Guess Who Asked? : Spencer Reid x Reader

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“Excuse me?” You say, tapping a blonde woman in a blazer on the shoulder. “Do you know where I can find Doctor Spencer Reid?”

You read the name off a card that was given to you by Dr. Reid himself whenever he met you for a genetic analysis of the most recent suspect’s DNA in their case in northern Virginia. 

“Oh, hi, I’m Agent Jennifer Jureau or JJ and you are?” She extends a hand toward you and you shake it lightly.

“I’m Dr. (Y/F/N), genetic analyst and forensic criminologist, odd combo, I know.” You smile, dropping JJ’s hand. “Dr. Spencer Reid contacted me about conducting a genetic analysis on Mr. Louis Green for your case and I had some very interesting findings.”

You pull your manila file closer to your chest as JJ leads you to a little office where Spencer had set up. 

“Spence, there is a Dr. (Y/F/N) here with some results that you requested.” JJ shuts the door behind you as you make your way closer to the man that requested your assistance. 

“Hi, Dr. (Y/F/N), it’s great to see you again.” Spencer smiles as you hand him the file.

“Please, call me (Y/N). The only people that actually refer to me as ‘doctor’ are my parents,” you laugh.

Spencer chuckles slightly as he speeds through your findings. “With Mr. Green,” you start. “The reason why your eye witness testimonies and DNA testing doesn’t match is because he has a rare genetic disorder in which the DNA in his blood differs from the DNA in his semen. His blood was tested against the semen in the rape test kit, which rendered the results inconclusive. He most likely absorbed a twin in the womb before the twin was detected and inherited the DNA from there.”

“A human chimera,” Spencer whispers. He closes the file and looks up at you. “Thank you so much, (Y/N). This helps our case tremendously.”

“It’s really no problem. I’m happy to help any time.”

Spencer walks out of the room with the file in hand as Morgan gives him a clap on the back. 

“Hey, it’s one step in the right direction, lover-boy,” Morgan chuckles. You could hear them through the door, but waited to see where the conversation was going.

“(Y/N) is an amazing genetic analyst and is extremely smart, I just asked for a professional opinion. From one doctor to another.” You can see Spencer start to blush a little and you can feel heat rising to your cheeks too.

“Alright, if that’s all you wanted, then you won’t mind if I ask (Y/N) out then, hm?” Anyone could tell that Morgan was just trying to get on Spencer’s nerves, and it was working. 

“Really, Morgan?” Spencer asks, obviously slightly annoyed.

“I’m just joking, kid. You go get ‘em, just make sure (Y/N) doesn’t leave before you ask.” He walks away and as soon as he passed the office you were in, you stepped out. You head toward the doors, hoping Spencer will stop you before you get there. As soon as you have a hand on the door, you hear someone call your name.

“(Y/N)!” Spencer jogs over to catch up with you at the front of the station. “I was wondering if you would like to meet up sometime away from work? Maybe go see a foreign film or go to the Smithsonian together.”

“I would love to see a foreign film sometime, but the Smithsonian sounds like a better option. We can actually talk without disturbing anybody,” you laugh.

“That sounds great.” Spencer takes your card from you before opening the door to the station. “I’ll let you know when the case is over so we can go to the museum!” he called after you.

“Perfect. Talk to you soon.” You hop in your car and just take a second to process what happened. 

Spencer walks back inside and shows Morgan your card. “Guess who asked?”

ok but pepper was like “hm what should I do with this thing tony made in a cave to stop missile shrapnel from killing him. this thing that was in his chest. i know!!! let’s put it in a little display case with a cute plaque and give it to tony as a gift. perfect”

and tony was like “hm what should i do with this missile shrapnel that was killing me. this stuff that was surgically removed from my chest. i know!!! let’s make it into a little necklace with a cute heart pendant and give it to pep as a gift. perfect”

 these two morons are exactly each other’s brand of morbid weirdness and i Love It

  • Virginia: I have plenty of friends.
  • Edward: Why don't you ever have them over to the society?
  • Virginia: I don't ever have them over at the society because of what you did the last time I had friends over.
  • Edward: And what was that, Virginia?
  • Rachel: Virginia, stop! It's not worth it.
  • Virginia: Oh! Last time my friends were over we were all sitting here working, you came downstairs, completely nude, covered head to toe in salsa and screamed,"Who wants Huevos Rancheros now, bitches?!" THAT'S WHY

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42 with Hyde?.

42. “I didn’t say “sex party” as in orgy. I said “hex party” as in witches.” 

”Oh God. He went where this time?!” Rachel rushed out of the kitchen with a look of absolute disbelief on her face. She could hear Ito’s footsteps following her but didn’t bother to slow down.

