EXO REACTION - Eating late night tacos from a taco truck with you

Hey guys! The request didn’t specify which members (up to 6) they wanted, so I chose kinda randomly among all of them.



It hasn’t been long since you two ate, so hearing that you wanted more food made him suspicious, but as soon as you started to eat and eat tacos at that taco truck nearby the station he got really surprised. How did that much food fit into you?

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He wasn’t hungry, so you were a little mad he let you took him out so late for something he wasn’t particularly interested in. But he didn’t mind at all, actually he liked spending this time with you so he just excused himself with *gif* and you couldn’t help but accept it.

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How much is she eating? Oh, she has some chili in her face, I’m so recording this *gif* Blackmail material *evil laugh*


He doesn’t want to get up from bed or anywhere he is because he's tired, it's late and he’s moody.

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But, as soon as you offer something in return, like you’re paying or you’ll help him to annoy Kyungsoo, he is hyped up right away.

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He offered to take you there, although it was late at night, before you could ask, because he knew you’d be hungry at any time and you were craving tacos lately, so he was just waiting.

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“I’m hungry too. But, why it has to be tacos? Can’t we order chicken instead? I like chicken moreee” *you stare at him* “Then don’t eat.” *he eats anyway a little pouty*

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📷 - Fey {Nina Dobrev}

              “Oh. She has a mischievous face.”

              The words were spoken without malice or scorn, accompanied by upturned lips as pale fingers held the corner of the photo so the chill of her fingers would permeate the ink. Alaice looked upon the woman with the utmost attentiveness, as if though she were trying to work out if she had seen her before; or if the relevance of the photo was of some significance. She couldn’t remember her at any parties previous to her marriage, and Draeir was loathe to allow the woman a chance to bond with anyone that could tamper with his carefully plans. Someone as striking at her would surely have been remembered; especially with how social Alaice had been before everything. Regardless, she let out a small laugh.

              “She seems like the kind of woman who could make a person’s head spin before they realised they could even be dizzy. Beautiful, coy… a little dangerous. It was the sort of skill I wish I had when I was courting, but my attempts were… lackluster, to say the least. I always got tangled up.” She didn’t have the enigmatic presence of other women – but Draeir had never seemed to mind –

              – But it was better not to dwell on it.

              “I bet she keeps people on their toes,” Alaice returned to the topic at hand, and her words were accompanied by another laugh. The smile she gave was much warmer than the frigid ices of her magic, and shook her head slowly back and forth in rapt bemusement. “I’m not sure I envy them.”

                                                                                                                            ( @feyanni-viari ! )

Dax Chat, 12 May 2016 

Dax: So we’ve got Nicole [next to me], lots to talk about, got lots of One Direction fans up in arms today about these photos we posted. 

N: You guys, it is so crazy when Dax does One Direction tweets, the twitter-verse just goes insane, so I’m super-excited to talk to you about it.

(full transcript follows; only one other gif)

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