Update thoughts part 2!

Okay so I’ve been reading and trying to give my thoughts some order and organization, which is hard. So now I want to focus more specifically on the consequences of this Doomed Timeline. This post will focus mainly on Terezi, Rose, Roxy and to some extent Aranea.

Okay let me introduce this, some people think that this being Caliborn’s creation denies it from being a Doomed Timeline. Well I don’t see why both of these facts  should be exclusionary. If you could give any insight into this I would appreciate it, because I think that yes, it can be a Caliborn Creation, AND a Doomed Timeline. Homosuck was real, it was a story in itself that happened just narrated in an extremely primitive form. The more the characters have control over the narrative the more blurry the timelines become. John can practically modificate the Alpha Timeline by using the artifact, and he DID, while he zapped you can see his arm being in all the panels, so what is a timeline now that the characters are finding ways to modificate it?

What happens at the end of the flash? After having his ass kicked, Caliborn clearly doesn’t understand what just happened, he is completely shocked. WHAT DOES HE DO? He reaches for his mouse. The flash ends with a “Click”, giving us a clear clue that Caliborn did something. Let’s also pay special attention to this mouse, you can see it has the MSpaintadventures Logo, could this be further proof that Caliborn in fact did upload this flash we just watched? (Minus the John vs. Caliborn fight)

I am confident this is Caliborn’s creation but I also think it is a Doomed Timeline.

Now we should never just dismiss events just because they don’t belong to the Alpha Timeline. Remember when the Rose from the Davesprite timeline went to sleep and passed her memories to the Alpha Rose? Also Davesprite itself is an offshoot from a Doomed Timeline that ended up affecting the Alpha. There are ways that we can get things out of Doomed Timelines and apply them to the Alpha Timeline. I’ll get into more detail below.


I already pointed out how important Terezi is here, she and her potential to discover which actions in particular fork the Alpha Timeline. I trust Gamzee saved her and did not do a thing to kill her for a reason. Maybe he was trying to make Terezi realise that this was a Doomed Timeline, so she somehow could pass this to the Alpha Terezi. Thing with Gamzee is we can never entirely rely on him, we know very little about what drives this character to do what he does, but I think we need to give him more credit, I still think he’s pretty insane, but I also think he’s not dumb, and if something is interfering with what he wants he’ll get shit done to revert it.

Our Doomed Terezi is pretty much alive after getting stabbed and blown away. Think of all the character who died in this update, Being killed so easy why would Hussie leave Terezi alive if it weren’t because she is going to be playing a main role into warning the others about what can happen?

Rose and Roxy

So much like Terezi, Rose didn’t die, she was ABOUT to, but this wouldn’t be considered a Heroic death nor a Just one so she should be reviving just fine. So we have 2 Seers. Two seers who among all the death survived. After all, what a better pairing than a Seer of Light and a Seer of Mind to shed light into what the Alpha Timeline is supposed to be. But how can they do this.


Rolal, drunk mother of the year to the rescue. Back in Davesprite Timeline, Rose somehow managed to transfer her memories to the Alpha Rose. Confirming what I said in the introduction that Doomed Timelines can have impact on the Alpha Timeline.

Yes, try going to sleep. Why do their dream selves operate outside the normal time continuum though? Remember when they left their session for the Green Sun? It’s the Void. They had to take a special route. Because in the Void time and space work in a different and more chaotic, non-linear way. Void is the key here, Davesprite here refers to them not as all dreamselves, but to them as the Derse Dreamers. As such they are much more closer to the Void and the Horrorterrorts, were times operates differently.

And as such, Roxy here took Doomed Rose to save her somehow, using her Void powers. Where did she take it though. Well while talking to some friends earlier they showed me something they saw in a blog, sadly I don’t have the link to the blog. But here it is.


This just keeps adding up. Caliborn was the one orchestrating these drawings. So we have two Roses, one being held by Void and one being held by Life. Is Roxy taking Rose to the Alpha Timeline somehow? Will we have two active, living Roses in the same Alpha Timeline?

On an extended thought. Roxy knows the location where Calliope is hiding, so maybe in a last desperate attempt she is taking Rose there? So Rose would be with normal Jade, Calliope and Roxy. Maybe they get more people and mount a play in that stage?

We have already seen a lot of Calliborn’s narrative, maybe now we’ll get to see some of Calliope’s. Rose being a Light player would be like a “beacon” endangering them, making it easier for Lord English to find them. But maybe they have a plan, maybe this is the way to lure LE. This is really far fetched but I would really like to see this stage come into place, and it’s most likely that Roxy takes Rose here.


Yes, Aranea had the intention to doom the Timeline so then Lord English would never exist. She knew this and went on with it because she thought herself able to heal the Timeline.

I see a lot of people using this as kind of a reason to believe this is supposed to happen. But the thing is Aranea, as powerful as a healer can be, got blatantly overconfident of her abilities, you can clearly see in the flash that she was not expecting any of this, she just wanted to be relevant and do a good thing, but like all Serkets, her overconfidence ends up being her killer. She didn’t expect Condy to be so powerful, I think she acted more impulsively than anything, drived by her desire to be relevant.

We don’t know if she can heal a Timeline, so nothing is granted.

So that’s all I can muster for now. Guys thank you for all the support this is getting, feel free to add to these thoughts and follow the discussion, don’t hesitate to PM me if you have anything to add to all these of any theories you have yourselves you want to discuss.

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