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new videooooo! i look like an egg with this costume on so - that should be a good reason for you to watch this

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Dear Kent,

I’m being forced to write this by my therapist. She thinks it’s a good idea. A healthy way to process my feelings. I don’t know. I feel like this is kind of stupid, actually? But I guess it’s important. So. She told me I should write ten things I appreciate about you. I’m essentially writing a love letter…oh well. Here goes nothing.
1. You’re the fucking captain of the aces!! How dope is that!!!
2. Your

I’m kind of having trouble thinking of things.

Update: I had another session with Mary and we worked on ideas together for what to write.

2. You take care of your family first and foremost. You love them so much. I really love that.
3. Dat booty tho
4. You might not know how to take care of yourself very well but you fiercely defend and advocate for your friends.
5. You never drive drunk (haha loser you don’t even have a license) Update: Mary said I shouldn’t call you a loser even if it’s meant lovingly.
6. Your toes are like little breakfast sausages and that’s cute.
7. You don’t get into fights on the ice unless someone is being homophobic, how cool is that?
8. You can juggle!
9. Great taste in music, honestly.
10. You always try to do your best and not care about what other people think about you. Fuck them. You’re amazing no matter what.

Ok. I mean. I feel like I have a better understanding of what Mary was talking about. I do feel better. Self love is no joke…


logan & isaac, for giving in.x ]

001 you haunt me (amtrac remix) - sir sly 002 a little death - the neighbourhood 003 the hills - the weeknd 004 pull me down - mikky ekko 005 feel real - deptford goth 006 lurk - the neighbourhood 007 spanish sahara - foals 008 my lair - bear’s den 009 dark times (feat. ed sheeran) - the weeknd 010 bite - troye sivan 011 nitesky (feat. john lamonica) - robot koch 012 falling for you - the 1975

I’m actually posting sims-related stuff on this blog! Wow! I’m already in CAS because I’m doing the three lowkey requests I already had going - in case you guys had thought I’d forgotten! - so I thought I might as well do some more! I guess this is kinda a belated 100/200/300 follower thing, so I’ll take up to 5! watch me completely ignore that lmao If you’re interested, check out the form thing here then send me an ask

Requests are now closed! I’ll try and have this lot out by the end of the week!


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I promised my friends that as soon as I finished my Greys re-watch that I would actually sit down and watch Supernatural… all of it and in a reasonable amount of time so I can catch up them as soon as possible. So here goes nothing… I am afraid of this show because I know how much I will love it, but I am finally just going to watch it. 

I can’t tell if it was a really good idea or a really bad idea to start writing this sequel. Part of me thinks it’s going to be good fun (and I’m excited to revisit this story), but the other part of me wonders if it’ll be any good. Oh well. Here goes nothing! Ladies and gentlemen, as requested by @estheletic, I present the sequel to Autumn Thorn


“Autumn Thorn: May Day” (Chapter 1)

She had gone by many names throughout her life. When she was born, the birth certificate said Emma Jane Phelps. To her brother she was just Em. At her sister’s funeral, she was Miss Phelps.
“I’m so sorry Miss Phelps.”
“Miss Phelps, you have my sincerest condolences.”
“Poor Miss Phelps.”

After joining SHIELD she was Agent Two-Nineteen – and then she became Regina Thorn.

Regina Thorn was feared by her enemies, respected by her colleagues, and proud of herself. STAR was the logical next step for her after conquering SHIELD. Her skills were unique and incredible, proving that she deserved more than she could achieve there, and nobody knew it better than Director Nick Fury.
“We want you to join STAR.” He had said. “It’s a covert team comprised of talented agents like yourself. Everything you do will be classified and you will have to give up anything you haven’t already. That means no contact with your family or friends - for your own safety and theirs – and even your name must be sacrificed. There is no-one else I would rather have on the team. You have already proved you are qualified for the job.”
“Yes, sir,” was her only response.

When SHIELD died, she carried out her last mission alone and rescued the ominous Winter Soldier, only to be captured herself. Torture and brainwashing made her The Asset. A ruthless killing machine of unstoppable force whose only weakness was the man she had saved an age ago. Then she was the woman with no name. Day by long and lonely day, she lived without memories, knowing little of what happened to her save for a metal hand and the feeling that she was being watched…

3 months later, Regina Thorn was revived – or rather a very bad imitation of her was. Thanks to Wanda Maximoff her memories were restored and she remembered everything. The pain, the loss, the love - everything. She was Thorn with extra baggage. A mosaic; a broken vase, reconstructed and at risk of breaking again. Regina Thorn was no longer one person. She was the product of many. She was multiple voices talking in one head until she could hear nothing else. It was almost too much to bear, and were it not for the Winter Soldier, she might not have done. Except he was no longer the Winter Soldier; he was James Barnes. He had changed too.

Now she is Autumn Thorn, an Avenger. An icon built on a foundation of hardships indescribable. Yet through it all – all the evil – somebody stood by her. One voice broke through the crowd: Bucky. James Barnes. The Winter Soldier. The man with just as many names as her.

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