They passed Mr Archer by the stairs and he joined them on their run right away, a grin forming on his face,

“So what is Hyde up to?” he asked.

If anybody at the Society saw Rachel running through the hallways, panicking or angry, they would automatically assume Edward Hyde had Done Something Again™. And they would be rarely wrong.

“He left in a quite ecstatic mood, chanting something about a… a witch orgy!” explained Virginia, trying to catch their breath. 

(They still weren’t sure whether they felt disgusted or amused by the fact that Edward would so willingly yell about his sexual life but then again… that wasn’t anything new.)

“A witch orgy by the Fish Fountain!” précised Rachel, making a face.

The Fish Fountain was what the Lodgers called an old, clearly affected by the passing of time fountain, decorated with an ugly fish sculpture and located near the forest’s edge.

Hyde must had already taken a carriage to get there.


So that’s what got Rachel so worried.

The last time Edward encountered and annoyed a witch, she’s injured him quite badly. Pidgley made him promise he’d never mess with witches again but would that boy ever learn? Probably not.

By the time they got there, the sun had already set but the sky wasn’t dark yet.

“If any of you doesn’t want to go, I get it and you’re free to wait for us in the carriage”, said Rachel, stepping out onto the soft grass.

“ ’s just human bodies, nothing unusual,” shrugged Mr Archer but then hesitated a bit, “Well, at least I hope so…”

Virginia nodded and the three of them walked towards the woods. 

They could already hear the sounds of enchanting music in a language they hadn’t heard before.

“God, I don’t want to get cursed or– ” started Rachel but went silent upon seeing the sight before her.

One Edward Hyde, in his trousers and boots only, sat at the ground, having his hair braided by two pretty witches. The rest of them was talking with each other, creating silly things out of thin air or just dancing amidst the trees.

He had a flower stuck behind his ear and looked really content.

Well, until he heard Ito’s meaningful cough, that is.

His eyes snapped open and he was met with three familiar faces.

“So this is how a witch orgy looks like? Edward, explain yourself!” Rachel furrowed her eyebrows in utter confusion.

The witches stopped braiding his hair mid-track and looked at the incomers with mild hesitation.

For a moment everything, except for the background chatter and dancers, went silent.

Suddenly Hyde burst out laughing.

The two witches glanced at each other, then at Virginia. Virginia glanced at Mr Archer. Mr Archer glanced at Rachel who then turned her attention back to Edward.

“What?“ questioned Virginia.

“Oh Ito,” he said after calming down, “You have messed up a bit, don’tcha agree? I didn’t say sex party as in orgy.  I said hex party as in witches.

Founding fathers as drag race

Ben Franklin: omg what did they say
Richard Henry lee: omg they said so many things like…
John adams: Ur perfect ur beautiful u look like marie antoinette, youre a model everything about you is perfect, oh r u a lee from Virginia!? Oh ur smiling! They eat her up everytime she goes into that god damn congress, she could - she could ride in there on a fuckin horse, richard lee ur smile is beautiful!

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Do you have any advice for planting around a huge Pine Tree? the only things surviving around it right now are daffodils and Virginia creeper...

Oh, man, pine trees are tricky. The needles they drop are acidic and actively inhibit the growth of things around the tree (the pine trees do it on purpose, to murder any opposition)

BUT. Hostas do ok under pine trees. So does lily of the valley. Cranesbill geraniums can hold their own. I might look into bearberry too, depending on how hot your climate gets (it’s a north woods plant). It likes acid pine woods soils. 

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I know it doesn't really matter but with your post, "Virginia, DC, USA" doesn't really make sense. Virginia and D.C. are completely separate areas. It would be better to just say Virginia, USA. Just wanted to let you know!

Oh ok I thought Virginia was a city and a DC was a state. I’m not American though so sorry if that was wrong 👍🏻

Only Fools Fall For You – Part 3

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Words: 1,283

Request: Can you do a part three of only fools fall for you please – Anonymous

I really loved only fools fall for you. Will you make a part 3? If you did it would be amazing xx – Anonymous

Only fools fall for you part three please – Anonymous

Author’s Note: I can’t believe how much you all love this short series! It’s absolutely amazing. This is the finale part of Only Fools and I just wanted to thank everyone who loved this story so much that they liked, commented, reblogged, and requested. You all are the reason we have this account and you all make it better every day. Title taken from Fools by Troye Sivan. Don’t forget to send in those request! – Haley xx

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Part 1

Part 2

It’s been a year since Dean found me at my parent’s house. He hasn’t tried to contact me and I haven’t tried either. After he drove away, I packed up my stuff and called Cas. He took me back to The Bunker and I got my car so I can get back on the road and do my job. Laying around and being upset every time someone mentioned Dean wasn’t going to cut it; I needed to stop being sorry for myself.

