• Ruby:Hey Weiss, you must like cookies because you're just as sweet.
  • Weiss:*sighs* You know I don't like cookies Ruby.
  • Ruby:oh yeah. Well how's your temperature because you're looking hot.
  • Weiss:Ruby What are you doing?
  • Ruby:*whispers* yang the lines you gave aren't working. What do I do now?
  • Yang:keep trying you're doing great.
  • Weiss:You do realize I'm in the same room, correct?
  • Ruby:uh oh yeah right. Wow Weiss your eyes are as blue as the ocean, I can't help but get lost in them.
  • Weiss:*blushes and walks off* dunce
  • Yang:*smirks* told ya they worked.
  • Ruby:that one was mine.

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genos' kink is sais voice. those recordings blow his entire mind and when Sai finds out he starts saying everything in a very lewd tone. He doesnt even try to look sexual or flirty he just has he smiling regular face as he says everything super super sexually. 'Hey /genos/ was there /any/ mail for /me/? Hand it over so i can /open/ it. Oh wow its a /big, long/ letter. It feels /good/ in my hands'


BTS In A Haunted House


“Relax Y/N, it’s not even that dark…” *tries not to laugh at how scared you are*

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“I don’t know why you’re so scared, there’s no such thing as ghosts.”

What a skeptic jeez



Ghost: *Knocks something over*


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poor Yoongi should have just stayed in bed;-;


“Yeah how about we just…don’t…do that…”

*you drag him inside anyway*


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Wow I just suck at finding gifs today


“Y/N what is this place? I thought we were getting food…”

“It’s a haunted house Kookie! Doesn’t it look cool?”



“Me? Scared? Pffft don’t make me laugh.”

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*hears a noise*



“Now Y/N if you start to feel scared feel free to leap into my arm-I mean tell me so we can leave right away…”

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My Requests Are Open!

My Little Monster {Sentence Starters}

  • “Hold on, it’s just getting interesting.”
  • “You have to continuously make choices throughout your life.”
  • “Oh, sorry, I thought you were crying.”
  • “Please, give me more time to think about our relationship!”
  • “If you’re lonely, you’ll just end up thinking of the worst things.”
  • “Hey, could you help me add more chest hair?”
  • “I know I’m cute! Except, don’t fall in love with me. Okay?”
  • “It’s amusing to observe stupid people.”
  • “Wow! Look at you! I didn’t even recognize you!" 
  • "I’m making a barricade because there are sick people out there!”
  • “It’s a bunch of smokes and mirrors!”
  • “If there’s somewhere else you’d rather be, you should admit it.”
  • “Who cares about school? The real me lives on the internet!”
  • “I’m not lost. It’s just a big school.”
  • “Making a choice means that you must have also given up on something.”
  • “How can you be in love with that?”
  • “Still, I have been thinking lately.”
  • “So, what would you say if I told you that I liked you?”
  • “Don’t lose sight of what you really want.”
  • “Get up, I feel like being a love machine.”
  • “Why is everything an error?”
  • “If you want to make peace, you need to show that you mean it.”
  • “The weather is nice today. Can you guess where we are?”
  • “You’re not in love with me anymore, right?”
  • “Why do I always ask questions that’ll only depress me more?”
  • “If you leave, I’ll probably be sad.”
  • “What’s so special about studying?”
  • “That means you must have made the right decision.”
  • “Help, I’m so nervous my legs won’t move!”
  • “Only good things have happened since I met you.”
  • “Well, I don’t believe any of that.”
  • “So this is what jealousy feels like?”
  • “Every problem has an answer. How hard can it be?”
  • “I think I like you- In a sexual way!”
  • “Every time I deal with another person, I’m reminded how little control I have over my life." 
Bengals and Lox

Bengals and Lox by Tumblrless Anon

(based on this post)


“Yeah? Oh wow, where’d these little guys come from? Hey you, come'ere–yowch!”

“Yeah, I don’t think they’ve been declawed, sorry.”

“Emma, it’s not your fault, unless you ordered a box of kittens…Emma. You didn’t. I mean, they’re cute, but do we really need … Emma. Twelve kittens?”


