The Math Teacher (Part 8)


Pairing: Student!Y/N/Teacher!Luke

Rating: All for now

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If there was one thing you hated, it was when Matty was right. He always had the habit of being a confident person mainly because he was always right in his sayings and statements. And this wasn’t an exception at all.

You had survived one night in a tent and that was pure enough for you. It wasn’t like you hated the nature or anything, but it was just too much for you to cope with. The sound of the wind making the bushes and the trees move along with the tents moving, animals far away making small noises talking to each other and just the fact that you were resting on top of the ground where mud was crowding the whole camp area.

Everyone had gone to bed at this point and the bonfire was almost out, only a few sparks left to heat up the small area with the tree stumps around for people to sit on. Violet was far away in her dream, a few dripples from her mouth slowly creeping down her chin along with her eyes being half open. It wasn’t difficult to see her and Matty being twins, they had the exact same face expression and habits when sleeping.

You had wished at this point that you hadn’t gone on the trip at all. It wasn’t like this wasn’t cozy and fun but the conditions were by far something’s you preferred. You didn’t want to act like such a diva in front of the other students and you never wore the diva attitude but to be honest. You were a diva in the forest and this wasn’t your scene at all.

The clock had stroked past 2am at this point but you were awake like a light. You had tried and fought the chance to sleep but somehow your eyelids just couldn’t stay closed. At this point you knew it wasn’t just the many noises around you, and the bad sleeping conditions. So instead of just trying to sleep and stare at Violet almost drooling herself and her snores, you stood up from your mattress and opened the tent.

It was a warm breeze that hit you when you stuck your head out of your tent and a small smile creeped on your face. Even though you hated camping in the woods it didn’t meant that you didn’t like the nature at all. The way the grass would crunch beneath your feet and the stars gazing in the sky. In downtown Sydney it was a big difficulty seeing the stars in the sky but this was far different and shooting stars were much clearer on the dark night.

You wrapped your cardigan tight around your body and put on your sneakers before slowly and quietly walked away from the camps, trying to avoid not falling in one of the many robes that was hammered to the ground to keep the tents up. You probably weren’t even allowed to leave your tent now but when everyone was asleep, nobody was there to catch you in the act.

The moon was shining bright and white in the air, being larger than normal and with the clear sight and no clouds clouding it, it was easier to see the darker grey mountains on the Moon. A beautiful sight you were grateful to witness. You had considered waking up Matty but you concluded that he was most probably snoring the life out of himself in the tent with Ryan.

You headed down the small hill that leaded up to your camp and ended down by the massive lake that was crowding the whole forest, the water reflecting the moon and creating an almost fantasy look, and a small smile creeped on your lips. You loved walking at nights with Matty. It was something that always seemed to comfort you when you couldn’t sleep. Insomnia was always a killer but it always seemed to get defeated by the many walks you had taken throughout your life.

The otherwise peaceful moment was ruined though when you heard the sound of feet walking behind you and you turned around fast in panic, your breathing quickening and your heart pacing faster than normal.

”Hey… Didn’t mean to scare you.”

Your hand came up to feel your heart pounding and a small laugh escaped your lips when Luke smiled softly at you and placed his hands in his pockets, the black sweatshirt with his hoodie over his head almost making him look like A from pretty little liars but when he walked closer and the shine from the moon hit his face, he was more recognizable.

”I think that has become a habit of yours.” You responded and crossed your arms, eyeing him as he took his hands out of his pockets to express himself and apologize and he stopped in track when he came up to your side and looked out at the lake just like you had done moments ago.

”Couldn’t sleep?” He asked without taking his eyes away from it and you looked up at him with a puzzled look.

”How did you know?”

He cracked a smile by your question and looked down at you with soft eyes. ”I can see it on your attitude. This isn’t your thing at all but you have done it anyways. You must be proud of yourself. Surviving in the woods for two days straight. Besides, you do the same when I can’t sleep. Though, I head for a run and I assume you just go for a walk instead.”

”So I assume you couldn’t sleep either?” You asked and looked up at him with questioning eyes but he shook his head instead of nodding like you had expected him to do.

”You know, all of you are my responsibility this weekend. If something happens to you, we as teachers have to take responsibility. I woke up by the sound of your sneakers walking in the grass so I took action and headed out instantly. You never know what you kids can do these days, especially with drugs, smoking and drinking.”