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Baseball and Proposals

This was requested by @rayleyanns ! Sorry it took me so long to get this to you!

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The team was on the way home from a case in Orange County, which happened to be your hometown. Being back home had brought back a lot of memories. Some you didn’t mind remembering, but some of them you did mind remembering. It had been a trying case with the local law enforcement breathing down your neck while you were trying to work because they wanted to play catch up. You were thankful that the case only lasted a few days, but the two people you were sad to leave were your parents. You hadn’t even gone to see them while you were in town.
You hadn’t been the best at keeping in touch since you started your job with the BAU a few years ago. You had introduced them to Aaron about a year ago over FaceTime, but hadn’t seen them in person at all. The two of you had been dating for two and a half years now. You were happier than you could have ever imagined. Speaking of Aaron, you leaned your head over onto his shoulder and held his arm.
When the plane finally landed, it was around 3:00 in the afternoon, but Aaron gave the team the rest of the day off. You were happy that the two of you were going to have an afternoon alone with Jack. When you arrived home, Aaron was acting strange. “Stay here,” he said as soon as you entered the house. “O…kay?” you said, confused. “Alright,” he called from the bedroom, “you can come in!”
You walked in to see a new y/f/c sun dress laid out on the bed with a new pair of shoes, along with a pair of tickets to go see the Angels play. They were your favorite team and they were playing in Virginia. “Oh my gosh, Aaron, I can’t believe it! How did you get these?!” You squealed, hugging him tight. He chuckled in response. “I have connections,” was all the answer he gave. “Now get dressed and let’s go.”
When you arrived at the stadium, it was around 6:00 and the game was due to start around 6:30. Aaron led you up to a huge suite. “How did you…” you were cut off by Aaron. “Don’t say anything just yet,” he said. You entered the suite and saw that there were two tables set up with food and lots of alcohol. Classy, you thought to yourself. “Y/n…I just wanted you to know how much you mean to me,” Aaron started, taking your hands in his. You looked up into his eyes and waited. “You mean everything to me…to Jack…to the team…ever since I first laid eyes on you, I knew that you’d have a special place in my life. And now,” he said, getting down on one knee, “I’d like to make you a permanent part of mine and Jack’s life.” He pulled out the ring and looked you in the eyes. “Y/n y/m/n y/l/n, will you marry me?”
Tears welled in your eyes as you struggled to speak. “Of course I will, Aaron. Yes. A million times, yes!” You said, as he slipped the ring on your finger. You heard applause erupt from outside of the suite, and saw that the entire crowd was cheering for you. He had put it up on the big screen. The little sneak had cameras set up in the room. You grinned wide as he pulled you into a hug and kissed you passionately.
After the two of you had gotten your moment, you heard a huge round of “SURPRISE” coming from the other side of the room. It belonged to your entire team who had been there the whole time. And then, two people stepped out from behind them. “Mom? Dad?!” you screeched, running to them. You couldn’t believe they were here.
“See?” Rossi said, turning to Hotch, “I told you everything would work out as it should.” Aaron smiled. “I couldn’t have done it without your help, Dave,” Aaron said, patting Rossi on the back. You walked over to Dave and gave him a hug. “I don’t know what you did, but thank you,” you said, smirking at him. “It was no trouble at all, really,” he responded. You and Aaron spent the first half of the game being congratulated by the team and talking with your parents.
All of you watched the game together, and it was picture perfect. You had your entire family right there in the same room for one of the biggest nights of your life, and it couldn’t have been any more perfect. After the game, they set off fireworks. Aaron tilted your head up with his fingers and pulled you in for a kiss. The Angels may have lost that night, but you had most definitely won.

i always make a lot of music during finals week to avoid my work so here is a  song i made about will graham!! (but kept subtle enough to enjoy outside of fandom)

Why did I leave Louisiana? Why did I leave those open waters that I know?
Why did I leave Lousiana? Lousiana, won’t you bring me home

Why did I come up to Virginia? Why did I trade that life for this one, I dont know
Why did I come up to Virginia? Oh, Virginia, guess you’ll be my new home

I could’ve flown to Minnesota, I could’ve flown out there and taken her away
I could’ve flown to Minnesota, to Minnesota but it’s far too late

So now I’m driving up to Maryland, What do I hope to find besides the wind and snow?
Why am I driving up to Maryland? ‘Cos that’s where you are, so that’s where I’ll go

Because no one knows me better than you do
And no one knows you better than I do
And no one knows the things that we do
The things that we do, no one knows

So now I’m driving back from Maryland, I’m driving back I got a long long road ahead
So now I’m driving back from Maryland, but I’d turn around now if you only said.

