but some fans in the crowd argued that Damon had been romantically involved with both as well.

Ian immediately cut it off and said, “No, this is a serious issue. If you think that’s a relationship… Damon intentionally manipulating and raping Caroline. No.” He was really quite disturbed by it.

And let’s not forget how he manipulated and raped Andie. Before she found out he was a vampire, she did like him, but afterwards, she got scared and wanted to leave and Damon compelled her. He then had sex with her many times, which is rape, because compulsion is not consent.What happened before the tub was consensual. But when he told her he killed people she looked freaked and pulled back, implicitly removing that consent. At that point Damon then altered her mind against her will and then, oh yeah, attacked her.If a girl wanted to have sex with a guy until she found out a secret about him, and then he drugged her so she’d forget and still have sex with him, would you still try to argue that it’s not rape? Because that’s pretty much the definition of rape, and that’s exactly what happened here, except substitute compulsion for drugs. You tamper with someone’s mind you remove their capability to consent. He even compelled her into “falling hard” for him, which is absolutely disgusting.

Don’t dare even try to say Damon didn’t rape Caroline or Andie, because it’s insulting and triggering from real life victims, and it basically shows what our society has become by normalizing things such as nonconsensual sex. I know it’s hard to see that one of your favorite characters is a rapist, but it’s true, and if you still stan Damon after this I question your life choices.

Chris Evans Fic: The Age of Love

Anonymous request! The streak of requests for exes getting back together has officially been broken! I do like those angsty emotional requests though.

This time, we’ve got the following:

Can I request a Chris imagine and he is dating someone younger than him (not icky teenager younger lol maybe early to mid 20s) and maybe he gets some heat for it and he’s sick of people pointing it out like he doesn’t know he’s older and he snaps and then he’s with her and its fluffy. Sorry I know that’s confusing.

P.S. It’s not confusing at all! :)


‘So, where you taking her on your next play date?’ Snigger.

‘You picking her up or is her mom dropping her off?’ Chuckle.

‘Hope you’re not out too late, it’s a school night.’ Jeer.

‘Do you help her with her homework or does she get it finished before you see her?’ Hysterical laughter.

Clearly, all the guys thought they were fucking hilarious but each additional age-related comment just made Chris’ eye twitch a little bit more violently. He was trying to keep the frustration down, he really was, but it was like each comment turned a key that was winding him tighter and tighter and tighter…

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Sweet as Sugar

Tom Holland x Reader 

Author: Grae

Word Count: 783    |     Warnings: Is damn considered a bad word?

Summary: Are there really any strangers at coffee shops?

A/N: This was my solution for boredom and just a fluffy little drabble hope ya like! Honestly i put more sugar in my coffee than the actual coffee so uhh, yeah. ALSO we are working on some more multiparts it’s just slow (and a little cringy) but coming!

The shop was quiet except for a couple people talking amongst themselves, all of which couldn’t be heard above the music borderline blasting through your ears. Taking a sip of your latte, you leaned back into the cushy booth and sighed, you were never going to get this essay right. The wording was awful and the proof were awful at best. God it’d be a miracle if you were smoother with your words.

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noticed - tom holland

master list

request: I really enjoyed the last fic you posted so im gonna request another one (pls dont be annoyed?🙈) 102.“You’re the only person I wanted to be with tonight” with either tom or peter which ever fits 😘😍

summary: tom finally gets a few days off and he can’t wait to spend them with his girlfriend, y/n.

notes: went with tom bc it felt it fit better. this is short and sweet and fluffy and i hope you enjoy :)) also, i could never be annoyed by someone liking my writing!! requests should be opening soon ;)

word count: 893

Tom threw his arm around you as the two of you entered the theater. You smiled, leaning into him. It almost didn’t feel real; you couldn’t believe he was actually home. 

You found your seats and sat down, placing the popcorn between you. Tom leaned over, a bit awkwardly, and pressed a kiss to your temple. You giggled, swatting him away. He picked up the popcorn and lifted the armrest, shuffling slightly so that he could keep his arm around you during the movie.

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some things

the ddadds team consists of a bunch of people and a dream. they have been working on this dream, the dream of leighton gray and vernon shaw, for almost a year now. they are not a multimedia mega corporation. they cannot afford to release a game with a bunch of flaws. this isn’t fucking bethesda, they don’t have the opportunity. they want to release something amazing – and they will. i understand being disappointment, i understand being upset at the delay. we are all looking forward to play this game. but that’s NO REASON to be dicks and send hate to a bunch of people who just want to create something cool about dads. no reason. like what the fuck is wrong with y'all

second of all stop sitting here and ignoring leighton, the queer gal who’s the original mind between this. all y'all sitting here complaining about how more women and queer people should create video games and then you totally ignore the queer 19 year old woman who created this amazing thing? she’s the one who went to vernon with the idea, she dropped school to work on this incredible game, and she’s been dissed in interviews, online, everywhere. she’s been ignored and looked over for the cis straight men. this is no fault of vernon but the fault of you guys, the fans who want to complain that the game grumps- who are only funding this, they aren’t Making it- aren’t gay enough. the only time you mention leighton is when you’re like oh yeah, that one gay girl worked on it. okay, sure. she’s a 19 year old gay artist who had a vision and the ability to push it through. you’re complaining about the lack of representation while totally ignoring it to bitch about things you don’t even know about yet.

this is an amazing game that deserves great fans and you’re dropping the ball something major. stop being dicks. stop ignoring half the team. get over yourselves.


[Verse 1]
She’s got a family in Carolina
So far away, but she says I remind her of home
Feeling oh so far from home
She never saw herself as a west coaster
Moved all the way cause her grandma told her towns
Better swim before you drown

She’s a good girl
She’s such a good girl
Yeah, she’s a good girl
She feels so good

[Verse 2]
She’s got a book for every situation
Gets into parties without invitations
How could you ever turn her down?
I’ve had a dream that I think I’ve seen her
How would I tell her that she’s all I think about?
Well I guess she just found out

She’s a good girl
She’s such a good girl
Yeah, she’s a good girl
She feels so good

I met her once and wrote a song about her
I wanna scream, yeah
I wanna shout it out
And I hope she hears me now

She’s a good girl
She’s such a good girl
Yeah, she’s a good girl
She feels so good
She feels so good
Oh, she feels so good
Yeah, make me feel so good
She’s a good girl
Oh, yeah