When you find out Tae has an oppa kink

@slutlingar​ has been giving me so many ideas for these imagines 😂😂  and also the recent Hwarang episode 😂

Beware: Cuteness overload

*you hear your phone ringing in the distance*

Y/N: *runs to answer it* OH its Tae!

V: Hai Y/N 

Y/N: *giggles* What’s up? Were you just going to sleep?

V: I’ve missed you *whines* I couldn’t sleep at all!

Y/N: Awww, I’ve missed you too

V: Liar! you’ve been ignoring my text messages and snaps

Y/N: *suddenly realizes* ahh! My phone died so I left it charging in my room

V: *pouts* Hmph, you left me hanging :( 

Y/N: I’m sorry Tae, don’t be sad! I’m here right now 

V: *still mad* hmph, how can you forget my existence? The love of your life??

Y/N: I’m sorry, Taehyung oppa, you know I love you so so so much.

V: Wha-what did you just say? Did I hear you correctly? O-oppa? 

Y/N: *smiles* Yes, Taehyung oppa, the love of my life

V: Oh *giving the biggest smile ever* hehe I am oppa

V: Oppa indeed

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Got7 reaction to you falling asleep on the couch

requested by @coppertopging


You were watching a movie when your eyes got to heavy and you drifted off to dreamland before you knew it.

‘This lead character is so…Oh? Ahww she fell asleep…How cute…’

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‘I love you jagiya…’, he whispers to your sleeping frame, less shy than usual because he won’t have to worry about your response. Though he knows you love him too.

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*notices you being fast asleep when he looks over to your side of the couch and suppresses a squeak to not wake you up*

‘She’s so cute! Ahh i wanna cuddle her…’

*can’t stop smiling when he tries to focus back on the movie*

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‘Oh? She’s sleeping?’

*leans over and checks to make sure and can’t help but smile at your cute sleeping face*

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*silently watches you sleep in awe*

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*Can’t help but peck you on the cheek for a goodnight kiss with the possibility of waking you back up*

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*Face scrunches up in delight when he sees you curled up in a ball on the couch*

‘Ahw! She must be tired… Should i carry her to bed?’

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wheeiun  asked:

AhH i love your layout, its so pretty~ Do you know anyone/artists here to follow??

Thank you!! I don’t follow many since I just started but here are some of them~

@wuuki - super cute, colorful, game art!

@mimiblargh - chibi, cute, ULTRA CUTE

@nkim-doodles - lots of unique animated doodles,,,, I WANT TO EAT THEM

@hakamiiart - high quality cuteness (orz i love cute art)

@arakunae - details the DETAILS OH MY GOD//

@yiyiqwq - the literal best artist out there she is perfecion

@kadeart - they’ve got this realism-painting concept going on and I LOVE IT

@quritumei - she just started tumblr too and shes like… queen of coloring

@myetie - mostly MM art but tHEYRE REALLY REALLY GOOD

@softmode - tags things as doodles but theyre actually masterpieces

@cawcahhh - lots of sb69… i dont even know what that is but it looks cool

@lanxin - one of my favorite artists theres something about their art… its just so relaxing to look at

@okolnir - another one of my fav artists, super detailed art and their painting is on point!! they’ve got a manga too

I hope you find some artists to follow! Lemme know if you’ve got any too qvq

spacetime-psd  asked:

♡ my favorite song right now is Oh No by marina and the diamonds, and congrats!!! you deserve every follower!

ahh omg thank you my love!!!

color:  pastel pink | sea blue | ochre yellow | mint | burnt orange

planet:  mercury | venus | earth | mars | jupiter | saturn | uranus | neptune

season:  winter | spring | summer | autumn

place:  the sea | disneyland | snowy mountains | city | space

sound:  waves | rain | birds | church organ

scent:  flowers | coffee | apple | cookies

painter: monet | van gogh | picasso | kahlo

poet:  poe | plath | angelou | frost | whitman

comments: ahh your blog is so cute!!

askusall  asked:

I'm gonna come off of Anon and say what I need even though I am really shy.. I just wanna say, your art and stories are by far the most adorable thing I have seen when it comes to giants and tinies, it is so cute. I love G/T, especially the way your doing it, like with not much NSFW stuff, I love the cutesy giants or intimidating ones. Anyways, I hope your havin' a good time and keep up the good work *virtual hug*

Ahh thank you so much for the kind words oh gosh!! ;o;!! I like,, dont even know what to say omg!! I hope it didn’t cause too much anxiety to come off anon XD I’m bad at making friends but i love talking to people lol!! 

cheshirekenzixx  asked:

Haii! Ahh! Your icon is ahhh!!! Im so jelly of your blanket and paci and everything ahhh! And the colors are soooo cute! Pink is amazing! And your url is super cool too! Everything about this blog is amazing! ~daddys-beautiful-princessxx

Oh my gosh, this is from the Positivity post!!! Thank you so so much!!! I really needed some positivity in my life right now. I appreciate you taking the time to look at my blog!!💕👑

~Princess Boo

misterbelarus  asked:

Uh...Hey, Prussia...I haven't seen you in forever. Would you maybe like to catch up sometime? //I just wanted to say you are such a cute nyo Prussia holy cow ;v; //

Seriously though, it has been a long time, come buy me beer. 

