so let it begin like this:

i. we’re two broken pieces,
shattered from different corners of the earth,
and scattered in the wind.

ii. we find each other, and we find ourselves there too.

iii. we do not rebuild what was lost.
we build new, we build bigger, we build better.
we make the past envy the future.

iv. my body's a temple to you,
but yours is my sanctuary.
in you, i find all the faith i never had alone.

v. we are whole again.
we are no longer each other’s crutches;
we are what inspires our legs to walk -
to be together, and walk in stride.

vi. i still need you and you still need me,
but we are not victims anymore.
we are survivors. we are victors.

so let it end like this:

i. your footsteps aren’t there, but you’re with me.
your heartbeat has stopped, but you’re still alive.
your hand isn’t in mine, but i still know the way.

ii. we don’t need to be gods to be immortal.
—  wait for me, i’m coming home | m.a.w



You using the card

You being mad at them

You banning sex

Seeing you in a bikini for the first time

Asking out a cute girl

Exo reaction to you being shorter than them

 you having a laughing attack

Walking in on you changing

You being clingy

You dancing to one of their songs

You accidentally call him daddy

Finding out you’re a fangirl for him

You bringing home a puppy

Seeing you in their shirt

You pronouncing a Korean Word wrong

Exo as Disney Princesses


Letting you go//Sehun

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You walking in on them naked 

You using the card 

Finding out their your bias

Confessing to their crush

Seeing you at a fansign and wanting to see you again

Their Girlfriend cooks for them

You wanting some of their food

Being your ideal type

Their girlfriend being lazy

You having a bdsm kink

You playing classical music

You being a disney fan


Jealous// Namjoon