“Emma. You didn’t actually order–”

“No!  I mean, you’re right, they’re cute, I’m sure we can find homes for them–”

“I wouldn’t mind keeping a couple.  You think Mulan and co. would take one?”

“Neal, Philip had a hard enough time with the wisecracking dragon.”

“Yeah, but a cat’s just, you know, normal. Unless Aurora’s allergic or something.  Or the kids. Never even thought about that.”


“When there’s three people doing the true love thing together and they all start having babies, it’s harder to cross check for allergies.  Still, we’ll hit ‘em up.”

“Yeah. Granny might like one, do you think?”

“Emma, where’d they come from?”

“… So remember when Belle had Ellie call and ask what her big brother wanted for his birthday?”

“Aside from your new outfit last night? Which was–”

“Yeah, okay, glad you liked it–”

“Hang on, going for the camera. I didn’t know you could go red like that–”

“Get back here!”

“Okay, okay.  So, Ellie. Isn’t she a little young to be buying birthday presents online?  A candy bar from the corner store, sure, but these guys came with an invoice.”

“Yeah, I, um, maybe told her to order a dozen real New York bagels.”


“Yeah.  Neal, I spent a year in New York, too, you know. People here don’t know what they’re missing.”

“That’s really sweet.  Still doesn’t explain the cats.”

“Did you read the invoice?”

“Yeah.  Purrfect Pet Boutique, New York, New York.”



“It’s a fancy cat breed.  Happy birthday?”

“Sure is.  I have more cute than I know what to do with, *and* a dozen purring fluffballs.”

“I am not cute.”

“Sure you’re not.”


“The hell was that?”


“Your dad’s here? Does he want a kitten?”

“No.  Must be his birthday present.  Why he can’t just use the mail like everyone else, I dunno.  Belle and Ellie do fine.”

“He poofed your birthday present onto the kitchen table?  Around here it might’ve been a rogue magician–Oh my god.”

“What–pfft.  He didn’t.”

“There’s a note. Come on, read it, this’ll be good.”

“Happy birthday, Bae. Belle informs me that we will soon be receiving a new kitten, and that allowing a five year old her own credit card was perhaps not the best idea.  In the meantime, please enjoy the enclosed as an apology;  I ordered extra lox as I am sure your new houseguests will appreciate it. ~R~”

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Hello! I was just wondering if you know where I can download the Dubai Summer Package? Thankyou!! ~

hellosarang has the summer package available for download

Anonymous said: hey! thank you so much for uploading so many bts stuff for us :)… so i’ve just watched bts day party and the vcr where they react to no more dream went lost.. it isnt there.. do you know why ?

Oh wow I didn’t notice that! When I get home, I will look at the live recording I have and upload it if the quality is watchable. I wonder if they cut it out because they were showing cuts from another show’s broadcast?

Hey but what about this: Romeo&Juliette (more like Julien) backwards where sambucky are from old respected families, they fall in love and everybody is just…thrilled! Because just look at them! They are awesome, rich, handsome and famous, they are on the magazine covers. And they’re just perfect for each other.
The only people who are dying are their fans from amount of fluff
(quote from sambucky pre-wedding interview
“Steve Rogers: im so goddamn happy for Buck and Sam, they are my best friends… i will do anything for them and fight anyone who…
*tony’s sarcastic remark*
Steve: oh fight me!
*sam’s laugh in the background*
*bucky’ amusing smirk*)

Magic Love Ride

Seriously… I made a Lulias one, when you all thought it was safe xD

Disclaimer: I don’t own Wizardess Heart all rights belong to Solmore

Genre: Romance/finding love
WARNING: Mature, Shounen-ai
Pairing: Luca Orlem X Elias Goldstein (One shot)

Summary: Magic Love Ride!

