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school supplies haul 2015

featuring: a 5-subject notebook for in-class note taking, a one subject notebook because it’s pretty, a binder for homework and rewritten (ie pretty) notes, fancy highlighters with the clear tips, a pack of colored index cards, and a folder for every class (aside from my two choirs, which will share one folder)

the notebooks, binder, and highlighters were from target; everything else I got from office depot

I also got the boring stuff - pens and pencils and loose leaf paper - but I didn’t go all out with fancy ass $30 pens so I didn’t bother with pictures for those 😁


Connie: Steven! Look! Its called a Konrad Saree! It’s traditional from Tamil Nadu. There was a Cultural Festival at school today!

Steven: Oh wow! Its so pretty! Can I try one?

Connie: Well…its really only for women but… *lightbulb* You know what? I have an even greater idea!


Enter Connie taking over the motor skills for a small section of a dance (that doesn’t require too much movement) that she learned for a presentation while Steven experiences it all with fascination! Haha!

**So some SUPER extensive research went into this! I’ve been listening to Indian songs all day and been working on SU fanart after fanart and I thought “wait a damn minute here!”

I lived in the international dorm in college so I was exposed to a lot of culture, surprisingly mainly Indian even though the building was mostly S. Korean students! That’s where my love for the language, music, dance, and food grew!

I did as best I could with research. The SU wiki page said that Maheswaran was a Tamil surname, which is in Southern India, whichthen lead me to search traditional outfits. There…..there were a lot more than I thought. So I ended up going with a Konrad Saree…to be safe. Same with the dances! I mean I knew that there were meanings to all of the movements but….omg wow. I searched as much as I could for the Mudras (the hand gestures) used in the reference image that I used but I couldn’t find them, so I have no idea what they mean (if you know, inbox me!!).

The dance is called Bharatanatyam which apparently developed in Tamil temples?? This is one of the… “moves?”….”poses?” in the dance. I went with a pose where the legs were closer together since you can’t really move in sarees. I didn’t want to just draw Stevonnie standing there, you know?

They’re a dancer!

I did all this to be as accurate as possible and to avoid insulting anyone ;v; Please let me know if I got something wrong. The internet only gives so much to one who doesn’t know what questions to ask!





And the Dance:

Reference image: http://www.glogster.com/akki/bharatanatyam-south-indian-classical-dance/g-6or6dv6jj0t8ulo72h6sur7

UHG. GAWD such a beautiful culture <3 I wish I had some Indian friends that would’ve made this easier xD

All of this just because I wanted to draw Stevonnie in a Saree. I imaged Connie would be wearing something with more traditional patterning but I figured the fusion would jumble that up and mix some Steven colors and roses in it. I wanted to draw them dancing buuuuut….I’ve worn a Saree during one of the college’s culture fests. Unless the person did mine too tight, there isn’t much dancing room in them!

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New Followers

Um hi everyone! I recently got an influx of followers and I now have 128 followers! :D

so i just wanted to say hi and do some introductions ^^

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Don’t know how I feel bout this one, but I’ll leave it here.

I don’t get it...

So many people at work tell me their dogs go bonkers for carrots. Like their #1 most valuable treat ever is carrots??

When I gave Jazz (my previous dog) a piece of carrot instead of her usual treats, she looked at me with a disgusted face like I had betrayed her.
I just tried giving Aspen a piece of carrot, and she had fun playing with it and crushing it into tiny crumbs on the floor (thanks…) but she always ends up spitting it out. :I

I’m disappointed. :P

(Hello everyone! Mun here, and I’m thinking of making some changes to this blog!!

I think I may make it multi-muse (there’ll still be Ren, don’t worry) but I wanna add in a self-insert because I want to roleplay with some people as myself, but I don’t really want to do it on my main blog, and maybe toss in a Laito Sakamaki muse even though I kinda suck at playing him right now. 8) (I need to get better at playing him anyways, for fangirl friends, you know).

So you all would be able to direct your questions to me, Laito, or Ren and possibly more muses in the future if it happens! I’m pretty sure I’m going to do that, so I decided to give you all a heads up in case you want to unfollow or anything!!)

I didn’t sleep :^)

i dun hecked up.
but to be fair this is the first time in forever that i inked anything.
but like every skill, improvement requires failure and no matter how
bad i would mess this up, i was going to post it no matter what.

the faces and hair really bug me, but i did get some decent lines
elsewhere. the lines were steady than i initially would have thought,
so i have that going for me still.

also, that feel when you love the sketch, but then ink over it and /crei

oh well. you can bet i’ll be trying this again though.

Joyce © s8-10
Pinup © me