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The anime will be aired the 1st of October. Synopsis: In 1939, the imperialist nation of Germania launched a sudden invasion of its neighboring countries. Th...




Kyungri’s Instagram update


You’re a naturally sweet person, over-loving and call them nicknames like “Darling,” “Sweetie,” or “Honey”.

Oh. Oh boy. Your way too cute- how cute- how- ohh boy. He can’t handle it sometimes.
He’s usually so composed, and leveled but the moment you, his crush, casually call him darling? He’s a mess. Unable to stop his grin, chuckling more than usual, and his hands are fidgety. His face seems to get a lot hotter and you can’t help but notice how dark his face is. You start to worry and check his temperature and tHAT MAKES YOU EVEN CUTER HE CAN’T DEAL WITH THIS-

At first he’s annoyed. He was not a ‘sweetheart’! He’s big and tall and manly as hell. But over time, [like, a day 😂] it started to affect him. The way you said it was just so genuine, and on top of the fact that everytime you would call him it, you put your hand on his arm, or shell for positive reinforcement. He was crushing hard and you were just so sweet and honestly he was in disbelief? he just wants to hold you in a hug for like, a week.

He’s pumped. Super duper excited. You call him 'sweetie’ more than his actual name and honestly he doesn’t mind one bit. His crush is calling him SWEET. He gets butterflies and a grin when you come in.
Sometimes he’ll just strike the most ridiculous conversation just to get you to call him sweetie. You lowkey know this and is perfectly fine with it.

He is by far the cutest out of the all.
Whenever you call him 'honey’, he just blushes and fidgets in his place with a grin.
You know how it affects him because he’s super obvious and it just makes you up your game.
By the end of the day he'sjust sitting at his desk, face in his folded arms lightly whisper-screaming.

You two have a nickname war, pretty much every time you call her an endearment. 'Snookums’, or 'princess’ is by far the worst you’ve been able to come up with. You’ll get her though, just you wait. 😏

anonymous asked:

the tags that you put on fan art sometimes complimenting the artist are so cute

oh! :’) well usually artists tend to check tags on their art, so instead of adding a caption on fan art i really like, i put all my feels in the tags!! idk.. i feel like if i posted art and saw someone complimenting it in the tags i’d feel rlly happy so it feels good to do that for someone else just in case they see it, y'know! :o

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How would your favourite AO boys react if their s/o whispers their name in their ear to surprise them? You pick your boys~

Oh wow what a cute ask!!


- Would try to act super cool about it buuut thinks it’s really hot (is that a /blush/??)

- Would probably attempt to make some suave comment about how you really disrupt his focus


- Would giggle like an idiot

- Would lean his head back to kiss you on the cheek~



- After he realised it was you he would relax immediately and probably get very embarrassed about the whole thing


- Would smirk and say “So how long’ve you been standing there?”

- Then he’d turn around to kiss you properly


-Mod C

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Can you help name my house cats with warrior names and clans? Uhh,, chowder is a brown black striped tabby w white paws. Yellow eyes. He's like 4 years old. Luna is a chubby all black cat and she's got a clipped ear and green eyes (she's like 5 yrs old) , and Paxton is a rllly old guy. Like 18 years old. Older than me. He's a white and black spotted Maine coon. His nose is the only black splotch on his face so we call him scarecrow. He's got blue eyes.

AAAAAA SURE but again i warn you i’m horrible at these omg you deserve a professional but ok!!

First off those names are super cute oh my goshhh!

Chowder: I kinda like the name Oakstorm?? Or Sparrowstep?  Aaaaa idk his build but maybe WindClan?

Luna: Maybe Nightwing or Crowfoot? and just given her build I’d probably put her in RiverClan ;u; or ThunderClan!

Paxton: Maybe Cloudstorm or Darknose? And hahah Maine Coons are my go to ThunderClan cats so he goes there in my book 

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Oh how cute, you dropped you act! So what should we call you... Void Baby? I mean, I'm still going to call you that, but still, I'm curious

Ah. The one who gave me that name in the first place. I wonder, are you that confident? Just because you control powerful creatures, don’t think I can’t rip your minions apart, the elemental thought. The child had moved on to talking about his brother. Even if I can’t reach you, I can still reach the ones you care so much for, can’t I?