(We stepped into a magical book that Randy made, when we entered we noticed an amusement park.) Liz Hart: Where are we? Oh wow that looks neat! Elias Goldstein: Hey calm down. (Liz was super excited about all of this though.) Liz Hart: But this all seems alive, I can’t believe Randy made all of this! Elias Goldstein: What on earth… (Elias averted his eyes to the side.) Liz Hart: We should ride them! Elias Goldstein: That one seems to go in loops… and that one goes upside down… seem scary… Liz Hart: They all look fun! Elias Goldstein: Too scary. Liz Hart: Seriously? Elias Goldstein: Seriously…

Liz Hart: But since we are here… we should enjoy it! Elias Goldstein: Let’s go on something else… Liz Hart: Um… let’s see… (Liz looked around, then noticed an old castle.) What about that? (She asked, pointing at it.) Elias Goldstein: Well… its not a ride, I don’t think… (Elias averted his eyes again.) Liz Hart: Let’s go to that! (We went into the castle then, it kind of looked spooky.) Um… its kind of spooky in here and dark…. Elias Goldstein: Yeah, it’s a very old castle, what did you expect? Liz Hart: Good point… (As Liz talked, a bunch of bats flew at us.) Liz Hart: Eek!

Elias Goldstein: Whoa! (Liz clung to my shirt, as I sighed to her.) Liz Hart: Don’t leave me, Elias. Elias Goldstein: It’s just some bats… (Liz then heard a women crying.) Liz Hart: Hey, hear that? Elias Goldstein: Yeah… (Then the lights within the hallway of the castle started to go out one by one…) Liz Hart: What is going on? Elias Goldstein: This is way too scary… (Finally the last light went out, making us in complete darkness. Liz screamed. Elias sighed and felt the walls.) Liz Hart: Too dark. Elias Goldstein: Let’s get out of here! (We both felt the walls to reach the exit.)

Liz Hart: We made it out! Um… Elias? (Liz looked over towards my side, as she jumped a bit to the side.) Luca Orlem: Huh? Elias Goldstein: What? (Luca was holding Elias’s hand.) Why… are you holding my hand for? Luca Orlem: I was about to ask you the same thing. (Elias huffed and took his hand out of Luca’s) Elias Goldstein: Why did it have to be you? Luca Orlem: It felt nice. Elias Goldstein: Say what? Luca Orlem: Anyhow, going on any of these rides or no? Elias Goldstein: They seem scary… even that castle was. Liz Hart: Wait… how did you get here, Luca?

Luca Orlem: I got pulled into this book. So I am a victim too. Liz Hart: Victim? Luca Orlem: That is what happened. Elias Goldstein: Sounds strange to me… Luca Orlem: So want to ride something, just me and you Elias? (Luca winked towards Elias.) Liz Hart: Um… guys. I am here too. Elias Goldstein: Ride something with you? Luca Orlem: Yeah, like the carousel, it shouldn’t be that scary. Plus you can ride on a white horse and be my prince. Elias Goldstein: I was going to ride that… but I don’t want to ride it with you! (Elias then crossed his arms.) Liz Hart: Are you two even listening?

(Then Vincent came running over to us.) Vincent Knight: There you are Luca… Elias Goldstein: Are you two together? Luca Orlem: No, I only like you. Vincent Knight: But you know, Luca is rather cute. (Liz stared now, as she sensed the jealously rise in Elias, as she backed away.) Anyhow, there is that ferris wheel here too. Liz Hart: We can try that! Luca Orlem: Okay, sounds fun. (Luca took Elias’s hand again.) Elias Goldstein: Wait a minute… who says I want to ride that with you? Luca Orlem: Oh come on, we all know you like me more. Liz Hart: Huh?

Elias Goldstein: Um… but, too many people… Vincent Knight: Its just us four. Elias Goldstein: I um… rather be alone on a date… Luca Orlem: A date, huh? (Elias quickly blushed) Liz Hart: Wait, Elias? Elias Goldstein: Um… so, come on. (Elias said shyly, as Luca took him towards the ferris wheel now.) Liz Hart: Great I got stuck with Vincent… Vincent Knight: Its not that bad. Liz Hart: … (Elias shrugged and took a seat onto the ferris wheel next to Luca.) Elias Goldstein: Um… but, this is scary… Luca Orlem: Its not even moving yet. Elias Goldstein: Yeah… but, it looks like when it does move, it goes up… and…

