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How I picture "Scarlet Heart Ryeo" ending

Here’s how I like to picture “Scarlet heart ryeo” coming to an end. Hae Soo dies(don’t know how but she does) she ends up back in the present, wakes up in a hospital from being in a coma, Her Doctor comes in and looks like Lady Hae who tells her she’s been in a coma after drowning(at this point she’s looking at her like cousin?!) in walks Lady Hae’s husband who looks like Wook and he’s like “Honey I dropped the children off with your mother” stops and see Hae Soo is awake and he’s like “hey you’re finally awake my wife has been taking real good care of you! She’s grown very fond of you” at this point Hae Soo is like WOOK?! And he’s like “Wook? No my names ___” Lady Hae is like “it’s okay you’re still a little confused from being asleep so long”. Pass time Hae Soo is released from the hospital to her mom who is walking her home and Hae Soo bumps into a man who looks like Crown prince Moo walking hand and hand with his daughter(the princess)eating ice cream and he’s like “sorry miss” and continues on his way. Her mom takes her into a coffee shop and tells her to find a table while she orders, Hae Soo turns around and bumps into Eun (who was to busy looking down at his phone) and he’s like “watch it!” Hae Soo is just looking at him teary eyed like Eun? And he’s like “who?” and she hugs him and he’s like whoa! I have a girlfriend! Than in walks girlfriend (Soon-Duk) with best friend (Jung) behind her and they’re both like who’s this? And Eun is like “someone who has me confused with someone else clearly, sorry lady but I’m not whoever you think I am” walks away with Soon and Jung to go order like “how was dojo training?” And Jung is like “she was pretty cute should I ask for her number?” Hae Soo smiles and finds a seat, a girl passing out brochures walks to her like “Come to the best spa in town! Discounts on massages, facials and relaxation!” Hae Soo takes the brochure and looks at it and on the cover of the brochure is the owner of the Spa (Lady Oh) and she’s like 😭, Anyway on the stage in the coffee shop is a boy playing guitar and a girl dancing to the sounds of his music (Baek Ah and Woo-Hee) who are regular performers at the shop and Hae Soo who is emotional at this point stands up to outside for some air and a man carrying out boxes crashes into her and she’s bout to fall flat on her back when a hand comes around her and catches her and she looks up and it’s none other than So!(I think its best that they meet how they first met with him catching her from falling)*cue their music* So pulls her up and he’s like “you should be more careful, are you okay?” And she’s like……… than So is just staring at her and goes “I’ve never seen you around here before and I come here everyday to see my best friend perform(Baek Ah)” and she’s still just staring at him like 😧 than So goes “well if you’re okay then” and is about to walk away looks on the ground near her feet reaches down and picks up a hairpin ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º) and he’s like “you dropped this” and she’s looks at it like 😳 and as she’s about to take it back from him, he snatches his hand away and is like “I’ll give it back if you’ll allow me to buy you a coffee*inserts his smirk*” and she says yes and it’s the end to a beautiful series!! Fuck Yo and Won and Yeon Hwa present lives😒😑.

Scarlet Heart -- Episode 11: The Power of Women and the Inaction of Men

As episodes go, this one was really powerful. The pacing was on point, and the characters are forced to make decisions and concessions that they’ve been shying away from. I hate that I’m starting to be right about Wook (it’s one of those rare moments when you don’t want to be right) and that he would turn his back on Hae Soo for the crown. I don’t know that I trust that the show did enough to show Wook’s desire for it and it was in the writers favor that they established his necessity to turn his back on Soo in order to protect his family – a sense of duty, if you will. I can only imagine Court Lady Oh was right, he will truly come to regret turning his back on someone he loves. 

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Speaking of Court Lady Oh — she was a blazing star in this episode. Despite the fact I didn’t think the writers developed her mother-daughter relationship enough in the last several episodes, I totally believed in her sacrifice for Soo and the pain that she must have endured being a servant in the house of the man she loves. It proves that all truly powerful acts in this story are done by the women: Lady Hae requesting Wook to take a second wife, Hae Soo’s self-inflicted scarring to prevent marrying the king, Queen Yoo’s ruthless plotting to destroy everyone who stand in her path, Yeon Hwa’s manipulation of her brother and role in the murder plot, Chae Ryeong’s desperate pleas to Wook, Soon Deok’s request that Wang Eun take second wife because she loved him too much to see him unhappy, and finally Lady Oh’s sacrifice to save Hae Soo. All of these things coupled together really shine a light on the strength of women over men in this drama — which is interesting since it seems so hinged on the prospect that Hae Soo can’t protect herself, and men flitter about her trying to save her life. 

The men, as a whole, are quite selfish beasts. We see the king really struggle with the prospect of the only woman he actually loves (Lady Oh) dying by selfishly claiming that she “finally turning her back on him”, Wook somehow easily turning towards power and influence regardless of his pleas of genuine love, Wang So’s selfish claims over ownership of Hae Soo’s heart (regardless of her feelings) and even Wang Eun’s cold treatment of his wife (even barring her from bed and company) because she isn’t who he thought he wanted. For the crown prince, he is a confluence of the faults of men — he has too much compassion, and is the weakest to act out of all the princes combined. It was a positive revelation when he pleads with the king to take the crown from him, since he knows he isn’t the strength Goryeo truly needs.

So if anything, the first half of this drama really pits these conflicts together — the action of the physically feeble but action-oriented women versus the inaction of the men. How these conflicts will erupt in the second half is till hazy, but Hae Soo is forced now to come from behind the skirt of her protection (Wang So can only save her so much) and stand on her own two feet — without Wook. Because establishing her identity and what she values is just as important for the modern Go Ha Jin as it is for Hae Soo. Perhaps more important.

me when other characters died:

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me when eun died:

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Ok but that moment where she bowed to Wang So and greeted him as the King was a fucking amazing scene because you could see the ambivalent feelings she had and plus I don’t think it was allowed/common for women to bow like that to a King since that seems to be done by men in the military or generally men?