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Yeah the entire led up to the vs show was a big mess. There were a bunch of contradicting unofficial announcements that created a general confusion and annoyed everyone. On top of that the swiftlets have been hating on Karlie all week bc they think or hope that they aren't friends anymore. A. Big. Mess. Welcome back!

Well, the Swiftie hate is nothing new. The album very obviously lends itself to a Kaylor reading, and they’re threatened by that, so they lash out. They know from Taylor’s own mouth that the love she values most she keeps secret, and it’s also clear that Karlie has done nothing but love and support Taylor. Her “I will always have Taylor’s back” statement during the Kimye nonsense, and her recent, inexplicable choice as presenter of the CMAs, all attests to their continued closeness, and makes Taylor’s public silence seem incredibly weird and obvious. The antis don’t like the obvious, logical interpretation of “two women who mean the world to each other are distant in public”, so they cling to the notion that the distance is real and Taylor secretly hates Karlie. Which … hold my drink while I laugh, please. 😂

I know a lot of fans were looking forward to the VSFS, and are disappointed it didn’t go ahead. I was too, to be honest. But at the same time, this was clearly not a decision Taylor made solo. It was a clusterfuck on the VSFS end, and I suspect it may have actually run counter to Taylor’s own plans. The inclusion of Katy and Harry smacks of VSFS attempting to cash in on a controversy, which I don’t think was Taylor’s plan. Nor does Karlie looks as happy as expected on the runway. Oh sure, she has her game face on, but to me she looks disappointed too. I don’t think any of this went the way it was supposed to.

Maybe next year.

Well I think it’s interesting some of the people I interviewed, mainly men, said “Oh, she wasn’t very attractive.” as it happens a number of women who’ve seen photographs of her both taken here and in Jamaica have said “Oh, she has a very attractive face.”.  She has an arresting face, maybe not classically beautiful

I think it was difficult, she was operating in a world were black men were very much focussed on adopting a white aesthetic, if you like, about beauty. So she found herself conflicted, she had some relationships, once I think with an African Chief, so that must have given her a sense of assurance.  At the same time she was conscious of black men turning their gaze, if you like, towards white women. In one of her poems she talked about the ‘cinema eyes’ that black girls were being encouraged to look at films and see those images of Hollywood actresses as much better than themselves.

- Dr Delia Jarrett-Macauley on the Poet and Activist, Una Marson (1905 - 1965). Una was also the first black programme-maker and broadcaster at the BBC.

EXO REACTION - Eating late night tacos from a taco truck with you

Hey guys! The request didn’t specify which members (up to 6) they wanted, so I chose kinda randomly among all of them.



It hasn’t been long since you two ate, so hearing that you wanted more food made him suspicious, but as soon as you started to eat and eat tacos at that taco truck nearby the station he got really surprised. How did that much food fit into you?

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He wasn’t hungry, so you were a little mad he let you took him out so late for something he wasn’t particularly interested in. But he didn’t mind at all, actually he liked spending this time with you so he just excused himself with *gif* and you couldn’t help but accept it.

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How much is she eating? Oh, she has some chili in her face, I’m so recording this *gif* Blackmail material *evil laugh*


He doesn’t want to get up from bed or anywhere he is because he's tired, it's late and he’s moody.

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But, as soon as you offer something in return, like you’re paying or you’ll help him to annoy Kyungsoo, he is hyped up right away.

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He offered to take you there, although it was late at night, before you could ask, because he knew you’d be hungry at any time and you were craving tacos lately, so he was just waiting.

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“I’m hungry too. But, why it has to be tacos? Can’t we order chicken instead? I like chicken moreee” *you stare at him* “Then don’t eat.” *he eats anyway a little pouty*

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upping my ga(y)me

Dax Chat, 12 May 2016 

Dax: So we’ve got Nicole [next to me], lots to talk about, got lots of One Direction fans up in arms today about these photos we posted. 

N: You guys, it is so crazy when Dax does One Direction tweets, the twitter-verse just goes insane, so I’m super-excited to talk to you about it.

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