((And ahh oh my goodness thank you so much!! I nearly fainted when I saw this because I had looked at your blog and said to myself ‘wow what an amazing Nyo!Belarus’))

BTS reaction to you being hysterical over a bug/roach

Anon asked:  BTS reaction to you being hysterical over a roach that you discovered in your house? xD


He would be insanely scared as well. The two of you would go and hide in bed together, despite how tiny the roach was. Just hoping that somehow the bug would deal with itself so you didn’t have to.

“AHH, run, hide, go, leave, get out of here, oh my god


Rap Monster/Namjoon

He’d try to act like a responsible adult, getting rid of the source of the problem sufficiently no matter if he was frightened or not. He’d think that it was cute that you were acting the way you were, given that it was just a small bug. He was happy to protect you though. 

“It’s only a bug, jagiya, don’t worry”

Originally posted by jjks


He would be a bit hesitant at first, You were being quite hysterical, much more than needed, which lead him to believe that the problem was bigger than it actually was. He’d dispose of the bug as easily as he could, telling you to calm down.

“Calm down, babe. Damn”

Originally posted by minseokked


He was quite scared as well, but he did think that you were pretty adorable, he’d do his best to take care of you and get rid of the roach so that you could relax. Laughing about the whole situation after the fact.

“It’s fine, baby, it was just a tiny bug, nothing’s wrong”

Originally posted by sunshine-hobi


He would put on a brave face and dispose of the bug as soon as possible. After it was dealt with, he’d fall back into his real persona and be so proud that he had actually done that. He’d kiss you gently and tease you about what a great boyfriend you had.

“See. Look at your strong, amazing boyfriend, who loves and protects you”

Originally posted by jeonguks


It’d take him a while to see straight, but after calming you down and asking you what the issue was, he’d hesitantly get rid of the roach and your hysterical attitude at the same time. Making sure to comfort you after.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of, baby”

Originally posted by bwipsul


He would probably be quite frightened as well and make a bigger deal that necessary. After a few minutes of slight panic, he’d timidly step forward to dispose of the so called ‘intruder’ and act like he had just saved an entire nation with his action.

“Did you see that?! I’m amazing, just saying, jagi”

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anonymous asked:

What the fuck??? Apologize right now??? you're so fuckin cute???? what is that about you asshole??? Way to be a dick to everyone who has to look at your pretty face?? -Terrance


thesaltyspice said:i always ship you with calum ;) and for the outfit……. weekend at the lake?

Ahh thank you bb <3

  • Ship: Clifford | Irwin | Hood | Hemmings
  • A ship name (I’ll try my best 2 make it cute) Ashlon (it’s honestly the best i can do with ashton and ashley) 
  • PDA level: 9/10
  • Compliment (if you have a face page)You are the most beautiful person and I love you so much  
  • Mini Playlist (3 songs)
    • Lovesick by Banks
    • Heart hope by Oh Wonder
    • Trade Mistakes by P!atd
  • What band or artist you’d see in concert w/ him: FOB
  • An outfit like this based off of your outfit idea

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anonymous asked:

Can I request a bts gif reaction to their girlfriend falling asleep on their lap. thank you. :)

Kookie: *can’t handle the cuteness* /whispers/ “You’re too cute. You know that?~”

Tae: *sleepy approves* /also whispers/ “You picked the best pillow in the house.” 

Jimin: *gets a little flustered* I guess my thighs were just too enticing for her to handle~

Rapmon: *silently fanboys with wild expressions*

Hobi: I might die of CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!

Originally posted by jiguk

Suga: *is satisfied* She knows how to pick a pillow. /plays with your hair/

Jin: *dies from the cuteness* Ahh she’s so cute, oh my God~ 

- Devi ♥(✿ฺ´∀`✿ฺ)ノ

Kyaa this is so cute tbh :) 


Originally posted by taehyunss

Cutie over here would be so happy to see his adorable girlfriend wearing his shirt. Specially since it’s probably a bit big on her :) He probably wouldn’t disturb her sleep, maybe just give her a sweet kiss on her cheek because he finds her so cute like that, oh and he will take a lot of pictures of her. 