(When the ferris wheel moved now, Elias gripped Luca’s sleeve.) Elias Goldstein: Sorry… Luca Orlem: Scared of heights? (Elias gave a nod and buried his head into Luca’s shirt, not even bothering to look down.) Luca Orlem: Then just pay attention to me and my voice. (Luca said softly.) Liz Hart: I wonder if they are having fun? Vincent Knight: Beats me. Liz Hart: Hey, what does that mean? (Luca then kissed Elias’s cheek, causing Elias to blush again.) Elias Goldstein: Hey… that’s not fair… (Elias said, before he looked towards Luca, then planted a kiss onto Luca’s lips. Once the ferris wheel reached the bottom again, they got off.)

Luca Orlem: See, that was fun. Elias Goldstein: Well… I am never riding that again! (Luca laughed and kissed Elias’s lips deeply.) Liz Hart: Why are they kissing? (Vincent covered Liz’s eyes.) Hey… Luca Orlem: You are mine now, always will be. (That was how their day ended.)

Pay Attention (Chp 3/4)

For Haikyuu!! Captains Week prompt: Favourite Relationship

Note: My favourite relationship between the hq!! captains is the platonic one between Bokuto Kotaro and Kuroo Tetsurou.

I don’t usually ship Bokuto and Kuroo outside a platonic friendship, but I wanted to see how I did writing some lowkey romantic shippy stuff.

Word count: 1,218

Overview: Wow…that escalated quickly…

Chapter 3 edit: This ended differently to how I originally intended…but hey, hooray for the bokuroo rarepair. Here’s some bromantic fluff for your soul.

“Oh,” Akaashi almost bumped right into the person at the door as he was walking out, “Kuroo-san, good afternoon.”

“Polite as ever, Akaashi,” Nekoma’s captain grinned cheekily.

Akaashi quickly looked very tired, “I’m sorry about Bokuto-san.”

“Eh? Why are you sorry? I just got here.”

“After I spoke to him about you he’s been dying to text you all week, I told him not to bother you but I guess he didn’t listen,” Akaashi turned his head into the house, “Bokuto-san! Did you invite Kuroo-san in the end?”

Bokuto’s voice echoed through the hallway behind Akaashi, “what? You said I shouldn’t so I didn’t.”

Akaashi raised an eyebrow making Kuroo chuckle, “I didn’t get to tell you this before, but Bo doesn’t actually bother me.”

Akaashi gave a soft smile, “he’ll be glad to hear that.”

“Akaashi! Who are you talking to at the door?” Bokuto’s head popped out from the kitchen, “I thought you were leaving…who’s that?

Akaashi gave a hurried bow and slipped out of the Bokuto residence, leaving Kuroo standing in the doorway feeling incredibly nervous.

Bokuto’s stomach also churned as he locked eyes with his visitor. He stomped over to the door with his arms dominantly crossed, his eyebrows furrowed and his mouth pouting, though Kuroo didn’t fail to notice how Bokuto’s eyes had exaggeratedly lit up despite his demeanour.

“What are you doing here?” Bokuto said, trying to make his voice sound deeper and angry.

“I came to say sorry.”


“Yeah, I’m sorry.”

“Um, okay.”

The two boys could barely hold eye contact. There was so much they both wanted to say but they felt like they must maintain their composure.

“I’m sorry too, for getting so angry,” Bokuto mumbled, fidgeting on the spot

“Well, it’s not like you had much control over your emotions to begin with…”


“Sorry, sorry,” Kuroo laughed, “anyway, that’s all I wanted to say, see you later, yeah?”

“Just come in, don’t make this even more awkward,” Bokuto said, his face a faint pink colour, opening the door wide enough for Kuroo to enter.

“Thank you, er, sorry for the intrusion,” Kuroo forced himself to say, taking off his shoes immediately, “Er…is anyone else home?”

“No, just me. Akaashi was here before but he had to go.”

Kuroo flinched slightly, “listen, I know I started this whole issue with talking about Kenma all the time, so let’s try something today.”

