Jesus Christ this fandom…“#DinahDefenseSquad Edition”…Part 99/? 👊🏼💥👍🏼

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Um hi everyone! I recently got an influx of followers and I now have 128 followers! :D

so i just wanted to say hi and do some introductions ^^

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and well enjoy your stay!!!! ASK ME QUESTIONS AND WELL LOVE YOU ALL

fragileskittlez asked:

Hey, Gina! Although it's really none of my business to ask, what do you plan on doing with a degree in photography? I remember you said you liked landscapes; are you planning to do something like National Geographic or those photos you see for visual descriptions on a country's tourism page? (if that makes any sense lmao) But whatever you do, you better upload some here!

Omfg future talk shhhhhhhhhhhhh I don’t wanna think about the future fish!!!

XD but no, I love landscapes and nature and taking photos for NG would be a dream. As long as it’s landscapes and not war zones and all that. People keep telling me to go into wedding photography because of the money but it’s harder than people think… That and I cannot stand taking photos of people.. I’ve done a few events for friends and it’s different because I personally want to take photos for them too. But I imagine that gets old pretty quick too. With nature, it changes and you never know what to expect.

After school, I think I’m going to relax for a bit and then try and look for a job.. Somewhere.. We have a 4th year show with the option to sell what we show. I’m hoping someone buys my stuff XD I’ve heard that people get their stuff sold but I’m trying not to get my hopes up..

I’m actually going to present my thesis on Thursday! I’ll post pictures of the setup for sure and then I’m going to upload the pics on my site. I’m so nervous for that, it’s unreal.

I would like to see Skylar’s mother…. Idk as a ghost or in her retrospection… But I’m almost sure this is impossible… Oh well… I can always try to draw something… like thisThis is my vision of her mother… I don’t know how she really looked… :(

I think what I really need in my moment of self pity right now is just a teensy little short story written by someone about Jace’s first time watching anime with Clary. Something like…

Clary and Jace: *watching Naruto* (the old school weeaboo starter pack)
Clary: Think you can do what he’s doing? *points to Rock Lee doing some taijutsu*
Jace: Pfft. Of course I can.
Clary: Oh really? Well then, let me see you try.
Clary: Go on.
Jace: … Fine.
But then he attempts and ends up failing hilariously. I seriously need/want that. cassandraclare Would you please be so kind as to take this request into consideration, if you aren’t swamped with your other works?

I had a student get mad at me for trying to help her with her computer even though that’s not even remotely what we do here in the Writing Center and after I told her several times that the IT building right next door could probably help

Oh well she can go fail for all I care maybe she should try not waiting until the last minute to get help 😊😊😊😊😊😊☺️

anonymous asked:

Feliphone ~ Can u draw yourself ? :3 I really want to see XD XD

Oh.. Hehe Well I can try drawing soon? I’m not at home so you’ll have to wait a bit