Searching the Jacob Pitts tag I stumbled across this fabulous gifset by fire-na-seaparks and, immediately hit “reblog”.. Then, did a YouTube search (as any good fan-girl would do) and, got inspired to make my own gifset ― Ended up just giffing the whole scene because he was too dreamy in it not to. *sigh*

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I just want to say you are gorgeous and your voice is oh so dreamy.

this voice shit is so funny to me.

but uh… thanks ma.
- daddy voice

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I'm going to a wedding with my ldbf in only 19 days! I've got a dress and heels picked out and I'm so excited!!

Oh so fun!!!!! Such a dreamy night!! Have the best time!!

Alice in Wonderland remix

I have found it that there are many different versions of Disney’s classic Alice and Wonderland, from the classic age to the newer versions. The ones with you favorite actors that are oh so dreamy. It’s like damn I thought Johnny Depp couldn’t get any hotter after Pirates of the Caribbean but ugh he sure makes a good nutter. It’s one of my favorite stories as a little girl. I always wondered how someone could writing something so captivating, that you had to read it over and over. One day when I was older I wanted to do that too. Make someone so captivated in a book that they couldn’t put the book down. That the person would read through their classes, ignoring the teachers and reading my story cover to cover. I guess that’s why you’re here. To see if your going to be the person to read this and finish it at 4 am on a school day. But I wouldn’t want to have the classic version with little change. No I want it to be the exact opposite of the classic, it would be unique, but most of all it would be different. The plot is kinda the same but at the same time it’s not. It’s going to have a a lot of different aspects including myths that people have heard of throughout history ranging from the Greeks through today’s myths. I don’t know if it will work but it’ll have to do for now. Okay let’s start this shall we? So we need a name for the protagonist, you in the red shirt what do you think? Julia, you say? No is what I say. Jennifer. Nope. And before you say it because I know it’ll come up, definitely not Lucy. I was leaning more towards Arielle. Now I need a last name for her, I was thinking Brooks. Yeah yeah I know that’s CM Punks real last name, get over it. So her story starts in a recurring nightmare. And she see first hand what awaits her as she meets her Prince. And that’s the only piece of free information you get until you read it. Have fun with story time.

Running through trees passing animals I’ve never seen before, animals that don’t exist. I’m chasing that damn wolf. It’s too fast for a clumsy girl like me. I turn my head at the flash of grayish black fur that practically flies by my stormy blue eyes.“Alex,” I whisper. I’ve called it Alex because A: it’s a beautiful inter gender name and B: it suits the gigantic wolf. A loud stomping noise startles me from my searching; it reminds me of when a child throws a temper tantrum. “Alex,” I whisper out again, “where are you baby?” I look around frantic, knowing that if a hunter saw him they would instantly kill him because in their world it’s a “carnivores flea infested beast.” A high yip captures my attention freezing me to my core, I rush over to the bush making all of this noise and start tearing at the surprisingly thick vegetation. At the end of the bush what I see makes me dry heave and gag.

The not so little wolf’s paw is shredded on a bear trap; I rush towards him scaring him. He growls and bares his pearly white fangs at me. I shh him, my hands go the jaw and I pull with all my might and it doesn’t even budge, the jaws remain closed over his paw. I shuffle closer to the wolf and put my hands over the back of the trap and feel around. Grinning when I feel the jagged edges of a key hole. I reach my hand to the back of my jeans grabbing the shiny black case. I open the box, taking out the gold rods out and sticking them in to the keyhole. Switching around the thin poles until I hear the telltale sound of the lock turner over. I smile in triumph. I pull at the jaws again and this time the jaws spring apart.

I grab the wolf’s scruff and pull him towards me careful with his paw. He growls at me and I shhs him, I grab my handy dandy pocket knife putting a cut through the fabric and give it a harsh tug. It rips off, exposing more than half of my abdomen, on one side. I take the shredded piece of fabric and wrap it around the blood stained paw, I knot the fabric a few times to secure it to his paw. This somehow reminds me of of the children’s book Little Red Ridding Hood. “Where are you sire?” A deep voice rasps, “find him now men! We can lose him now!” The wolf barks. Both of my hands find themselves wrapped around the wolf’s muzzle silencing him. My body finds itself squashing against the wolf for warmth, his fur tickles my bare body. The wolf starts sniffing me, later licking my stomach in thanks.