I got a house down in Virginia, I got a house with lots of land and lots of dogs
I got a house down in Virginia, and you are welcome whenever you want

Because no one knows you better than I do
And no one knows me better than you do
And no one knows the things that we do
The things that we do, no one knows 

Because no one knows me better than you do
And no one knows you better than I do
And no one knows the things that we do
The things that we do

And I miss Louisiana, but I don’t think that it’s so bad now
Because poor, poor old Louisiana, I called home but I was wrong 'coz you weren’t there (x2)

'Cos no one knows me better than you do
And no one knows you better than I do
no one knows me better than you do
and no one knows me better than you do
and no one knows you better than I do
and no one knows me better than you do
and no, no one knows the things that we do
no one, no, no one knows

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Alex Hamilton Liveblogs 1776
  • (I um. Did a thing. In which somehow Alexander Hamilton came back to life in 2015 and watches 1776 and talks to the internet about it).
  • Sit Down, John: Of COURSE this movie starts with John Adams....oh well, I can’t say I disagree about Congress they couldn’t get us money for shit during the war. THEY AGREE WITH ME AHAHA SIT DOWN JOHN YOU....wait. Wait do I agree with John Adams? I do, why won’t the rest of you vote for Independence we’re already at war why should a tiny island across the sea regulate the price of tea
  • Piddle, Twiddle, and Resolve: Uh John, are you hallucinating your wife? Now you seem to have magically appeared in Massachusetts and you’re arguing with Abigail about saltpeter and pins.
  • *Side Note: Franklin is right, John’s voice IS piercing. I of all people, am acutely aware of this
  • The Lees of Old Virginia: WHY DOES EVERYTHING ALWAYS HINGE ON VIRGINIA oh my god. Also I don’t want this song to be catchy but it’s catchy
  • *Side Note: I WISH KING GEORGE FELT LIKE MY BIG TOE. Same Mr. Franklin. Same.
  • *Side Note AGAIN: The dispatches are depressing because the army doesn’t have any MONEY to buy FOOD or UNIFORMS or GUNS because Congress doesn’t have TAXING POWER. Federalists 2k15
  • *Sorry AGAIN: ...are they fighting with CANES. Also God Dickinson please stop talking.
  • But Mr. Adams: "These are wise words enterprising men quote ‘em don’t act surprised you guys cause I wrote ‘em" JEFFERSON YOU DIDN’T EVEN WANT TO WRITE IT. I have to say though Jefferson I do agree with you about one thing, I want John Adams to leave me alone too
  • Side Note: Yo Jefferson I wrote 51 Federalist papers in 6 months and you can’t write a declaration in a week?
  • Yours, Yours, Yours: Eliza says my love letters are much better but wanted me to tell the internet that she thinks John and Abigail are sweet. She says people ship them? Dunno what that means will have to look it up. I don’t know how one ships people in the way she seems to mean. I admit to admiring Abigail here despite the fact she once said she saw the devil in my eyes. Um. Whatever that means.
  • He Plays the Violin: ....are you serious? Do we need a whole song that swoons over this man is there not enough of that already? Jefferson your wife is better than you and the moral of this story is I need to hang out with Ben Franklin more
  • Cool, Cool, Considerate Men: ...can I just. Can I just dump boxes of my “The Farmer Refuted” pamphlet on their heads because it will either knock them out or educate them.
  • Momma Look Sharp: Laurens says I’m crying but I’m NOT I just have allergies, Lafayette is the one blowing his nose loudly in the corner NOT ME. If I’d known that kid I would have helped him etch a unicorn onto his powder horn
  • The Egg: It IS a good declaration okay I ADMIT IT but Thomas Jefferson is not exactly a run of the mill FARMER okay that’s kind of a misnomer....I like this song though. WE SAY TO HELL WITH GREAT BRITAIN THE EAGLE INSIDE BELONGSSS TO US. RISE UP.
  • *Side note: “This is a revolution DAMMIT, we’re going to have to offend somebody!”
  • Side note: “I have always been dissatisfied” me too John. Me too. Good job Abigail you sent saltpeter we’ll be NEEDING THAT since Congress can’t ever get us money
  • Is Anybody There: I am not, under any circumstance crying in Eliza’s lap at JOHN ADAMS of all people
  • Side Note: Ceasar Rodney is a freaking badass and so is this poor kid who keeps bringing in the dispatches. His boots are broken probably because NO NATIONAL TREASURY
  • Last Side Note: ...Okay I am crying a little