His words made you roll your eyes at him and you guys started to walk down by the lake. ”Well I’m not really the type of person who takes drugs or smoke. I think it’s quite nasty to be honest.”

”But alcohol?” Luke said and a smile creeped on his lips which made you smack his arm.

”Who doesn’t love that.” You said casually and placed your hands in your pockets, looking up at him with the same smirk as him. ”Well can’t deny that.” He responded and laughed, the two of you becoming quiet as you walked further down the lake, a cozy silence clouding over the two of you.

It was a nice feeling. To have someone that you didn’t felt forced to say anything to. Just walking around with each other and leaving the natural sounds as background music. The grasshoppers in the rush making noises were enough for you and with the stars shining above, this was the perfect moment.

”You know Y/N… You’re not like the other students.” Luke announced all of the sudden and placed his hands in the pockets of his black sweatshirt.

”What do you mean?” You asked confused and lifted an eyebrow. He looked down at you while he licked his bottom lip without saying anything. He leaned his head downtown your height until your noses were lightly brushing each other’s tips.

”I’ve never met a student who hates math and mud, plus getting late for every single morning class that is on your schedule, like you.”

Your eyes widened by his words and you pushed him lightly away from you while laughing. ”You know Luke, I’ve never met a math teacher who is such a big boring loser like you.”

Hey be nice! Wouldn’t want you to fall into the lake by accident. I’ve heard that algae aren’t really that good for your hair.” Before you got the chance to react, Luke grabbed you by the waist and swung you around towards the lake. ”Luke you must be fucking crazy!” You screamed in a mix between laughter and breathings, trying to wiggle out of his tight grip.

”I’m not crazy! I’m just trying to make you take back your rude words!” Luke argued with laughter in between his words and he wrapped his arms right around tour waist and started to lift you even though you were wiggling crazy. ”Never!” You yelled and hit him in the arm, trying to pry his arms off you.


You and Luke stopped in track by the sound of a female voice, and Luke hurried to put you down while the two of you were still giggling and breathing heavily. A shadow moved from some of the trees and your otherwise happy face expression changed to a frown when you saw it was Brittany coming towards you guys.

”Britt, why are you awake?” Luke asked with furrowed eyebrows and a smirk, and you looked up at him with a disgusted look by the sudden use of nickname.

”Well I couldn’t sleep because Alana was snoring so… I heard yelling from down here, so I thought I’d check it out. What are you guys doing?” Brittany placed a hand to her hip and lifted an eyebrow at you guys, and you looked up at Luke with confused eyes.

”We went for a small walk. I noticed Y/N down by the lake so to make sure that she was alright I came up to her.” Luke explained and it seemed like Brittany’s eyes lightened up with Christmas lights and she clapped her hands together.

”I’ve always wanted to go for a moonwalk stargazing trip. Can I join you? I think I’m too far away from the camp anyways, I don’t think I’m brave enough to walk back on my own.”

”Sure thing.” Luke responded with a smile and he clearly didn’t notice the death glare you sent him and you rolled your eyes when Brittany squealed in excitement and walked on Luke’s right, having two girls to both his sides now and you clenched your jaw.

”Wauw, this is so romantic.” She said while smiling up at the sky and she looked between the lake and Luke, clearly blocking you out of her sight and ignoring your presence.

”Well Yeah, this is totally an optional place for a date with the girlfriend.” Luke responded casually and looked down at you with a small grin, but you didn’t want to glance up and him and kept your eyes on the path in front of you.

”Speaking of which.. Are you in a relationship?” Brittany asked and it made you roll your eyes by her offensive words, clearly not thinking before she would speak up.

”Brittany, isn’t that a bit of a private question considering I’m your teacher?” She laughed by Luke’s words like he was pathetic and looked up at him with a ridiculous expression.

”Come on Luke. You’re still not a teacher officially yet.” She fought back and Luke looked down at her trying to hold in the laugh that was ready to creep up from his throat and out of his mouth.

”I’m single okay, and to be honest I’m happy with that at the moment. All the school related things like exams, finals, and stuff are filling my spare time completely. It would be sad to have a girlfriend and then not have a time for her at all. So Yeah, single as a pringle.” Luke responded and you felt a knot form in your stomach even though you had no clue what it was.

”Doesn’t that depend on how much in love you are with the girl? I mean, if you really love the girl you would make time for her.”

