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☆Name: Steph Dunbar

☆Nickname: Sparky

☆Gender: Nonbinary

☆Star Sign: idk but I’m gonna say Pisces because fish are cool

☆Height: 6′

☆Sexual orientation: Pansexual

☆Hogwarts House: As of 4 years ago I was a Ravenclaw, though I suspect I may now be Hufflepuff

☆Favorite Color: Red

☆Favorite Animal: Cats

☆Time Right Now: 4:30am (I should probably get some sleep)

☆Cat or dog person: Cats because dogs are far too energetic for me

☆Favorite Fictional Character: A tough choice between Sam Vimes and Max Rockatansky

☆# of blankets I sleep with: Anything between 1 and 4

☆ Favorite Singer/band: Of Monsters and Men

☆ Dream Trip: Eftling Park, during the winter. Either that or Edinburgh again.

☆Dream Job: Getting paid to go wander around in abandoned buildings

☆When blog created: This one’s been around for about a year now

☆Current number of followers: 72 after weeding out the bots (y’all are nerds, thanks for sticking around)

☆Why did you make this tumblr: Needed a place to spam my rage onto the internet and bother people, going pretty well so far. (Really my old blog was just too full of stuff going back to when I was 14, I decided it would be good to make a new one for a fresh start)

☆ Why did you pick your URL: I have a strange obsession with gas masks and I enjoy the idea of being that strange person that everyone knows of but no one knows much about, therefore I am both mysterious and a gas mask. (while we’re here why is there no gas mask emoji?)

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