Originally posted by teambgasm

Our little Donghyuk would be just like Jinhwan but would find it 10x cuter and like the gif above, would get all flustered and cover his face because his heart can’t take the sight of you in his shirt ^^ Expect a lot of pictures too and he may end up cuddling with you if he found you sleeping on the bed and kiss your cute face :) ahh the feels 


Originally posted by teambgasm

watch me go over board here Ahh our Hanbinie~ Well he’d walk in coming from a tiring day of practice and would just want to shower and sleep. He’d call out your name and idk why but I feel like he may get a bit frustrated when you don’t reply after he calls your name a few times and walk into the bedroom and once he sees you sleeping on the bed with his shirt on, he’ll instantly melt and that cute dimple smile of his will appear. He would be really quiet and go take a quick shower, and when he comes out he’ll lay on the bed with you and pull you in close and maybe whipper cute stuff to you like “i love you” or “my princess” and kiss your cheek and fall asleep while holding you and agh Hanbin is so precious~

EXO reaction:when his girlfriend (and) suddenly hugs.

You know I’m also the kind of person jejje ~~~ i like hug people~ !!. Thanks for your question ~

SUHO:”OH honey is you~”anyone notice the lord of the background XD ~

SEHUN:”ohhh your hands is so cold~!!ok,no..what>?”

KAI:”really”now???this morning told me not to touch you”

D.O:”what happens baby?you are okay~!?”

BAEKHYUN:”ohhh sweetheart, you’re hugging strong~!”

CHANYEOL:”girl,you are so cute~!”

KRIS:”Omg!! is you~!.I thought it was a thief~!!”

LAY:*blushes a little, but enjoys the embrace*

CHEN:”tell me what you want? whatever I’ll give it ~”

TAO:”quiet tao ~ !!! it’s just a hug ~”

LUHAN:”I wanted to hug first ~ !! ahh because you did not let me ~?”

XIUMIN:”oh god, I have a very lovely girlfriend ~”

I hope you like ~
I’ll be answering all your questions ~
see ya ~


Hello anon, sorry for the long wait. :/

- Full Reactions List -


Baek is a little exigent, but after all, will think that your hair is beautiful and compliments your personality.


Rich Suho mode on.

Suho: Don’t worry dear, i will pay one great mega hair to you. Hwaiting!


Sehun: Ahh… She is hot, so is O.K.


Kyungsoo will think that your pixie hair is very sexy.


Lay: Can you let your hair grows? I wanna make cute hairstyles on you, babe.


If you don’t have the most handsome hair in the relationship, he will have and gonna let it very evident to anyone in the room.


Chanyeol: Oh, look she is so… WHERE IS HER HAIR? SHE IS HAIRLESS


Kris: Pixie hair?

Just kidding, sorry, i love this gif <3
Well, Kris is a cute and lovely boy behind his image of “cold guy” so probably Yifan will think that your hair is very cute after all. Gonna be very enchanted with you.


Lu-ge will think that these pixie hair stays very pretty on you.




Your short hair will get his attention quickly.


No metter if you have a pixie hair, Xiumin will fall in love for you because your big and pure heart.

Annyeong o/ Ask box is open, click here. 

Got7 Reaction to their Girlfriend's Big Blue Eyes


*every cheesy pick up line you could think of* “Hm? Sorry I didn’t hear you I was lost in your eyes”


*always trying to find a way to compliment you, even interrupting your sentences* “How can you look so beautiful?”*


*always surprised by how pretty your eyes are and always staring at them* “I cant believe someone like you can like someone like me”


*greasy bambam* “aishhh I really do have the cutest girlfriend with the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen~~”


*always too shy to look at you* “Ah sorry jagi I cant concentrate on you when you look at me with those big beautiful eyes of yours…"  (what a cutie)


*this cute baby would be so shy oh gosh* "Ahh wait don’t look at me!”


*okay this goofball would nonstop be flirting* “Your eyes are like big beautiful oceans jagi~~”

thoughts while watching scorch trials

“okay okay this shit better be good”
“woah woah who are these fuckers”
“shit dont believe that white man”
ooohhh dylan on the shower oohhh
“where are they taking kayaaaa”
“okay what is this weird kid up to”
“id die there”
“smart ass thomas”
woah woah woah WOAH
run fuckersssssssssssss
“youre gonna make it youre gonna make it youre gonna make IT OH YES YOU DID”
“yep thats right flip him off”
“run more fuckersssss”
“what now”
“ahh newt so cute”
“oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit”
“yep yep i know i know hes gonna die yep there it is i dont want to look”
“okay what now again”
see hes gonna die see see see
“omg omg omg omg dont cry youll bleed omg omg no”
“okay now hes REALLY dead”
“poor babies”
“oh no no not the cute one
“whos this fucker now”
“run again fuckerssss”
“okay okay i think dylan is aroused”
lucky bitch
“see he fucking loves teresa ha”
“i havent read the book so is he gonna die or what”
“roadtrip yaaas”
“nc aris”
“shes gonna die shes gonna die”
“is that his mother”
“okay now they gotta run again”
“okay okay this is the end theyre all gonna die”
“fuck it thomas u dumbass now u dead”
“now brendas bad ass”
“now what”
“stupid bye”