”You’re probably, right. Unfortunately I haven’t experienced that yet.” Luke responded and shrugged his right shoulder, and it made both you and Brittany lower your shoulders in a disappointing manor. But why were you doing it? It was clear that Brittany was head over heels for Luke but you didn’t think of him in that way.

”I’m always right, even if I’m not.” Brittany answered with a cocky smirk and Luke raised an eyebrow at her. ”How does that make any logical sense?” His question made Brittany go blank instantly and you had to hold in your laugh that was ready to spill from your lips.

”I don’t know…” She responded and looked rather awkward, wanting the conversation to change subject and silence overwhelmed the three of you, an awkward tension starting to create and Brittany seemed to make it a lot worse when she began to fake shiver.

”Is it just me or is it starting to get cold?” She asked out loud and looked at you with Luke and wide eyes. You looked up at Luke who bit his lip and he looked between Brittany and the clothes he was wearing himself. It was Sydney for god sake, even though it was past midnight it wasn’t getting near any cold temperature.

”You wanna borrow a shirt?” Luke asked and you held your breath while you looked at the scene in front of you. Brittany’s eyes widened by the words of Luke like she hadn’t expected him to suggest that at all and she smiled widely when he took of his black sweatshirt and gave it to her.

”It’s comfy.” She commented and sniffed into the fabric, and her eyes softened in delight by the smell. ”You’ve got a nice cologne too. Abercrombie & Fitch?” She added in question and Luke nodded his head with a small blush on his cheeks.

”Fucking Fuckboy.” You mumbled under your breath and crossed your arms, which made Luke look down at you confused. ”Sorry?” You looked up at him wide eyes and felt your cheeks blush just like his. ”Nothing.” You responded and looked back at the lake, now wanting to get back to the camp and the terrible conditions of your tent.

The walk continued like this for too long. Brittany kept on constantly flirting and flirting with Luke, and he never seemed to deny or reject her in any way. It was making your blood boil by every act she did and every time she would touch him on the arm or by the hair, you would want to rip her hand off and throw it into the water to get eaten by fish. When Brittany started to hug Luke lightly to create more warmth that was when your line was crossed.

”You know, I’m just gonna head back to camp. I’m not afraid of the dark or any beech men so it won’t be any problem.” Turning around fast on your heels you started to hurry down the path where you had been walking before and getting as far away as possible.

To be honest, all the things you had just said was total lies. The dark scared you more than anything when you were on your own and walking down by a lake alone without knowing where the hell you were scared the crap out of you. Because of this being in a forest, it meant that there wouldn’t be any street lamps and because you had left your phone in your tent with Violet, the only source of light you had was the moon. This wasn’t a smart idea at all but you’d rather walk on your own than be with Brittany and Luke at the same time. It was just too much for you to witness and you needed to cool of somehow.

”Y/N, wait.” You stopped in track by the sound of Luke calling, but you didn’t want to turn around, just kept your eyes on the camp that was clear a little bit further away on the hill.

”Y/N.” Luke said once again almost breathlessly, and he stopped right in front of you and grabbed you by the shoulders to turn you around. ”You can’t just leave me like that!” He exclaimed and looked down at you wide eyes and it made you cross your arms and stare at him with a ridiculous look. ”And why’s that?”

”I don’t like having you walk on your own. I’ve told you that before.” His breathing calmed down while he looked at you with serious eyes and you furrowed your eyebrows at him. ”What’s with you and all this protection thing? You know Luke, I can take care of myself it’s not like you’re my guardian and have to take care of me!”

”I just worry about the ones I care about okay?” He placed his warm hands on each of your cheek while looking down at you with wide eyes, his breathing being the only thing aloud between the two of you. You didn’t want to look at him but the affection of his hands made you stare up at his tall frame, your breathing becoming heavier as well.

”I swear you’re the fastest runner to date, Luke. Wait what’s going on here?” Brittany came up from Luke’s behind and confusion spread on her face when she noticed Luke’s and yours act and Luke dropped his hands from your cheeks instantly.

”Nothing.” Luke responded casually but it made you start to sprint away from him again, hurrying up towards the hill even though you definitely weren’t a shape of this. Hurrying towards the tent you zipped it up fast and almost jumped into the tent, just wanting to get away from Luke and Brittany as far as you could possibly.