listen….. the fab four aren’t good people. they aren’t bad people, but they aren’t these benevolent all loving heroes. they’ve all done awful things and they’ll continue to do awful things because that’s what they have to do. they’ve killed (sometimes in cold blood), they’ve destroyed bases with little regard towards the people who work there, they’ve tortured information out of whoever has it.

is it for a good cause? fuck yeah - they’re still fighting to free everyone from BLI. are they extremists? yes. none of this stops them from being extremely close, protective, and downright nice to eachother.

it’s just.. there’s a huge difference between the people they are in private and the people they are in front of literally everyone else. poison and kobra are famous for being vindictive and having short, explosive tempers. ghoul is a selfish, manipulative asshole that has little regard for the destruction he causes in his wake. jet seems like the nicest one there, but everyone knows that if you cross him or anyone else in the crew, he will be the first to fucking destroy you.

that doesn’t take away from the fact that poison is one of the most empathetic motherfuckers out in the desert. that kobra is loyal as fuck and will go to hell and back for his family. that ghoul is great at dealing with children and is usually the only one who can calm them down. that jet is always willing to be a shoulder to lean or cry on.

you can’t live in the environment they live in and thrive the way they do without having the ability to suspend your own morals in order to do the things you need to do. are they horrified by the things they’ve done? yes. are they disgusted by themselves sometimes? also yes. but they keep doing what they do anyway because they know it needs to be done.

tldr: the fab four aren’t good people but that doesn’t mean they’re bad either. just listen to zero percent and you have it all right there

here’s a little story about why i love shadowhunters so much

when i was a little girl, it was super hard for me to accept who i am as an arab. i went to the american school (which was, as you can tell from the name, mainly for americans) and i always felt kinda different, like an outsider. all the girls in my class had blonde hair and pale skin and beautiful eyes and i had dark hair, dark eyes, and somewhat dark skin.

now something i noticed was that it was only those girls that got compliments for their hair and the way they looked and the way they just were. at first, i didn’t care, i mean i was what ?? 6 or 7 ?? i didn’t give two fucks. but then i started to realize that the pretty girls on tv were always white blonde girls. the popular girls were always white. the rich girls were always white. the cool and badass girls were always white. in fact, almost everyone that wasn’t a criminal or bad guy was white.

i remember one day i asked my mom if people would like me better if i was blonde and blue eyed and pale skinned. she cried. a few years later when i was twelve, i started getting angry about it. when would people stop portraying me as a criminal on tv ?? when would my people stop being portrayed as terrorists and murder suspects and barbarians ?? 

a few months ago, i found shadowhunters. and for once i wasn’t portrayed as a bad guy. i was portrayed as someone who’s smart and strong and peaceful. that portrayal came in the form of meliorn who speaks in calm even tones instead of yelling threats like arab characters in white media usually do. that portrayal came in meliorn who is able to fight like a warrior but show love and affection too. that portrayal came in scenes where people fought to protect him instead of kill him and it felt so good.

it felt so good that for once the arab cast member hadn’t killed anyone or threatened anyone. it felt so good that for once the arab cast member wasn’t killed off on the show. 

basically, jade hassoune being on shadowhunters helped me accept who i am and helped me feel like maybe for once people get us. i hope he stays good and they don’t lead him down the same path that meliorn went down in those crusty ass books.


♡ ♡  vimpse’s follow forever  ♡ ♡

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, and since I’ll be gone for a little bit starting tomorrow (going home to Norway for a bit, yay!), I thought it’d be a fun thing to leave as the most recent post on my blog while I’m away. :)

These 20 blogs are my absolute 100% “follow forever” blogs. Some are inactive, some have moved on to other games, some have announced leaving, some are still posting regularly but all of them are collectively, in my opinion, the gods of TS2 tumblr. The greats. The ones that have had either the biggest influence or been the biggest inspiration to me. So to all of you, whether or not you ever end up seeing this…:

Thank you for sharing your beautiful games with us. I can’t imagine the amount of hours and effort that you’ve put into your games, and browsing your blogs always makes me want to play my own game. There’s even a fairly large chance that, without a lot of you, I wouldn’t even still be playing TS2. From building and decorating to posing and storytelling, you’ve all created such amazing things using nothing but a game from 2004 (and, well… a fair amount of CC and maybe just a little photoshop, but same thing!). I’ll probably never ever stop going back to your blogs and browsing through your tags and old posts, and I’m really grateful y’all exist. <3

So without further ado (and in random order) here are their blogs:

You are all amazing. Really.

P.S. obviously there are a lot of talented people on Tumblr, and I appreciate every single one of you beautiful bastards still playing and posting TS2. Love is all around! <3