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Searching the Jacob Pitts tag I stumbled across this fabulous gifset by fire-na-seaparks and, immediately hit “reblog”.. Then, did a YouTube search (as any good fan-girl would do) and, got inspired to make my own gifset ― Ended up just giffing the whole scene because he was too dreamy in it not to. *sigh*

Better Get Permission…

Umbridge: Permission form to Hogsmeade?

Umbridge: Oh I’m sorry! I didn’t realize I was in the presence of ROYALTY! 

Umbridge: Oh my god he’s so DREAMY!

Umbridge: Oh Mr. Potter, Mr. Potter! Will you play me a song on your guitar! 

*stunned silence* 

Umbridge: Because then you wouldn’t be able to play the guitar anymore… and then all your little friends would just leave you alone. 

Umbridge: *turns slowly to face Harry* 

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Can you do something where Gaara's s/o confesses or he confesses, either way!

c: yay for gaara he’s so cute ahh

You did missions on behalf of Gaara, that red panda of a Kazekage, but it had recently came to your notice that he barely sent you out on real missions. He would always keep you hostage in the village, babysitting or helping some elderly lady with her groceries. For heaven’s sakes, you were a jounin! And Gaara knew that just as well as you did. So why would he keep you busy with such lame missions?

A grunt of annoyance was heard from you as you place a hand on the doorknob that led to Gaara’s office. You turned the knob and opened the door, finding a well occupied Gaara sitting on his desk, writing away at his paperwork.

“Gaaraaaa,” you whined and took a seat on the chair across from him. He put his pen down and looked at you, his stoic expression never changing.

“What is it?” Gaara replies.

“I-um..” His gaze, oh goodness it was so dreamy. He was staring at you intently, his aquamarine eyes fixated on you and only you. A rush of blood boiled in your cheeks and you cursed yourself for blushing at this, for even thinking about such things.

“Y-YOU NEVER SEND ME OUT ON COOL MISSIONS!” It was hard for you to let it out, which caused in you to blurt it very loudly without the intention to.

Gaara tilts his head,“Don’t be silly, a week ago I asked you to deliver something to Konoha.”

“But…That was boring…There was no fighting..” You pouted.

“[Name], please understand that I—”

“GAAARAAA WHY?!” You screamed and pounced on him over his desk. He was quite taken aback that you would even think of doing such a thing, but then again, you really didn’t care if he was Kazekage or not. Gaara always knew that you shunned the words, respect and authority when it came to situations like this.

“[Na-Name], will you p-please get off..” He struggled with his words since you were now on top of him, practically sitting on his lap. And what made it worse, was that your cleavage was fully noticeable and he tried his best not to stare.

You refused and poked at his chest, “Tell me why first.”

He was quiet, not that it was odd of him to be so, but his demeanor had changed quite a bit. Was he..? Yes, he was blushing, just like you. So now both of you seemed to be in an awkward state.

As you were about to speak up from his lack of explanation, he sighed.

“I don’t want to put you in scenarios where you’d come back injured. Or… not come back at all.” Gaara has muttered the last part with hesitation laced through his words.


“Because you see, [Name], damn it, I like you!”

Your heart quickened and your eyes widened, “Are you for real?”

“I want to have a romantic relationship with you,” he says.

Nchu. Gaara was surprised when he felt your lips peck his cheek. And it only caused him to blush even more, at this rate, he’d be as red as his hair. You smiled and finally got off of him, “You know, you’re really cute~”

“So… Are the feelings mutual?” He bit his lip, as if flustered whilst standing up.

“Mhm! Gaara, I like you too!” Your arms wrapped around him and he was presented with your embrace. It wasn’t too long till he reciprocated.

“Thank you… [Name]”

Instant Chemistry - Part Two

Part One

Summary: YouTube!AU.ย Dan and Phil invite you to England to film with them

Words: 1,334

Sam x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of sex

Your name: submit What is this?

You had been dating Sam for five months when you got a call from Dan and Phil about their book launch.

โ€œWe havenโ€™t seen you in ages,โ€ Phil told you, โ€œAnd nowโ€™s the perfect time for you to get your tiny little butt over here!โ€

โ€œYou want meโ€ฆ you want me to fly out to England? Tomorrow?โ€ you asked, shocked, โ€œGuys, I have plans this weekend!โ€

โ€œCancel them,โ€ Dan said, and you could just see him shrugging, โ€œY/N, weโ€™re more important. We can make a video together? Everyone loves it when we do!โ€

โ€œGuysโ€ฆโ€ you began, looking across the kitchen table at Sam, โ€œYouโ€™re forgetting I have a life outside of YouTube.โ€

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Taylor Kitsch!!!! I just met a True Detective!!!!!!! Taylor Kitsch aka John Carter aka Gambit aka Tim Riggins aka Michael Murphy aka Bruce Niles said sorry to me because I was on his way..how Canadian is this??!! :O

I was trying really hard to walk up Mount Bonnell and I saw this hipster looking bearded guy going up and down the strairs really fast over and over and I thought why would one torture himself like that! I took another look at him and just froze in disbelief right in front of him and he said “sorry”. I know my celebrities well so I knew it was him but still I wanted to make sure I wasn’t freaking out over a doppelganger. So I googled him and according to E News he moved to Austin. So of course I lost it… What is happening I’m moving to Austin that’s it! God of Fandoms is real and I totally believe in her!

My mom is like how did you recognize him!!! Well mother, I spent a good amount of time of my life looking at his pictures I’ll recognize him in a ski mask!
He was so nice and kind..I got a handshake, a hug, a sorry, a thank you and a picture.. my life has meaning now! ^_^


“It was so wonderful getting inside Lou’s head,” she sighs. “You need the Joan of Arcs and the Elizabeth the Firsts — archetypal leaders — but you also need to be able to tear it down to see that the real strength lies in the day-to-day. And [when it came to Lou,] that’s what I really loved tapping into, because it’s so much more relatable.”

As for falling in love with the admittedly dreamy Sam Claflin on-screen? “Oh, it was so dreamy filming a proper romance because I love watching them,” gushes Emilia.

“Falling in love with Sam was so easy, because we’ve known each other forever,” she adds, laughing. “We met on a photo shoot and I’ve known him for almost seven years. Since then, it’s been one of those things where we got so close to doing movies together like four or five times. So by the time this came around, we had already developed a shorthand with each other.”

“The other thing that made it really easy is that we both cared so much about the project,” she continues. “The whole crew was in line with us as well, because of course it is sensitive subject material, so it made every part of filming easy and lovely. It was just so nice to wake up every day and be like, ‘Oh, I’m going to tell a beautiful story today.’”

— excerpt from CLEO Singapore (May 2016)