• MC:*Sets off an air horn next to Yoosung*
  • Yoosung:AHHHH WHY?!
  • MC:To be honest? I don't know.
  • Yoosung:Well-
  • Seven:*Sets off another air horn*
  • Yoosung:*yelps* You too?!
  • Seven:Well you know what they say my boy Yoosung, teamwork makes the meme work. ;)
Jakob/Izana C-S

[Oh my gosh do I love Izana. He is the best. To be able to write for someone that talks like him, I loved it. I hope it didn’t get too crazy, though. Jakob was certainly not here for it. I tried to find something that would bring them together and I think I did. This is the last of my binge batch of supports for at least the next few days, so I hope you like!]

C support:

Izana: Hey hey, Jakob!

Jakob: Hm?

Oh. You’re that leader of Izumo.

Izana, is it?

Izana: The one and only!

Jakob: To what do I owe the occasion?

Izana: I’m here to help you relax, silly billy!

Jakob: Excuse me?!

Izana: I’ve seen you run around camp just working your butt off constantly.

Especially for [Avatar]. It’s like you never stop!

Jakob: Well that much is to be expected. There is no measure too extreme for my liege.

I simply cannot rest until he/she is satisfied.

It’s no place of yours to tell me otherwise.

Izana: Sure it is! Any friend of [Avatar] is a friend of mine.

And I don’t just let my friends stress out too much!

Jakob: You seem to be sorely mistaken.

We are not friends. Not in the slightest.

Izana: Well we can be. I can help take care of you.

I didn’t get to be the fabulous Archduke by getting stressed out.

I got to be there by being cool and taking good care of myself and my people. And by winning Best Hair for five straight years!

Look at your hair, poor dear. You’re already gray and you’re not even that old.

Jakob: How are you to know if this isn’t my natural hair color?

Aside from that, your hair is white.

Izana: I prefer platinum blond~ Comes with the job, telling sage fortunes, the whole shebang.

Anyway, you go get ready, because we’re going to have a spa day!

Jakob: I don’t have to listen to you!

I have no obligation to listen to anyone besides Lord/Lady [Avatar].

Izana: Tell you what, hot shot.

You go ask [Avatar] what they think of you relaxing and taking a spa day.

If they say you should, then you have no choice!

Jakob: I’ll accept your challenge.

Izana: Splendid! See you tomorrow for that spa day!

B support:

Jakob: The things I do for loyalty.

Izana: Jakob, my man! How goes it?

Ready for that spa day that your ‘liege’ finally told you to take?

Jakob: Unfortunately.

Izana: I knew this would come! I foresaw it, after all.

Jakob: You didn’t foresee anything.

You used common sense to deduce that Lord/Lady [Avatar] would tell me to relax.

Izana: I’ll have none of your sass, mister.

You’re here even though you said you didn’t have to listen to me, so who’s the one with egg on their face?

Jakob: Point heard and reluctantly taken.

So what is entailed in this spa day of yours?

Izana: Oh boy, I thought you’d never ask!

We gotta go to the bathhouse and get hot towels.

For your hair, for your face, anything that could use some softening.

And I’ve seen that angry face of yours and you’re gonna need that towel.

Jakob: If you keep talking to me like that, you’ll see much more of it.

Izana: After the towel comes the face mask to rejuvenate the skin.

That’s how I look so youthful. That and my perfect smile~

And then yadda yadda yadda, we get to the bath and let the springs relax us.

Sound good to you?

Jakob: It sounds like I’d rather do something else.

Izana: Well you can’t, so let’s get to it!

Those towels won’t heat themselves!

Jakob: Let’s get this debacle over with.

A support:

Jakob: Izana.

Izana: Hey, what up homie?

Jakob: I’ll never understand why you talk like that.

Anyway, I came here to thank you.

Mainly on behalf of my liege.

Izana: Hm? Whatever for?

Jakob: Don’t be coy.

The spa day you put me through was actually pretty worthwhile.

I feel relaxed, and Lord/Lady [Avatar] has noticed.

He/she also made it perfectly clear that my hair has a lustrous appearance to it.

Izana: Fabulous! I knew this was a great idea.

And your work has improved some, hasn’t it?

Jakob: Loathe as I am to say it, yes it has.

Izana: Don’t want to toot my own horn, but I’m really good at knowing when someone could use a breather.

And you, sir, were in desperate need!

When you need another spa day, you know the man for the job!

Oh, and you’re welcome.

So what do you say?

Jakob: To what?

Izana: Are we friends now?

Jakob: Why would you want to be friends with me?

Izana: Why wouldn’t I be? You’re funny, you’re honest, and every comedy duo needs a straight man.

Jakob: I’m not going to be part of your comedy.

