• Sherlock:*pacing outside Molly's flat*
  • Sherlock:*swallows hard; knocks once*
  • -a few minutes later-
  • Molly:*opens the door; smiling* Hi...
  • Sherlock:...
  • Molly:*awkward* Um, it's not like you to knock.
  • Sherlock:...
  • Molly:*frowns* Did you want to come in?
  • Sherlock:*mutters nervously* Merry Christmas, Molly Hooper *hands her a small present*
  • Molly:*blinks* It's July...
  • Sherlock:*clears his throat* I, um...never gave you your gift *awkward* THAT Christmas...
  • Molly:*raises an eyebrow* That was two years ago.
  • Sherlock:Mhmm.
  • Molly:*blushes; smiles* Oh, well...um, thank you *hesitates* err, did you want to-
  • Sherlock:*gestures* Aren't you going to open it?
  • Molly:*glances down at the present* I-I suppose so *slowly opens the present*
  • Sherlock:*waiting*
  • Molly:*smiles at the locket, the shape of an anatomically correct heart* It's lovely.
  • Sherlock:*takes the box* Allow me.
  • Molly:*sweeps her hair aside* Thanks... *hesitates* why now?
  • Sherlock:*secures the locket around her neck; smiles* I've been thinking.
  • Molly:*nods* Okay...
  • Sherlock:*pops the locket open* About what I need...
  • Molly:*reads the word 'you' engraved inside; tearful* Oh.
  • Sherlock:*kisses her forehead* Never doubt it.
  • Molly:*grins; sniffs* I won't *kisses his cheek* Thank you.
  • Sherlock:*shakes his heaad* No, Molly. Thank you.
160721 [Interview③] Heo Jung Min: "Shinhwa’s leader Eric is indeed beyond imaginations.. The filming set was pure amazing”

Heo Jung Min, who played as Eric’s brother on the popular, recently-ended tvN Mon-Tues drama ‘Oh Hae Young Again’, expressed his gratitude towards Eric.

In ‘Oh Hae Young Again’, Heo Jung Min acted as Park Do Kyung’s (Eric) younger brother – Park Hoon. Though he was Do Kyung’s non-related step brother, the duo presented love and hate chemistry whilst living under the same roof.

On a recent interview with a reporter, Heo Jung Min expressed his surprise towards  Eric. “The filming set of ‘Oh Hae Young Again’ was pure amazing. Each and every one of the actors was so kind that no such thing as conflict existed. I never experienced such atmosphere while acting.”

Heo Jung Min went on to say, “There’s always that one person who withdraw in groups and isolates himself, but we didn’t have any this time. Eric especially led the atmosphere very well. Thanks to Ye Ji Won and Eric, the filming set was incredibly cheerful. He conducted the group so well that people had no problem following along.”

“The main lead actor always tends to get exhausted from lack of sleep and high amounts of filming, and that sensitivity often creates awkward silence when filming. However, maybe because Eric is Shinhwa’s Leader for a long time, he was amazing at vitalizing the atmosphere. The filming set was the bomb”, emphasized Heo Jung Min regarding Eric.

‘Oh Hae Young Again’ received positive feedback from viewers for its unique elements that were very much different from other typical romance comedy dramas, such as the same-name confusion, romance, and mystery genre. The drama was rated highly in terms of topicality and viewership rating.

Source: Enews + translation by EricMun.tumblr

we’re headed to a hotel in Knoxville, and i cant stop thinking
about how big the tub at this suite is supposed to be
last time i saw a massive tub,, i couldnt stop thinking about it for like 2 days
I hope its not that big

If you haven’t catched that we are in a work inspired by @monasatlantis you know it now xD THE CHILDREN QUESTION




To offset the salt I’ve been posting today, have a set of previews from Marinette and her Romeo. (been dropping these on my twitter when ever I work on them)

Thank you to everyone who’s messaged and shown support C: I’m certain there’s way more people who appreciate the work artists put in than people who are art thieves, and you guys are the reason it’s worth staying in the fandom. 

Thank you so much! ^^