“Prince Noah, where are you sire?” The voice rings out again, more desperately. “Find him now men, or we’ll really have our head on stakes if we lost him for real this time.” The voice shouts ordering his men to fan out. I grab Alex’s scruff and start to walk in the opposite direction of the yelling, and I drag the wolf with me. He tries to turn toward the screaming but I keep pulling him with me. “You there!” A low voice yells. I pause and slowly walking backwards, trying not fall and land on my ass, again… But that’s another story if you’re lucky, I’ll tell you that later. “Noah, let’s go now! If the queen finds out what you’ve done, she’ll skin you alive, and then the rest of us for not stopping you.” I backing away a littler fast then I was before, trying not to crush the leaves that have fallen beneath my shoes and onto the skimpy path. My foot slides on a patch of wet leaves, and I sputter around trying to look for something to grab on to so I don’t fall. Yeah like that freakin works, no my clumsy ass finds probably the only visible tree root, my arms pinwheeling around to stop myself from falling over. When my wolf turns into a teenager, the fur disappears and flesh starts to replace it. You can hear bones munching and crunching as he changes into human. A panicked noise whimpers out of my mouth. Great, I think as I find a hole worthy of the Boogie Man. Don’t know what that reference is for huh? Okay, what about Wendigo, Devils Monkey or Yahoo? And no it’s not an email site. Its a Yeti, or Sasquatch, or maybe Bigfoot. Damn, you need to know all of his names. I fall into this hole, it feels as if it’s in slow motion as I tumble to my death. I feel like death is coming when I hear the the mans voice scream “don’t go after her! No Prince Noah, stop.”

The part wolf part human, “werewolf” my mind supplies for me, jumps in after me. His body comes flying down like a freight train, barreling his way towards me. Why would this ‘Prince’ of wherever the hell I am, save this no body? Noah wraps his arms around my abdomen, wrenching me against him. I look down at my sides and see his hand clenched on my one side of ripped shirt and see the red cloth knotted around his once shredded hand. He turns us around mid air to protect me from the jagged bottom. I look over his muscled shoulder to see how far we have left until we were going to be kabobs. The boy grabs my head and pushes it over to his chest and he keeps it against his body. He tried to stop my shaking. “Shhs bunny, it’s okay, I’ve got you.” The bottom comes up faster than expected. The sound of bones breaking is forever burned into my brained, as well as the pained expression he makes as the rocks dig into his back. My blood curdling screams and those of my mother are enough to arouse me.

“Arielle Marie Brooks.” My mother’s voice screeches. “Get up, we’re here.” I shoot up gasping for breath. “Where are we Ma?” I question as I look out the truck backseat window and stare at the castle like building. “We’re meeting my new boss and his family at this,” he said pointing towards the building, “Country Club.” My father spoke. “We’re late so hurry up,” he says walking towards the passenger side and opens my mother’s door then takes three steps backwards to open mine.

“Arielle can you please take out you face piercings, I want to make a good impression.” My father speaks while staring ahead. We walk in to this magnificent palace and I wish that I had grabbed my 2X Canon 5D mark i’ll camera with its 35mm fl.4L lens. “I’m going to the bathroom, I’ll find you when I’m done.” I say turning the left, following the signs that point towards the restrooms. I walk down the long marble hallway I look to the right and see the men’s room, I walk another foot and see the women’s room. I open the door, walking straight to the mirror. I take off my purse, I open it and grab my makeup pouch. I take the only glass bottle and twist it’s shiny, silver cap, and put my long hair out of the way by putting it up. I turn the bottle over and put the top of my hand out. I shake the bottle until the muted color trickles out. After a second or two, I put the bottle right back side up because it’s very expensive brand of makeup. I then grab a brush, I dip the brush in the concealer and put it against my face. Then I start to paint my face in the pale color.

