Cliff: TO show my penitence I will eat this dirt in your name.

RIvi: What! NO!

Cliff: Om nom nom nom! Yummy dirt pie!

Rivi: Why would you do that! That’s so so gross!

Cliff: Because I’m an idiot apparently? It wasn’t that bad really. 

Rivi: BUt you basically just made mud in your mouth! 

Cliff: All gone see! It’s not my first rodeo!

Rivi: Let’s just…. let’s just go find your toothbrush. I’m going to focus on the beginning of the date. Oh my sweet patooties that was not how I saw this going.

anonymous asked:

I ship Johnlock as much as anyone else, but sometimes I get discouraged by the Sherlock/Molly kiss in season 3. Why would he do that?!?!?!?!!??! Please tell me your theories. I need encouragement!

Oh sweet nonny. Let me explain:

If you recall, the very beginning of TEH was Anderson explaining to Lestrade his theory about how he believed Sherlock survived his fall from St Bart’s. Now, the kiss was part of this. So, he never actually kissed her. It was part of Anderson’s theory. It never actually happened. How Anderson explained that part to Lestrade, I have no clue, and honestly I cringe when I think about Anderson describing any sort of kiss to Lestrade.

I just now realized you also may be referring to the kiss Sherlock bestowed upon Molly’s cheek in the same episode. But never fear. I believe this was Sherlock’s way of thanking her, in addition to taking her on a case, for her essential part in helping him fake his own death. Without her, the plan would not have been possible. Sherlock knows he’s not good with sentiment and emotions. But he also does know that Molly still may harbor some feelings for him. So, he uses that knowledge and thanks her in a way he knows will mean something to her. Because, honestly, without her, he would not have been able to protect Lestrade, Mrs. Hudson, and especially John. Always John.

Sweet Victory

Ustedes creian q mancilla era mateo, pero no sabian a q nivel. La medalla plateada es el segundo lugar en las olimpiadas de matematicas comunales, q se realizó en el colegio antonio Rendic. Y la medalla dorada es nada menos q el PRIMER lugar nacional en el campeonato de matematicas. En honor a mis triunfos me dedico a mi mismo la Cancion Sweet Victory, de David Gleen Elsey.

The winner takes all
It’s the thrill of one more kill
The last one to fall
Will never sacrifice their will

Don’t ever look back
on the wind closing in
The only attack
were their wings on the wind
oh the daydream begins

And it’s sweet, sweet, sweet victory,
And it’s ours for the taking
It’s ours for the fight
And it’s sweet, sweet, sweet victory,
And the world is ours to follow

Dulce victoria

Si se q fue soberbio y orgulloso de mi parte subir esta foto, pero uno puede presumir de lo q hace o tiene, lo q no se puede hacer es cuando no es asi…
Posteen, si les parecio quebrado, o esta bien dar a conocer mis triunfos.

-Con toda “humildad” Mancilla
el 28 junio 2008