Although I suppose…

Izana: Hmmmm?

Jakob: If you want to be friends, I suppose you’ve earned it after helping me.

Izana: Yippee!

We’re going to have so much fun together!

Jakob: Gods, what have I done?

S support:

Izana: Come on, Jakey, let me paint your nails.

Jakob: Do not call me by that deplorable nickname.

And you may not paint my nails.

Izana: But you wear gauntlets, no one’s going to see!

Jakob: That makes it even more pointless.

I’ll know and that’s far worse than anyone else seeing it.

Izana: But then you’ll be handsome AND pretty. Don’t you want that? We’ll be twinsies!

Jakob: Being pretty only suits you, not me.

Izana: Aww, shucks, aren’t you sweet?

Jakob: Don’t kid yourself.

Izana: Eh, we’ll work on it.

So why did you come to do spa day today, Jakob?

I never saw [Avatar] tell you to do it.

*gasp* Are you here because you want to be?

Jakob: The answer isn’t no.

Izana: Yay, I’ve gotten through to you!

So how would you like to spend this spa day, my man?

Hot spring? Sauna? Massage—

Jakob: You are not giving me a massage.

Izana: Boo.

So what do you want to do?

Jakob: I had other, more pressing matters in mind.

I have something for you.

Izana: Oooh goodie, a present!

What is it, what is it? Is it a friendship token? Like a ring or a bracelet?

Jakob: You’re on the right track.

Izana: Gimme gimme!

Jakob: Here it is.

Izana: Ooh, pretty! What is it?

Jakob: An engagement ring.

Izana: A what?


Oh my gosh, Jakob, you didn’t.

You’re proposing to me?

Jakob: Isn’t that what it looks like?

Even though I didn’t want to come along for the spa day you so begged for, I did eventually enjoy it.

And then you decided that was reason enough to stick to me, despite how sour I’ve been to you.

Continuously, I might add.

Something about you…enchanted me. It makes me happy, which upsets me.

Izana: You are one complex man.

Jakob: You said you appreciate my honesty, and it didn’t deter you in the slightest.

Even now, it’s hard to keep my composure, but I have to know.

Izana, will you marry me?

Izana: You bet your cute little face I will!

Jakob: That’s a relief.

I suppose I can truly relax now.

Izana: I’m so glad I decided not to look at my fortune for my love life. Looks like it worked out anyway~

Jakob: Did you say something?

Izana: I said I can’t wait to announce it to everyone that I’m engaged to the sweetest guy around.

Jakob: I’d appreciate it if you didn’t lead people to think I’m nice.

Izana: Nonsense! How else will people know?

Jakob: So I guess the phrase ‘blinded by love’ does hold true.

I suppose I am, too.

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So my mom (she loved watching PPG with me when I was a kid) texts me today with just "Mojo Jojojo" and "I found him. Should I get him." And honestly, I completely forgot the reboot existed, and asked her "Are you at a garage sale?" and she texts me a pic of an overstuffed box (because no one's buying them) of the reboot plushes at Target and I almost died for my poor sweet mother.

HAHAHAHAHA, awwwwwwwwwh! Poor mom! What a sweetie. :’D


Oh so cute! How’s this for a “little” mermaid 😄❤ #mermaid #littlemermaid #thelittlemermaid #gouache #painting #paint #holbein

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ok going off that: every time hux sees unmasked kylo he has to look away bc "oh no he's cute" and kylo totally misreads it but then hux is completely exasperated that kylo can't read people at all and hux has to explain

“you don’t have to do that, you know.”

kylo wills hux to look at him, but as usual, the man is impervious to it.

the supreme leader is not pleased - kylo knows this because this is the second time in a single week cycle that he has called both hux and himself to audience at the same time.  it’s not unheard of, but it’s rare.  typically the supreme leader keeps the matters that affect his apprentice separate from the matters that affect his military general.  if they’re called together, it’s because there’s some matter that will require their cooperation - if they’re called together again after that, it’s because they’ve screwed up in some way.

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but honestly boys r so great and I’m so happy to be talking to one that’s actually nice and caring and makes me the human version of this emoji 😍

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"Oh Come On You Look Cute."

Send me “Oh Come On You Look Cute." For my muse in a randomly generated costume.

7. Your muse’s oversized shirt

Lilith blushed a vibrant red as she fumbled with the edges of the oversized shirt. “I-I’m not that cute…” she said quietly.

Almost 400 followers in 3 days? WHAT’S GOING ON oh yeah cute seal videos lol 
Anyway HELLO new followers, glad to have you! Expect lots of weird animal art and similarly edgy and atmospheric nature/animal/Vulture Culture things. I’ll see what I can do about more seals, too, haha Not gonna force any interactions but if I see them I will document it!