I grab the eyeshadow pallet and a few Q-tips. I brush the Q-tip across the white and press it against the corner of my eyes. I make sure the corner of inner eye is snow white and I grab another tip and wipe it against the mound of color. I cover my eyelid in a mist of purple. Next I grab my eye liner pencil and the liquid one, I put the pencil against the bottom go my eye and draw the black curves. So basically I now look like a baby raccoon, the usual. What can I say I like how it looks. Next is the lips, so I grab the brightest shade of purple I have and spread it around covering the faded red from before. I then coat the purple in clear cherry blossom lip gloss. I take down my hair, putting it in such a way it won’t touch my lip. I don’t want to smudge it. I know it’ll piss my dad off but I really don’t care, I’m no ones puppet I’m my own person and he better learn that. I look at myself in the mirror and what I see shocks me, I acutely look beautiful. So I grab my phone and see my background Batman, and I unlocking finding I have a message from Madison the old friend that I can’t stand anymore after what happened. If you can guess it’s when I found her with my boyfriend in bed together, I went apeshit. I started cussing, I probably made my grandfather roll in his grave because I can make a sailor quake in his boots. I hit answer.

“What the hell do you want scum bag?” I say harshly. There’s no noise for about thirty seconds. “I just wanted to say hey.” Mads said. “Okay,” I say “ now and if you ever call me again I’ll tell Max what you did, and you know he’ll tell everyone, then I call the popo and tell them you’re harassing me. Bye scum.” I respond, before hanging up the phone before she says another word, and her number gets blocked and deleted.

I look back into my bag search for the dress and heels I know I stashed there after the funeral. I walk in to the stall and carefully pull my Goonies shirt off and my extremely tight skinny jeans down. I pull the black shorts on and carefully slip the dress over my head. Once I get my arms through the slot I tug the black fabric down it goes mid thigh and walk out of the stall. I put my hand on the countertop to make sure there’s no water on it before I hop on it. I start to pull off my combat boots and socks again and place them in my bag, there still sitting loosely after I pulled them off to get my pants off. I grab the left heel and slide my foot in it and zipped it up, doing the same to the right. I take a peek at how I look, at most I say my parents are gonna have a heart attack. Yeah, a heart attack.

I grab my phone and unlock it, clicking the message my mother sent me, its directions to where they’re sitting and to hurry up. I reply with kay. I push my arms through the arm slots of my bag, and walk out of the loo. I look at this marble hallway and it looks like the inside of a fairy tale, gold everywhere, every woman’s dream is to be surrounded in gold.

I know what you’re thinking why is she staring at a public restroom and a hallway. But if you saw what she saw your heart would stop because it is beautiful. But since you’re probably saw the bolded text and you hurried to finish the plain text to see what’s important in this. Well, Arielle goes to the bar orders a drink finds her parents at a table dumped the drink over her father’s boss’s head…. Nah I’m lying. But I will give you a tiny bit of information on her, but shhh don’t tell anyone. Okay? Arielle moved because of that accident she mentioned earlier, and she crushed her because she misses him. Okay so back to me. Oh my, I forgot to say hello, and how are you? I’m happy to hear that, if you’re wondering and you’re probably not but just if you’re that one person who cares I’m sick today and for the past few days and it sucks. Let me tell you I can’t stand it, my friend got me sick. Okay now I know what you want so let’s start where we finished. Bye, have fun with story time.

I’m looking for my parents when someone crashes into me, sending us both flying towards the floor. The boy places his hand on either side of my head so he doesn’t squash me. My heart starts to go hey wired when I see the boy on top of me. He has short blondish hair, geld to create little spikes on top of his head. He rolls off of me and onto the floor, he moves to sit on his bum. Two groups of people come rushing toward us. Slightly running but somehow how their hair stays perfectly still. Man I wished that happens when I run. I recognize one group, it’s my rents. The other one the boy seems to know because he sort of freezes, and looks that he wants to be anywhere else. As do I.

Chapter 2

The man next to my father starts talking, looking directly at my father.

“I guess our children have uh,”

He started, looking down at us.

“Met already,”

He said as he smiles. His hand reaches down to grasp mine, he gently pulls me up so I’m not on the floor anymore.

“Hello, my name is Mr. King,”

The man spoke, a hint of power residing in his voice.

“Oh no,”

My mother rasps, interrupting him.

“Honey, do have anything else with you?”

She questions, staring at me with her worried wide green eyes. I tilt my head in question. Her soft hand touches my bare abdomen. I look down to see a large slash in the fabric from below the bra line to above the hip. I shake my head in a no motion.

The other woman, starts talking to her son.

“Noah sweetie, do you have a plain clean shirt for,”

She looks over to me and pauses as her mind searches for a name that fits my face.


I say, with a hint of a smile. She turns back to her son, and continues on with the conversation as if there was never a halt in the middle.

