• me:oh yeah i love that game
  • friend:cool!! what was your favourite moment
  • me:haha when the game grumps really screamed over it halfway through
  • friend:i... what?
  • me:or when markiplier got super duper scared in the second episode
  • friend:uh
  • me:or the entirety of hannah and kim playing it
  • friend:have um
  • friend:have you ever actually played it
  • me:??? no lmao i just watch videos do you think i have the money for games
When you realize that Natasha and Elise are basically on a date right now
  • Me to my real life friends:Oh yeah cool the Streamy awards are tonight!
  • Me to the internet:Fuck you guys help me I'm dying they're on a date rn, they're sitting right next to each other at a table and Nat is a little nervous and Elise is eating her vegetables AND Nat's vegetables off their plates and they're whispering to each other between awards and they're dressed like that and their faces are just so near each other and ugh. And when they sat down and got settled, Nat probably leaned in with that voice and held up her glass and said "cheers to the Bae" and Elise smiled and they toasted and I'm dead.

Maybe the next time a stranger sees my helmet and stars telling me about their friend who crashed a motorcycle I’ll just be like “Oh yeah, cool,” and tell them about my friends who’ve crashed their cars.


(or just Texas/Louisiana/Arkansas/Oklahoma in general whatever)

I just found out that apparently there is going to be a convention called Geek’d Con in Shreveport, LA, this August 21-23. For those that aren’t aware, Alabama isn’t super duper far from Louisiana, meaning it probably wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility for this con to get THAC as guests (because it wouldn’t be super expensive to get them there), so I need you guys’ help to convince this con that getting the Marble Hornets guys as guests is a Very GOOD IDEA. Because check it out, Shreveport is only about a 3 hour drive from the Dallas/Fort Worth area?? Only about 4 hours from Houston?? And I know some of you live even closer than that. So basically wouldn’t many of you actually be very willing and able to go to this thing if THAC was confirmed for it??

TELL THEM THAT. TELL THEM YOU WOULD DRIVE 3+ HOURS TO THEIR FIRST-YEAR CONVENTION IF MARBLE HORNETS WAS THERE (because oh hey did I mention weekend passes are only TWENTY FUCKING DOLLARS). TELL THEM YOU WOULD GIVE YOUR FIRSTBORN TO MEET THOSE NERDS. (okay maybe don’t literally say that because they might not believe it (I believe you though :P)) Their email is geekdcon@gmail.com. 

If we’re friends now, you should be happy, because that means when I’m a published author, you’re going to get special treatment from me and the fandom and you’ll be one of those cool people who’s like “oh yeah my friend is sitting at #1 on the NY Times Bestsellers list” and you can tell people you knew me when I was just a fan blog, and you’ll be the first to know all the news and you’ll get early copies of my writing, it’ll be great I promise 

Zach : *sees Michael/Frankie selfie*
Zach : uh fuck.
Zach : shit. damn. what the…
Zach : like should I text Frankie? should I-
Zach : nononono i don’t care i don’t care why would i care…
Zach : okay I care but not in a sexual or romantic way.
Zach : *gives in* *texts Frankie* so uh…what’s up with this Michael guy? are you guys like?…
Frankie : we’re just friends.
Zach : oh. cool. yeah i knew that. i wasn’t worried or anything.
Frankie : why do you ca-
Zach : i’m straight.
Frankie : okeyyy.
Zach : imma bro. i’m straight.
Frankie : bye zach.
Zach : i’m so straight.

Being set up

Friend: You know Mike?

Me: Yeah, he’s a cool guy.

Friend: Oh yeah? ( looks at me accusingly with a smirk)

Me: ( Still not getting it, because GAY) Yeah, I just said that.

Friend: He’s cute too.

Me: Wait aren’t you with Mark because if you want to be in a polyamorous relationship….

Friend ( interrupts) : I am with Mark, I was saying that you two would be cute together. He’s totally into you.

Me: Im not ready for commitment.

Friend: You literally were saying over the weekend how much you just wanted someone to snuggle and make out with.

Me: Well can’t a girl change her mind? ( beginning to get nervous)

Friend: You need to not be so picky with your men

Me: *guffaws because she literally doesn’t know the half of it*

best friend: so that two second look that Scarlet Witch and Vision gave each other in the movies…

me: oh god yes they’re a thing

best friend: what, really?

me: (playing it cool) oh yeah, they’re actually married and everything in the comics.

 (goes on to explain their marriage and romance angst and magic fake babies and House of M and)

hours later


me: yes yes ship the Scarlet Vision ship them with me HERE IN HELL (and shhh we don’t think about what happened to them later in the comics shhh)

I inadvertently introduced my best friend to Scarlet Vision shipping and I have no regrets

man, remember that time i asked my mum if she’d play d&d with me and lucs and she was like ‘hek yeh i played d&d a couple of times with my bro’s friends that was cool’

‘Oh yeah? what did u play?’

‘eh, I was some warrior or smth. The second time I was DM, but my brother didn’t let me play again after that.’

‘What did u do???’

‘I won.’