Imagine being a cop and interogating Dean when he gets arrested, only for him to not stop flirting with you.

“Are you usually this hot or is it just the suit?” Dean asked with a smirk, looking up at you from his seat.

“Are you usually this annoying or is it just my bad luck?” you raised an eyebrow and he chuckled.

“Only in front of cute girls” he winked and you rolled your eyes.

“Oh honey I am not just a cute girl” you hissed at him, placing your hands on top of the table.

“Hells yeah I can see that” he nodded his head with a big grin and you frowned for a second but you realized what he meant once you saw his eyes trail down from yours to your chest. Yeah not probably a good decision to lean in that way.

“Well-” you cleared your throat, backing away “-you seem pretty confident. Are you so full of yourself?”

“Oh princess if ya saw me, you would know” he wiggled his eyebrows “Which also reminds me, when is your shift over? I know a good bar a few blocks down, although I know with a face like that heads turn”

“And I bet with a face like that many stomachs turn as well” you grinned and instead of being offended he only laughed.

“Whoo feisty, where have you been all my life?”

“Away from you” you shrugged and he shook his head with a chuckle.

“You know…” he dropped his voice, leaning in closer “I would do whatever it takes to please you.”

“Ok” you shrugged “Please me by getting out of my sight.”

“Can’t really do with those handcuffs, babe. But hey, if you have a pair at your place then I can’t wait to see those”

“Hm why I think you would love to see my gun?” you smirked and he chuckled.

“Oh I have a gun if you’d like to see”

“Oh no please, I’m too young to die of laughing” you smiled cheekily.

Splinters and Panic Attacks

Jason awakes with a jolt, his heart pounding, desperately searching the warehouse for the bomb.  Oh god, oh god.  He can feel the splintering through his bones, feel the hot blood clouding his vision again, feel the desperation of being trapped– he’s trapped– oh god, oh god.

It takes him a few seconds to realize he’s in the manor, not Ethiopia, surrounded in pillows and not boxes and rubble.  By that point, it’s too late because he can’t breathe.

“FUCK!” He jumps up anyways, but he falls when his feet hit the ground because he can’t stop shaking.  Not again.  He’s not going to die again– not by some time bomb he should’ve noticed earlier anyways.


It’s Bruce’s voice.  Bruce is close.  But Jason has played this game so he already knows Bruce isn’t going to be close enough and he doesn’t want him to get caught in the explosion.  The only noise he manages is a choked whimper from low in his throat.

The beeping– ringing sound continues.

Bruce runs in the room, already kneeling down to help Jason off the floor.  God– he probably looks pathetic sprawled across the carpet, bracing for an impact that doesn’t come.

Because of course it doesn’t come.  Of course.  What is wrong with him?

“Jason!  It’s okay!  You’re okay!”  Bruce’s voice is there, his arms are there, wrapped around Jason’s trembling but very much un-splintered body.  And goddamnit he’s right, but Jason knows he’s having another panic attack and it feels like he’s dying all over again.

Alfred rushes in, and the beeping ceases because– it was a fucking clock.  Jason’s freaking out over a fucking clock.

He’s crying.  Oh god.  He’s crying and it’s absolutely humiliating and he can’t help but cling to Bruce out of the flood of memories overwhelming him.  It’s comforting in a really annoying way because he doesn’t want it to be– he doesn’t want to need Bruce but how much would he have done for this when he was fifteen years old and he really was in that warehouse?

“Shh, Jason, you’re okay.  Shh.”  Bruce’s words and mouth are pressed to Jason’s forehead and it’s so nice that he’s breathing again.  Granted, they’re ragged shutters for breaths but it’s something, right?

“My apologies, Master Jason.  I forgot,” Alfred is standing over the two of them, but Bruce and him must’ve shared a look because suddenly he’s leaving and it’s just the two of them.  Father and son.