“For Arielle, and preferably black,”
“Yeah Mom I can check in the Lamborghini, I might have one in my gym bag.”
“Okay baby, go check for her.”
“Take with Arielle with you, son,”

Mr. King responds with, gently pushing me against Noah. And towards the door. Noah stays close to me as we make are way out. He sticks to the side of my body that has the open side of my dress. He never left my side until we stopped in front of a brand new looking blue Lamborghini. He fishes in his pocket for his keys, as I wrap my arms around my body, hugging myself for warmth. The lock turns over, and he opens the back seat and grabs a black duffle bag. He opens the bag, and starts throwing shirts, shorts, track pants, muscle shirts, shoes, and boxers in every direction. He’s about to throw a black muscle shirt when I stop him.

“That’ll do Noah,”

I stop him gently. He turns around with his eyebrows raised.

“I won’t have to do much with out sleeves in my way,”

I respond with. He shakes his head and holds out the shirt. He sticks half his body back into the car to put back the clothes into the gym bag. As he does that, I shrug on the shirt. I match it up to the dress and pull it tight against my stomach, so tight that you can barely tell that there is a shirt covering the ripped dress, and tie it with one of the rubber bands that I always have on my wrist. I rub the red imprints on my wrist that have been made by the small rubber band we’re settled there, soothing them.

“Hey Noah, does this look like I have a shirt on over my dress,”

I ask while turning to face him. I catch him already staring at me. I interrupt the silence with.

“No, you look beautiful, but I, I mean we should head back in Arielle,”

Noah stuttered out. As he turned towards the Lamborghini, efficiently locking it. The quiet moment was shattered by the rambunctious group of ten or so boys, the group is loud and swaying maybe because of the low rumble of the music, but if I had to guess it had to do with the various glass bottles of what I assume is alcohol scattered in hands and on the parking lot, or on the hoods of the nearest cars.

Noah stares at the boys with a look of betrayal in his eyes that flashes out as quickly as it entered. The look is replaced by something else, something deeper, almost possessive crosses his face. He grabs my arm and pulls me to his body, his arm wraps around my waist and starts to steer me in the direction of the country club when a voice rings out.

“Ey Noah you should leave the girl here so we can have some fun. I bet she would give us a fight, am I right boys?”

The tall boy with brown hair says, earning some laughs from the rest of boys. While Noah out right growls, his heart beat feels like it’s trying to break out of his chest so it can hurt something., against my back

“She doesn’t want anything to do with you, Chase. And if I ever see you bothering her, touching her, or even breathe by her so help me god I will break your fucking egotistical neck,”

Noah roars out. His voice booming out over the lot of empty vehicles. It frightens me. I step back further against him. My head begins to cloud and pound, my vision goes blurry, my breathing fastens. Noah looks at me like he’s afraid, he should be he’s the reason why I’m having this panic attack. The last one I had was three years ago when the police told us about the accident.

“Breathe Arielle,”

Noah screams as he lowers us both to the black top.

“Come on, breathe with me in out, that it again,”

Noah softly speaks, as he rocks me in his arms. He gently speaks in my ear, until I’ve calmed down. My breath goes back to normal, my heart stops pounding. I wrap my arms around his neck, and gently shove my face in the crease of his neck. Gently breathing in and out, calming myself down. Noah stands up wrapping my legs around his waist and stands up, he shrugs off his jacket and ties it around my waist to cover my behind. As my dress was not able to. He starts walking to the country club holding me tightly. The doors are held open by two valet. Everyone turns in their seat to stare at us. Both of our parents start to stand up but they sit back down when when Noah shakes his head at them. He continues to move forward, when he gets to the table a chair has been pushed out. He moves to sit down with me still in his lap. His arms pull me farther against him. I lay my head on his shoulder and snuggle against his chest.

Dessert Bruschetta: Caramelized Mango and Banana. Vanilla, Cinnamon, EVOO.

Dessert Bruschetta: Caramelized Mango and Banana. Vanilla, Cinnamon, EVOO.

I have always loved the flavor of caramelized bananas with vanilla, cinnamon and a touch of sea salt. So I decided to take that sticky-sweet inspiration and turn it into a dessert bruschetta that can be whipped up in minutes and is oh, so dreamy. My Caramelized Mango and Banana Bruschetta..Read more »

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