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Sans approaches with a hot dog and a party hat. There's a candle stuck in the hot dog. How festive. "Hey, happy birthday, kid." He smiles, and holds the hat out for Poppy to take.

[*Poppy couldn’t help it, she covered her mouth with her paws while she giggled. Oh he knew just how to be silly.]

*hehehe, you’re so funny Mr. Sans. Thank you!

[*She happily takes the hat and puts it on her head.]


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My Top 10 OTPs

(Listed in no particular order and only from fandoms I’m currently active in)

1. Ichigo/Rukia (Bleach)

2. Makoto/Haru (Free!)

3. Sousuke/Rin (Free!)

4. Rei/Nagisa (Free!)

5. Trunks/Goten (DBZ)

6. Goku/Chichi (DBZ)

7. Takano/Onodera (Sekaiichi Hatsukoi) 

8. Yukina/Shouta (Sekaiichi Hatsukoi)

9.  Akihiko/Misaki (Junjou Romantica)

10. Nowaki/Hiroki (Junjou Romantica)

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So, this is Nathan Page at the Logies in 2009 

And while doing some desperate casual searching for some new NP photos, I found this gem on Flickr. 

It had this caption underneath it: 

“Nathan Page, in his Logies tux and dinner shirt by Wayne Cooper: Friday May 1st, 2009″

I know it’s legit because you can kind of see the pattern in the second pic and also if you google Nathan Page and Wayne Cooper, there’s a blogpost that mentions his name and the designer he’s wearing. 

Here’s the flickr account, so she gets credit for the close up shot of the freckle on his chest.

Note to self,

do not go to a class taught by a hyper-active archaeologist when you are lacking sleep.

(Prof. casually pointing at points on a map) “There are noted Acadian houses along the river. Note here: Acadian house, Acadian house, Acadian house, IDIAANNNSSS, Acandian house, more Acadian houses….”

 "Here is an actual photo of a modern house. In color. With people in it. Living people. Now that’s new" (acting actually excited about this fact).

“Here’s the house, along with their lawn animal.” (points to a random goose walking towards camara). “I was nearly pecked to death. NO. That doesn’t sound nearly frightening enough. Nibbled to death?”

“I wanted to make sure this was what they were, so I snuck the leaf home where I have a lilac tree in my back yard. In my camera bag. ACTUALLY, I think I still have some in there” (points excitedly to his bag).“Anyway, I went up to the tree and said "Hey you, come here” And the tree was very cooperative, and together we came to the conclusion that they did indeed match!“ (flails arms in excitement).

Needless to say I get giggly when I am over tired. This was an interesting class.




Great start to a great day ;)

First time in the apartment alone lol. Supposed to take a shower. Ended up eating cereal. Sitting ontop of eachother curled up in the big recliner now in our comfy little place. Him being cute and playful. Falling on the floor. Rolling around a bit. Started making out, had sex on the floor, then got in the shower <3 lol now its time to go to my aunts for my sissys bday party thing! Always fun times with the family and bebe

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✦ = being well-dressed

“Oh..Commander..” She giggled and patted her hand on his chest, observing the suit he was wearing really closely. “Looking good, are we? I am glad, they haven’t forced me into my dress yet.. I am not one for dressed.. This, however, really suits you.” 

She laughed quietly and placed a small kiss on his lips. 

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Did you hear? There were 2 gays in the walking dead. Not 1 gay... 2! UNBELIEVABLE the media is trying to shove their gayness in our face! (This is all sarcastic btw) -wa


that’s just excessive honestly talk about shoving it down our throats that’s totally not even realistic

everybody knows that every zombie apocalypse is allowed a maximum of ONE GAY c’mon do your research pSSHHH