Finals Week

as told by M*A*S*H

Its that time of year again

You make your checklist

Is there even enough time for this?

You schedule every minute of the week

13 hours of Calculus is totally realistic

Your friends worry. That’s your fourth cup of coffee

They say you need a break

No time for that. Must. Study.

Cue the cramming

But a quick nap won’t hurt

Uh oh. That’s your fifth alarm. It’s time.

You hope your sweat/tears don’t stain your first final

Breath. Its going to be fine.

Did you even learn this?

You start to regret skipping so many classes.

You finish…

…and smile

You’re done! You made it. You’re free!!!

Summer, here you come

remember keith calder, that guy who started blocking larry shippers after people thought he was related to eleanor? a while ago he appeared on this podcast to talk about it and i am So stressed out

anonymous asked:

Philinda + being nerds

(I like this!)

“We’re actually in a base Peggy Carter was in!”

Phil grinned as Melinda stared around at the Playground with immense awe and happiness. “Thought you’d be happy to hear that.”

“You bet I am, but don’t let the others know.”

“Why do I have to be the one everybody knows is a nerd?”

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