Bokuto led the way to his room, “alright.”

“Let’s see who can resist talking about anyone else the whole time,” Kuroo suggested, “whoever loses has to treat the winner to food next week.”

“Ha! Challenge accepted,” Bokuto put his hands on his hips in triumph, “good luck.”

So for the remainder of the afternoon the two sat, side by side, playing video games without a word about Kenma, Akaashi or anybody else.

“Dammit, Bo!” Kuroo yelled in defeat, “I didn’t know you were good at this game.”

Bokuto, his face glowing bright pink in happiness, giggled, “don’t you know I am the best at the game.”

Bokuto, childish as it may seem, could barely contain his glee at how Kuroo of all people was showering him with attention. Of course, whenever the opportunity presented itself Kuroo would tease him but it ended it a lot of laughing and the brushing of arms against each other. Kuroo was having fun too, he’d never really realised how much he missed Bokuto’s extravagant laughter and how he rolled around restlessly when he was excited about winning a game. They were barely apart for two weeks and yet it felt like they were just meeting for the first time.

When Bokuto went downstairs to get some snacks, Kuroo really thought about his friend. He couldn’t help but laugh at how Akaashi had said Bo had been dying to text him and how even Kenma, the most nonchalant guy he knew, noticed how Kuroo was different without Bokuto. Someone who made him feel this lonely when they were away must truly be something. Kuroo decided he wanted to try something, as risky as it may be, he wanted to see where he stood with his friend.

Kuroo joined Bokuto in the kitchen, “you’re taking too long, what kind of snacks are you getting?”

“Shut up!” Bokuto hissed as he watched the microwave intently, “the popcorn is supposed to pop really quietly so I need to listen.”

Kuroo stood behind his friend, snaking his arms around Bokuto’s waist. He put his lips very close to Bokuto’s ear and whispered in the softest voice, “then listen.”

Kuroo felt Bokuto flinch but refused to let go. Kuroo listened to the sound of crispy popcorn popping in harmony, like a tiny orchestra of miniature explosions. But Bokuto, who was a deep crimson colour at this point, wasn’t even listening to it anymore; he was too focused on the low, thumping sound of Kuroo’s heartbeat so close behind him, contrasting with the fast paced and overbearing sound of Bokuto’s own heart erupting through his ribcage. He didn’t know why he felt so…happy? But he didn’t want Kuroo to let go, it was nice to be held like this.

The microwave pinged to signal its completion, popcorn that was still hot continued to pop in the bag. Bokuto, who seemed to not want to address the current situation, took the popcorn out and emptied it into a nearby bowl. Kuroo nuzzled his face into his friend’s neck making Bokuto let out a small yelp.

“What’s wrong?”

“Um…I just realised this is salt popcorn,” Bokuto said in a shaky voice, “would you prefer sweet?”

“Yeah please,” came Kuroo’s muffled voice.

Bokuto put in another packet, trying to ignore the feeling of Kuroo’s lips on his bare neck and the warmth of his breath blowing down his t-shirt. However, while the popcorn was still warming, Kuroo decided to up the ante by actually nibbling on Bo’s earlobe making him exclaim in confusion.

“What’s wrong?”

“What are you doing?” Bokuto had stiffened up, making Kuroo stand up straight.

“I like you, Bokuto.”


“You’d be a very high maintenance boyfriend, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Bokuto shrugged Kuroo off him and turned to face him, “WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?”

“I didn’t realise it before, but with all the time we spend together and how we act when we’re not talking – we’re basically going out aren’t we?” Kuroo flashed a huge smile, “Am I wrong?”

“But…we’re guys…”


“I don’t really swing-”

“You don’t?”

Bokuto shifted uneasily, “Kuroo I don’t know what to say, man.”

“If you don’t feel the same way, please be honest,” Kuroo replied in a serious voice, “I like you, a lot, but that’s just me.”

“Don’t say it like that!” Bokuto demanded bitterly, “I…I like you too. You’ll probably never know how difficult not talking to you was. I’ve just never considered actually going out with my friend before.”