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Im all down for the "dick knew the whole time he loved nix and nix just found out his now" BUT IMAGINE dick bein ace and maybe grey-romantic and suddenly he falls for nix and he just doesnt realize this and he constanlty goes "OH MY GOD WHY IS IT SO HOT HERE AROUND NIX" and "IS IT NORMAL TO BE So POSSESIVE OF MY BEST FRIEND" and stuff like that

Omg yes BUT ALSO:

  • Dick gets concerned why his heart beat races up sometimes and he starts sweating like a sinner in church
  • so he goes to roe and tells him these symptoms
  • and roe is like “well, when does this happen to you”
  • and dick is like “constantly, at least twice in a day”
  • that’s the moment when nix strolls into the room and roe notices dick’s changes
  • and nix just leaves dick some maps or something, and leaves the room and dick just goes “Oh, here, doc, listen, my heart feels like it will jump out of my chest”
  • and roe is like “are you serious?
  • “yeah, listen, it’s beating so fast. and also i feel little lightheaded. do you think it just the stress?”
  • and roe tries his best not to yell at his captain for being a oblivious pinning fuck and just says “no, you are fine, just maybe try to figure out this one yourself.”
  • and dick is confused and gene just stops before leaving the room and asks “do you notice these ‘symptoms’ act out around captain nixon?”
  • and dick is so ‘what the hell does that supposed to mean: and he STILL doesn’t realise
  • until after a  week harry is talking about kitty for the 4673425457 time and he says “God, i remember when i went on the first date with her i thought my heart will explode or i will pass out or throw up. i was so nervous around her”
  • and dick is sitting in silence, completely stricken by the shier realisation that he is sooooooooo in love with nix
Overheard the most Felicity Smoak-ish babble today.

Some girl was like “Do you know who (some actor I can’t remember) is? You look so much like him!” and the dude was like “No, sorry. I don’t know who that is.” then the girl was like “OMG. How do you not know him? He’s so damn hot. He’s like total bae. Ugh. I love him.” then the girl realized what she said and was like “Not that I’m calling you hot!” and when the guy just raised his eyebrow at that, she continued, “wait. I’m not saying you’re ugly either. I am making no judgement about your face. You just look like this really hot guy. I haven’t noticed that you’re hot or anything.” when the guy just looked at her and smiled, she said, “oh my god, why am I still talking?!? Can we just pretend this never happened?”

I need an Olicity drabble based off this, like yesterday.

B-A-N-A-N-A by hoosierbitch

B-A-N-A-N-A by hoosierbitch

Summary: Five sleepless nights in the life of Poe Dameron: hotshot pilot, professional hand-holder, droid rescuer, hopeless romantic, and accidental insomniac.

Everything by hoosierbitch is amazing. 

Excerpt - “Are you broadcasting an SOS signal?” he whispered. His throat hurt, as if he’d been screaming. “Is anyone nearby?”

BB-8 warbled, sad and low.

“Oh. Well—hey. This isn’t so bad, is it? Me, you, the stars.” He tried to turn, to see BB-8 and so that BB-8 could see him and be less lonely. He moved, but the metal in his thigh didn’t. He passed out screaming.

<Please? Poe. Please?>

He blinked and realized the constellations had changed. He felt cold, except for his right calf and ankle, where he could feel the hot trickle of blood.

<I need you.>


An excited burble, whistles, and then a string of phrases too fast for him to track. His mind wasn’t working right. Blood loss, low oxygen levels, possible concussion—he had a lot of excuses to choose from. “BB-8, slow down. I can’t understand you.” Another soft, apologetic warble.

The communication lines between pilot and droid were the most insulated part of the starfighter. Not every pilot had the same kind of relationship with their droid that Poe had (okay, no other pilot; he and BB-8 were maybe a little co-dependent), but all of them knew that, when their ship took off, it was just them, their astromech, and space. Being with BB-8 was worlds better than being alone.