“Nothing has to change if you don’t want it to. I just want any excuse to hang out with you more.”

“Same here,” Bokuto mumbled shyly with a smile that Kuroo found simply adorable.

The two boys weren’t sure what to do after that, they just kind of awkwardly interlocked fingers and went back to playing games and eating snacks, laughing at each other and having their usual mini arguments till nightfall.

Note: The fourth chapter is under construction! I’d like to post it on the Free Day prompt of the hqcaptainsweek but we’ll see, my ask box is open to suggestions. Thanks for reading my drivel!

Can you do one where the farmer (female preferably) is flirting with Harvey and just using cheesy pickup lines with him? And this is before they are dating but they both have crushes on eachother?

“So, you, uh, come here often?” She asked as she smoothly leaned on one elbow against the counter of the clinic while Harvey organized his papers.

Harvey looked up at her for a moment and blinked. “I live here.”

“Oh,” she faltered and stood upright again. “Yeah, duh.” She continued again after Harvey looked back down at his papers. “So, uh, hey! Is there a magnet in your pants?”

Harvey looked up at her in confusion. “No?”

“Oh, hah,” she laughed awkwardly for a moment, having expected him to ask why, “I was just asking because wow your butt’s pretty, uh, attractive!”

He looked surprised for a moment but blushed and chuckled. “Really now? Well, are you tired? You’ve been running through my mind all day long.”

She blushed and giggled. “Oh hey, are you Swedish? Cause you’re the sweetest boy I’ve ever met!”

Harvey smiled broadly and chuckled before he continued, “You must be from Tennessee, ‘cause you’re the only ten I see.”

She laughed out loud for a moment before crossing her arms lamely. “Is that the best line you’ve got?”

He laughed with her and shook his head. “How about this one, do you have a map? I keep getting lost in your eyes.”

They laughed together again and she shook her head. “Did you get that one off the back of a cereal box?”

He chuckled again and scooped the papers up in his hands that were laying on the desk. “Sorry, I’m not as smooth as I used to be.”

“Obviously.” She grinned as she poked fun at him. “I mean, I may have started off shaky but at least I didn’t go that generic. Here,” she pulled off an appointment card from the side of his desk and scratched a series of numbers on here. “Why don’t you give me a call when you’ve got some better lines? You know where to find me too.”

Harvey took the number and smiled at her. “Will do. The same goes for you.”

As soon as she walked back out of the door to the clinic she finally relaxed and breathed normally, willing the hotness of her cheek away. Damn, she thought to herself, since when was he so cute?

Wow, Harvey thought to himself as soon as the door shut tightly behind her, has she always been this appealing?

“Oh. Wow. Hey. Don’t I know you from some place?” Corey states with a raised voice over the loud music playing in Sinema with a cheeky grin on his face. He had a shot in his hand and takes it, forgetting that it wouldn’t affect him without being infused with wolfsbane first. He frowns a little in dissapointment before looking back at the person in front of him. “So, how are you doing?”


I woke up this morning to see I finally reached 800 followers! I had been close for a while and it was really cool to see I finally got there! So I decided to take pictures of the sketches I did at camp!

I brought a brand new sketchbook, and doodled a lot in between things! A couple people saw me drawing at dinner the first night and said it was really cute! So I decided if someone wanted to see it I wouldn’t hesitate to show them! And a LOT of people asked!

I got tons of comments like “oh its so adorable!!!” “Wow it looks great!” And my personal favorite, “hey! It looks like gravity falls kinda! Have you ever considered animating? You could make an adorable cartoon!”

The answer to that is yes I have considered animating in fact I think anything I do with the Villain Squad would be 10x better as a cartoon rather than a comic but I digress

The first one is a bunch of my OCs! I decided to have the first page have as much variety as possible in the characters!

The three after that are quick character pages I doodled for Freeze Frame, Hurricane, and Puppeteer! A lot of people were curious about what the people in my villain squad were like so I drew those for my three favorites!

I also doodled some of my spirited characters but I didnt take pictures. A lot of people really liked the concept of Spirited! And a few gave me some pretty… interesting ideas hehe