BB-8 hummed to itself for a while, then, slowly, began spelling out strings of letters in basic binary. <K-N-O-C-K  K-N-O-C-K.> Poe tried to get his mind to work. BB-8 wasn’t making sense. <Poe. Poe, respond. POE!> A piercing whine split through the cockpit, shocking him into wakefulness.

“Sorry. Sorry, what–what did you say?”

<K-N-O-C-K  K-N-O-C-K. Poe, respond.>

Poe smiled. “Who’s there?”


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Mat probably figures out his orientation before Brian even has a solid idea of the subject

let me use this ask as a way to force my headcanons surrounding them figuring out their orientations onto you thank

i think mat is pan but not explicitly??? like he doesnt really define it that way hes really just like “wow that person is a hot one im into it” like hes just chill as fuck about it he doesnt think about it too much one day he finds himself thinking about a guy and hes like “oh alright” he doesnt freak out or anything maybe hes a little tentative at first and like curious abt it??? if that makes sense idk but BRIAN on the other hand woahoho. i am HERE for angsty shit about brian being unsure abt his orientation and being fucked up about realizing hes into guys like i definitely think he goes out and experiments before mat but like when he first realizes i think hes just more self loathing abt it u know 

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Mark moans lowly, thrusting back into the singer's mouth and using the grip on his curls to bob his head a bit faster, realizing with a hot blush that he's already close. | Smirking wickedly as he gets an idea, Brian leans over and takes advantage of Mark's arched neck to lean over begin leaving a trail of soft bites along his throat, humming in approval as the younger man lets out a soft whine of 'oh f-fuck wait I-' before gasping lowly as Brian reaches up with his free hand to tug his hair.

*Dan shudders at the sound of his lovers moans, tugging on the cuffs once more as Mark’s cock hits the back of his throat* Ahm~!

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Christian was stood beside the bathroom door, a smirk on his face. When Taylor stepped out in just a towel, he jumped on him and floored him with a loud laugh. "This is for yesterday" he laughed, fighting him off "told you I'd get you back."

Taylor had just had probably the best shower a man could have. Stepping out, into the room filled with hot steam, he uses a towel to dry his dripping hair before wrapping it around his waist. He pads across the tile to the door and pulls it open, as he steps into Christian’s room he is pinned the floor and lets out a shore yell in surprise, but quickly realizes it’s just Christian. He attempts to wrestle him down to the floor, but finds it difficult while he’s laughing.

“Oh, you aren’t bitter because I kicked your ass at pool yesterday, are you?”


Kai scoffs, exhaling a lungful of smoke. “The fact that you even need to ask that makes me question your state of mind a bit. Only slightly.” Part of him is amused by Yavi’s method of revenge, the other part is more interested in knowing how the victim of this ‘prank’ fared; had he realized a switch happened, or had he suffered the unpleasant consequences.

“I suppose I should praise you for your creative use of condiments, never thought of that myself. Remind me not to get on your bad side.” Stubbing his cigarette out against the balcony railing, he flicks the butt over the side and makes his way back indoors. “Oh, and if an angry guy smelling of hot sauce shows up looking for you, I’m gonna bail. Not my fight.”

Yavi could really only bark out a laughter and attempt not to spill himself over the railing. Not necessarily because what the other said was so extremely funny, but just the mere thought of Aedin’s reaction in his mind was enough for the traveler to burst from the seems in guffaws.

He was cruel; to that he will admit. However, the almost sadistic jesting between he and his two best friends have been in existence long enough (at least for this lifetime) that he couldn’t find the shame to be so proud even if he had wanted to.

“He knows where I am-,” Yavi sputterd and wiped the lingering tears from his eyes. “And I don’t doubt that he’ll seek me out. But you needn’t worry, Kai. Not at all. Aedin’s a man with a one streak thought once he sets out for vengeance. He won’t look at anyone else along the way, I’m sure of it. Though I won’t stop you if you do run.”